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***********/watch?v=ZjqG_DUjIXE Click this to watch Max Hits With Melee 3 Runescape: High/Max Hits With Range 2 The long awaited sequel to max hits with range, now with extreme potions. This video was recorded before the update to hitpoints, which multiplied all damage by 10. So to work out the current max hit, just add a zero to the end of the hits in this video. Making of Max Hits With Range 2 blog *******s7.zetaboards****/rsmdb/topic/8130532/5/?author=114061#post8068858 -Music from- Skrip ***********/skripmusic Fallen Fate *******itunes****/fallenfate DIRECTOR'S LINKS: ***********/sosolid2kk *******www.twitter****/sosolid2k *******www.facebook****/sosolid2kk - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Follow Machinima on Twitter! Machinima *******twitter****/machinima_com Inside Gaming *******twitter****/insidegaming Machinima Respawn *******twitter****/mcom_respawn Machinima Entertainment, Technology, Culture *******twitter****/machinima_etc FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO: ***********/subscription_center?add_user=machinima FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: ***********/subscription_center?add_user=machinimarespawn FOR MORE SPORTS GAMEPLAY, GO TO: ***********/subscription_center?add_user=machinimasports TAGS: yt:quality=high Runescape Jagex Ltd. Andrew Gower Fantasy MMORPG free to play graphical browser game sosolid2k sosolid2kk max hits high range dark bow dragon bolts diamond onyx morrigan throwing axe javelin hand cannon spec special attack
2 Oct 2010
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Donald Duck has found a mysterious purple stone on the end of his fishing rod. Mickey Mouse reckons it is from another world. Their enemies are out to get the stone, so it is up to Mickey Mouse and his friends to protect it via the power of Tetris. *4 fantastic modes of addictive Tetris fun *Follow the stories of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy *Exchange crazy magic pieces in special attacks *An intuitive learning curve and broad range of difficulty levels to test your block-dropping skills Never released in the US. August 2009 PlayStation Museum Import Game Of The Month
23 Nov 2010
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My music vid for minecraft, number two. CREDITS (Servers): The Funland - Freebuild WoM: Badlands Special Attack - Freebuild FalleM's Civilised Semi-freebuild (I have a feeling I've forgotten a server)
10 Oct 2011
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►► Remember to select 720p or 1080p HD◄◄ Namco Bandai released this New Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi trailer, revealing 'Hero mode' where you have the ability to create your own character and then bring them into battle! Yes, character customization is in! You can create a character with a your choice of a face, hair, clothes, fighting style, and special attacks! Oh and you can take your character into story mode and online battles too! Confirmed Playable characters: * Goku (Base, Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 3) * Vegeta (Base, Super Saiyan) * Majin Vegeta * Kid Gohan * Teen Gohan (Super Saiyan) * Piccolo * Krillin * Yamcha * Tien Shinhan * Saibamen * Nappa * Vegeta (Scouter) * Recoome * Captain Ginyu * Frieza (1st Form, 2nd Form, Final Form, 100% Power) * Future Trunks (Sword) (Base, Super Saiyan) * Android 18 * Android 17 * Cell (Perfect Form) * Broly (Legendary Super Saiyan) * Bardock Confirmed Bosses: * Great Ape * Great Ape Vegeta * Janemba (First Form) Confirmed Stages: * Break Wasteland * Rocky Area * Planet Namek * Hell * Supreme Kai's World * Space Platforms: Playstation 3 & Xbox 360 Publisher: Namco Bandai Developer: Spike Genre: Action Release Date: US: October 25, 2011 EU: October 28, 2011
3 Dec 2011
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Only bring Arceus. Dialga Lv 1 Special Attack: Metal Burst Hold Adamant orb Palkia Lv 1 Special Attack: Hydro Pump Hold Lustrous orb Giratina Lv 1 Special Attack: Shadow Sneak Hold Griseous orb
25 Feb 2012
