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Do you have what it takes to be a spy? Now you can find out. The International Spy Museum announces Operation Spy, a new and groundbreaking immersive experience that takes the interactive concept to a higher level. In an action-packed hour, participants take on the role of U.S. intelligence officers on an international mission to locate a missing nuclear device on the verge of being sold to a rogue nation. This intense experience combines live-action, video characters, themed environments, special effects, and hands-on activities. Participants take part in an intrigue-filled adventure based on an actual case drawn from the files of U.S. intelligence. Challenged to "feel, think, and act" like real intelligence officers, they uncover layers of deception to reveal a world of double agents and corrupt officials. In a setting where all is not as it seems and everyone has a hidden agenda, they must decide who they should trust. Will their decision be the right one? Will they find the device? In a high-stakes finale, the team must debate and determine its final course of action. Some teams will succeed and others will fail their actions will determine their unique ending and ultimate score. Participants leave Operation Spy either congratulated on their success or aware of their failure, and conscious of the real challenges of participating in the "great game" of espionage.
1 Nov 2007
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