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Britney Spears in red bikini
8 Feb 2008
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Jive Records recording artist Britney Spears' latest hit single "Gimme More" is shaping up to be another worldwide hit. Within just one week of its release "Gimme More" tops the iTunes Store's Top Songs chart at #1 with over 179,000 digital download sales and races up the charts with a jump from #63 to #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles chart. The "Gimme More" video is scheduled to be on sale exclusively via iTunes on Friday, October 5th and will officially premiere on all other video outlets on Monday, October 8th. The song was produced by Nate "Danja" Hills, the hit-making producer who has worked with Nelly Furtado, Timbaland and more. This is the first single from her highly-anticipated album titled Blackout. Britney Spears was very involved in crafting her fifth studio album, Blackout. She collaborated with top-notch producers and songwriters to produce an upbeat album with a nod to past musical influences and an ear toward the future. The album includes songs such as "Heaven on Earth," produced by promising newcomer Freescha and Kara DioGuardi whose credits include Kelly Clarkson's "Walk Away." The album title, Blackout refers to blocking out negativity and embracing life fully and captures the dance-friendly nature of the songs. Produced for Jive Records
5 Oct 2007
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parodie de britney spears
11 Oct 2007
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You've never seen this! Britney Spears private! She is filming herself and makes a joke about boobs and shows her hotel room and comment it.
13 Oct 2007
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17 Oct 2007
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Britney Spears runs over a sandal wearing photographer's foot This happened right after a judge told her she CAN'T visit her kids...good call after viewing this
21 Oct 2007
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Catholic priest extends a blessing to Britney Spears on the release of her 2007 Album, Blackout.
1 Nov 2007
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A sarcastic look at this week's celebrity news with sarcastic disses of Britney Spears, Kid Rock, Al Sharpton, Jewel and more.
19 Nov 2007
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Quickie with Nads has an exclusive interview with the biological parents of the Chinese Twins Britney Spears is adopt
5 Dec 2007
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We usually turn to our own team or external experts for insightful tips. But today, we asked pop singer and mommy expert, Britney Spears to share her wisdom on being a parent. Britney called in to teach us all about raising a child
10 Dec 2007
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It's not easy to be Britney Spears. Look why!
13 Dec 2007
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Learn how to build a highly effective spear gun in less than 2 minutes for less than $2! You will be amazed at how hard it shoots!
16 Dec 2007
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*******Tube108**** - Pictures of Britney Spears.To see more of Britney and other hot celebrities go to Tube108****.
18 Dec 2007
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o.m. GEE!!! jamie lynn spears, sister of britney, has bunnage in the oven! who needs a career when u got a man 2 take care of u and a lil one who needs diapers changed? u dont! head to www.abigailsteendiary**** n leave me a response :)
20 Dec 2007
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Song inspired by the Spears family. WAY better than Gimme More.
20 Dec 2007
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Jamie Lynn Spears, Britney Spears and her mother Lynn Spears wish everyone a Happy Holidays in their family Video Christmas Card! Also, Jamie Lynn reveals her little Christmas miracle.
22 Dec 2007
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