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●12月末に仮面ライダーメテオが登場! 謎の高校生が衛星からのパワーを受けて変身!メテオ専用スイッチ「メテオスイッチ」と指紋認証ブレス「メテオギャラクシー」を使い様々な特殊攻撃や必殺技を発動させて戦う格闘戦士! 仮面ライダーメテオが使用する指紋認証ブレスです。 タッチパネルに指を置くことで、様々な特殊攻撃音を発動させる事ができます。 更にメテオスイッチ(別売り)を装填することで、必殺技音を発動させることが出来ます。 ●マーズ(火星)の特殊攻撃  ●ジュピター(木星)の特殊攻撃  ●サターン(土星)の特殊攻撃 Mask rye Dame Theo appears in the end of December! The fight soldier who a mystery high school student receives the power from the satellite, and I let you exercise various special attacks and finishers using switch "meteor swichi" and fingerprint authentication breath "meteor galaxy" for exclusive use of meteor, and fights transformation! It is the fingerprint authentication breath which mask rye Dame Theo uses. I can let you exercise a various special attacks sound by putting a finger in the touch panel. Furthermore, I can let you exercise a finisher sound by charging meteor swichi (selling). ● Special attack of Mars (Mars) ● Special attack of Jupiter (Jupiter) ● Special attack of the Saturn rocket (the Saturn)
20 Mar 2012
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Power Rangers Samurai Steel by Saban Brands LLC Power up your favorite ranger to take on the evil Rofer and his army of Moogers in this stunning 3D game. Slash, block, and dodge your enemies with fierce but easy-to-use touch-screen gestures and powerful Kanji attacks. Enjoy scenes from the show as you move through each level. Saban's new iOS game Samurai Steel even lets you transform into the Megazord for the ultimate showdown. Go Go Power Rangers! FEATURES - Choose Your Ranger: Each of the five rangers has their own strengths and weaknesses! - Simple Controls: Slash, block, and dodge with easy to use touch-screen gestures - Ultimate Showdown: Defeat Rofer by transforming into the Megazord! - Scenes from the Show: Follow along level by level with actual live action scenes from the show! - Unlock Game Center Achievements: Prove yourself as a Samurai Ranger! - Powerful Kanji Attacks: Unleash destructive special attacks on your foes with a different power move for each ranger! iTunes Store Page: ***********/us/app/power-rangers-samurai-steel/id482135681 Homepage: *******www.powerrangers****/
4 Aug 2012
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Videogame Trailers NetherRealm Studios kicked off Tokyo Game Show 2012 with a gameplay trailer for their upcoming fighting game, Injustice: God Among Us. Take a look at some of the best superheroes and villains performing their powerful combos and special attacks!
24 Sep 2012
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Power Rangers Samurai Steel On the App Store: ******* Category: "Games", "Entertainment", "Action", "Kids" **************************************************************************** Subscribe to get DAILY UPDATES with games released on the iOs *************************************************************************** Like us on Fb: *******www.facebook****/pages/iGamesView/153317034746744 Twitter iGamesView : *******twitter****/iGamesView Follow Us on Google Plus : iGamesView *************************************************************** If you are a game developer and you wanted a trailer or a video onto the channel then shoot across a message or you can also mail to : igamesviewgmail**** ************************************************************* Logos and trademarks belongs to respective owners. Appstore Description: Power up your favorite ranger to take on the evil Rofer and his army of Moogers in this stunning 3D game. Slash, block, and dodge your enemies with fierce but easy-to-use touch-screen gestures and powerful Kanji attacks. Enjoy scenes from the show as you move through each level. Saban's new iOS game Samurai Steel even lets you transform into the Megazord for the ultimate showdown. Go Go Power Rangers! FEATURES - Choose Your Ranger: Each of the five rangers has their own strengths and weaknesses! - Simple Controls: Slash, block, and dodge with easy to use touch-screen gestures - Ultimate Showdown: Defeat Rofer by transforming into the Megazord! - Scenes from the Show: Follow along level by level with actual live action scenes from the show! - Unlock Game Center Achievements: Prove yourself as a Samurai Ranger! - Powerful Kanji Attacks: Unleash destructive special attacks on your foes with a different power move for each ranger!
10 Dec 2012
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(Sorry this took so long) Sonic VS Knuckles Arcade Mode! Round 1 This is the Arcade version of the series. The Story Mode version is coming soon :) An Ultimate Fight between Sonic, and one of his earlier rivals Knuckles The Echidna rages on as these two hyper active fighters face off to see who is the best! There going all out! No holding back! Content: Anything you can expect from a fight video including punches kicks, special attacks, signature moves, explosions, clashes, blast attacks, and more! My Comments: This is my most complicated yet best stop motion animation fight I have ever made so far! I almost wasn't going to go through with this fight, but my love for fighting videos kept me going. If you guys want to see more of these, then try to get this video to be the most liked out of all my videos. If you do then Shadow vs Metal will come out sooner :) This fight is based off SMBZ, DBZ, and MUGEN style fighting
16 Dec 2012
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Like us on Facebook: ********www.facebook****/mxevideos Follow me on Twitter: *******www.twitter****/MichaelXE Subscribe to our other channel: ***********/user/MSXGamiing South Park The Stick of Truth - E3 2012 Gameplay & Trailer HD From the perilous battlefields of the fourth-grade playground, a young hero will rise, destined to be South Park's savior. From the creators of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, comes an epic quest to become... cool. Introducing South Park™: The Stick of Truth™, available on March 5, 2013 on the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation 3, and Windows PC. But that's not all! Good Times With Weapons Pack THQ is happy to offer exclusive weapons and costumes when you preorder South Park: The Stick of Truth. The Good Times With Weapons Pack, based on one of the most popular South Park episodes of all time, includes destructive items no fourth-grade martial artist should be without. With the Bulrog Chicken Attack, summon the devastating ninja powers of Bulrog and turn your feeble enemies into chickens! BLAM! "Nya-nya-nya-nya-na naa! Now you are a chicken!" With Cartman's Kick-Ass Sai, the ultimate weapon of destruction, penetrate even the most evil of villains! Harness the fiery sting of the Sai to slash and cut your way through South Park! Rounding out the Good Times With Weapons Pack is the Samurai Costume. Show off your brute muscle with this bad-ass getup, complete with samurai headgear, a super-sweet cape, and the toughest cardboard armor this side of Takagawa. Suit up, and prepare to unleash the ultimate pwnage! Mysterion Superhero Pack (Xbox 360 Exclusive) THQ and Microsoft are proud to announce Xbox 360 exclusive pre-order items for South Park: The Stick of Truth: The Mysterion Superhero Pack. With your Superhero Costume, suit-up as the next South Park superhero! It's the perfect disguise for fighting your mortal enemies and keeping South Park safe! Also, harness the elusive power of Mysterion with the Mysterion Special Attack! South Park's protector unleashes a deadly combination of stealth and firepower -- your enemies won't know what hit them! Finally, slash the darkness with the diabolical switchblade, the Dagger of Cthulhu! It's the same weapon used to stab and kill Mysterion in the twisted classic episode "Mysterion Rises." And now... the fate of the Cult of Cthulhu lies in your hands! South Park DLC on Xbox 360 First The first three downloadable episode packs for South Park: The Stick of Truth will be available first on Xbox 360. These episodes are standalone adventures featuring their own stories, taking you to places in South Park you've never been before. South Park: Better With KinectTM for Xbox 360 Taunt your enemies, and launch attacks with your voice. Finally, for the first time in South Park history, you can call Cartman a "fat ass," and he'll respond. TAGS: South Park The Stick of Truth - E3 2012 Gameplay & Trailer HD, south park, south park e3 2012, south park the stick of truth, the stick of truth, the stick of truth trailer, south park xbox 360, south park stick of struth
23 Dec 2012
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Check out this Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory video CPU form footage showing some of their awesome special attacks.
18 Jan 2013
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Watch in 720p for great quality playback. A compilation of the supers / ultras / hyper combos in the game. Here are the names of the supers, as requested. Listed as they appear in the English command list for the sake of consistency. Shinku Hadoken, Shinku Tatsumaki Senpukyaku, Shin Shoryuken, Gatchaman Attack: Lightning Strike, Science Ninpo: Bird Smash, Science Ninpo: Phoenix, Kikoushou, Hoyokusen, Shichisei Senkukyaku, Talon Burst, Mirage Swan, Science Ninpo: Phoenix, Finishing Shower, Valkyrie Turn, Darkness Illusion, Scrap Android, Brutal Ax, Super Destruction Beam, Boomerang Raid, Stun Gun Headbutt, Hyper Bomb, Voltekka, Super Spinning Tek Lancer, Space Knights Formation, Super Guts Bullet, Super Guts Upper, United By Fate (Double Guts Bullet), United By Fate (Double Guts Upper), United By Fate (Double Shooting Star Kick), Single-Handed Vacuum Spin, Tenshin Polimar Drill, Illusion Destruction Fist, Machine Gun Sweep, Max Power Drill Uppercut, Max Power Shining Laser, Yatter Wan Special Attack, Yatter Wan Flame, This Week's Suprise Robots, Sword of Purification, Oni Tactics (Lv. 1-3), Onimusha Transformation, Sword of Purification, Oni Cutter, Zan Ei Jin, Shiranui, Hiei Zangetsu, Roll Mop Up Turbo, Roll Down Time, Oh. No. You. Didn't!, In the Beginning, Punching Bag Fiesta, Supreme Evil Plan, Positron Storm, Load Special Armor-Piercing Shell, The World's Greatest Attack, Grand Slam Attack, Final Reversal Breaker, Come Forth, Gyakuten-Oh!, Desperado, Mach Speed, Slow & Zoom In, Gold Kick, Gold Crash, Gold Finger Crash, Arsenal Barrage, Tactical Caliber, L-P Buster, Crash Intrude, Voltekka, Omnidirectional Super Voltekka, The Real Megabuster, Dead Rising, Zombie Charge, Big Bad, Explosion, Condor Magnum, Bird Missile Strike, Science Ninpo: Tornado Fighter, Sogenmu, Rekkoha, Dark Hold, Super Passion, Omotchama's Roll, This Week's Suprise Robots. Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars - Nintendo Wii
10 May 2013
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by MC Frontalot from the album Solved *******frontalot****/cd5 featuring Dr Awkward and ZeaLouS1 ... Directed by Carly Monardo *******www.whirringblender**** Designs, Storyboards, Animation, and Compositing by Carly Monardo & Lauren Monardo Gramprey. Transformation Sequence Animation by Danny Hynes. Backgrounds by Jimmy Tran. Special Thanks to Nisa Contreras. ... Lyric by Damian Hess, Beau Fa'asamala, and Joshua Watson. Music by Damian Hess, Gabriel "Gaby" Alter, and David T. Cheong. Drumming: The Sturgenius. Keyboards: Gm7. ... Audio and video download of this track (and tons of others) free at frontalot**** ... Lyric: [MC Frontalot] Bright-colored robotic space rhinoceri that we pilot — why? 'Cause they're in supply. Plus, we heed the cry of our planet's population to defend them. We report to battle stations! Split screen — ready! — and our rhinos are rocket ships with fully articulated tusk, jaws, and hips. They come equipped with individual special attacks, none with a lack (but a couple a little bit slack). I'm not naming any pilot specifically, but we're all color coded so you notice that typically I (in the gold) lead the charge, do the most damage to whatever very giant space invader managed to threaten the globe in yet another of our episodes. This week? Malevolent galactic nematode! Already beat up the squad when we faced him. I'm calling it: let's form a giant robot and waste him. Monster misbehaving Planet's needing saving Situation's grave and I'll form the head The enemy is clever We're smaller but whatever When we put it together I'll form the head Y'all can do the treading Swing energy machete If combination's ready I'll form the head I'll form the head I'll form the head [ZeaLouS1] What the deuce, Pink? What'd I tell you last time? Got my agent on the phone, watch it with the worm slime. And watch a star shine. Focus in your cameras. 'Cause it's a damn crime, being so glamorous. Now pan it, yeah at us, shot of the supreme Mister Quoise Rhinobot. Them? My lackey team. You got the nimrod with the yellow laser beam and the other guy's otaku (and he wants to talk to me). Between scenes, sometimes I feel out of place. Oh yeah, I'm the biggest damn star in outer space. Dear fans, I am powered by your flattery. Love, little old me (not the diva or the daiquiri). Back on track, team! And if you require me to show some pearly whites, I'll remind you why you hired me. There's no rivalry, just me instead. I'll be back in fifteen, just in time to form the head. [Dr. Awkward] Am I the only one who's finding this peculiar, that fighting giant aliens is getting too familiar? It's bad enough, and just my luck, my bot is lightish red, but do we always have to argue over who should form the head? NASA-trained, I'm only overlooked cause I'm the nice guy. I'm overqualified. I've logged six months of flight time. Astrophysicist, but still there's no respect for me. The "Golden Boy" and Quoise couldn't spell the word trajectory. Now they have me face-to-face and fighting with some fish bait. Ten minutes left? We'll never finish at this rate. We need a plan, re-running through other enemies, but every battle has two-minute breaks within the memory. All these giant insects, they put the world in jeopardy. I remember MegaMoth as if it happened yesterday. I think it's time that we combine and rip this thing to shreds, but only if you promise me that I can form the head! [MC Frontalot] Pink! Turquoise! Stick together! Some say UltraMegafauna only clicks together one way. If that is apocryphal, might offer you turns up top, where the view's at. You can look stern while we pose so menacingly, brandishing blade, about to rid us of the enemy with one swoop. Yayyy! Not now! Time's critical. Don't debate this again. Oops! That space worm gobbled up Michigan. ... (C) 2011-2013 MC Frontalot // Published by Level Up Records & Tapes (ASCAP)
15 May 2013
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Thanks to The Murder21 and I Jonyfrecle for the insperation of making a Jad record. Song: Blackhole by Hell's Maw Credit for the song goes to the right owners. FAQ: Q: Why didn't you use a slayer helmet with a Tzhaar slayer task? A: I believe a slayer helmet doesn't stack with Dragon Claws special attacks. Q: How did you throw your dragon claw in the air in the beginning? A: It's a glitch. Throw your candy cane (from the christmas event) in the air and then quickly change to wield dragon claws. EDIT: This glitch is patched now. Q: How did you cast Vengeace 2 times in 5 seconds? There is a 30 seonds limit. A: I used the spell 30 seconds before I ran to Jad. You can use it every 30 seconds and not 30 seconds after you deflect the damage. ##################### DISCLAIMER: I make videos for entertainment purposes only and not for the sake of profiting. RuneScape is a registered trademark of JaGeX Limited. I do not claim, or have any, affiliation with JaGeX Limited. You can play runescape at: *******www.runescape****/ Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
27 May 2013
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eDome - *******www.edome**** Space Siege trailer PC ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* Title: Space Siege Platforms: PC DVD-ROM ESRB: Rating Pending Genre: Action-RPG Players: Single-Player and 1-4 Multiplayer Co-op Ship date: 2008 A game of tactics, combat-heavy action, and decision making, Space Siege is an all-new science fiction themed action-RPG being developed by Chris Taylor and Gas Powered Games, the creators of Dungeon Siege I & II and Supreme Commander. During a massive alien attack on Earth, five colony ships attempt to evacuate as many people as possible. Only one of the five colony ships, the Armstrong, escapes intact before Earth is completely obliterated by the aliens. In Space Siege, you take on the role of Seth Walker, a combat engineer aboard the Armstrong. Your objective is to protect the human race from being annihilated by this unknown alien species. Ultimately, you must make a horrific choice: will you sacrifice your humanity to save the human race? At your disposal will be futuristic weapons and armor, cybernetic upgrades and a robotic partner that you can customize and command. Space Siege will feature both single- and multiplayer mission-based gameplay (mixed with tactical combat) that is spread across the vast confines of the Armstrong, along with character-building gameplay elements and a storyline that asks: What does it mean to be human? Feature List: * Tactical Combat Action -- Outsmart your enemies by setting up ambushes, dodging attacks, ducking behind cover, and using any of the multiple special abilities available to you. * Multiple Gameplay Paths -- Define your game experience with the decisions you make. Will you remain truly human in the face of insurmountable odds? Or will you enhance your abilities with cybernetic technology to even the score? Customize your character with multiple skills and special abilities that fit your style of play. * Customizable Robotic Partner -- Upgrade HR-V, your robot companion, with armor, weapons and special equipment. Command HR-V to perform offensive and defensive tactical combat maneuvers or combine your efforts an unleash special attack combos. * Chilling Sci-Fi Story -- Follow a multi-chapter storyline and make key decisions that determine the best means to deal with the ferocious alien menace. Interact with dozens of characters with their own histories and personalities -- no more "generic NPCs". * Online Multiplayer -- Up to 4 players can play cooperatively in a separate multiplayer campaign designed specifically for online play. Customize enemy difficulty and toughness to best fit your skill level. * Futuristic Combat Technology -- Access high-tech weaponry and armor in addition to advanced cybernetic upgrades that will offer powerful abilities with both risks and benefits. eDome - *******www.edome****
6 Jun 2013
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