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Learn how to speak Thai with The Thailand Forum. This tutorial is on the words for Thai spices and herbs. Acacia Leaf Cha-Om Coriander Pak Chee Thai Galangal Kha Holy Basil Bai Grapow Lemon Basil Bai Mang Luk Lemon Grass Tak-Rai Pandang Leaf Bai Der-Y Peppermint Bai Sa-La-Nae Sorrel Kra Jeab Sweet Thai Basil Bai Hora-Pa Thai Parsley Pak Chee Farang Yanang leaf Bai Yah Nang
22 Aug 2009
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Buddy and Spice are two rats living in a tree trunk in the precincts of a huge villa. They are a nice team that works hard to make the ends meet. Key characters Buddy - Lazy, procrastinating, sluggish and demanding. All he wants is to be left alone and of course catered to, on demand. His only love is football. Of course, he can settle for baseball if there isn’t a football match. He is always advising Spice that she should move like a forward, or avoid trouble like a goalie and Spice is totally disgusted with those good-for-nothing metaphors. Spice - The woman who likes to be perfect. Prim, proper, well dressed and a bit of a show off. She likes that her house should be in order, groceries well stocked, good clothes for winter, and of course a bit of socializing is welcome. The moment she encounters a situation that is slightly out of normal, she works towards setting it on track. Meo - The cat in the Villa. Outright lazy. Does not as much twitch an eyelid. Expects everything to be brought to him. Was a handsome looker in his prime and the reason why the owners brought him. He has his own prescribed corner where he sits all day long. Likes to brag about his escapades in catching the most troublesome mice in the neighbourhood and keeps the other cats enthralled with his stories. He likes to introduce himself to new street cats as “Meo the Leo.”
7 Sep 2009
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1:50 Exporters of Indian spices, ground spices, blended spices, whole spices, cumin seeds, fennel seeds, coriander seeds, hulled sesame seeds, sesame seeds, niger seeds, safflower seeds, green pepper seeds, celery seeds and cardamom.
3 Sep 2009
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13:57 - VEGETARIANISM: THE NOBLE WAY OF LIVING - Haitian Pumpkin Soup of Freedom (Soup Joumou) and Spiced Hot Chocolate (In Haitian Creole). Episode: 1028, Air Date: 08 - Jul - 2009.
6 Sep 2009
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0:44 "A mixture of sweet pumpkin with zesty spices. A sniff leaves the senses reeling with a tangy scent that tickles the throat and soothes the wits. Don't wait 6 weeks to get fragrances, we ship your order the next day"
9 Sep 2009
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Another spice rub to personalise your grilling experience! For more like this visit: Distributed by Tubemogul.
14 Sep 2009
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Bryan and Chris continue their series of pairing a "typical" bachelor breakfast with a favorite drink of men all around the world, beer. In this episode they find out how Aunt Jemima's McGriddle like breakfast sandwich goes with Michelob's seasonal Pumpkin Spice brew. Distributed by Tubemogul.
9 Oct 2009
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0:38 presents this video on Spice Up Your Gaming With Nintendo DS Lite Pink. Check it out for more tips.
16 Oct 2009
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Watch Chef Brian make this easy Potato side dish with a wonderful pumpkin spice. This is a great addition to your Holiday table.
4 Nov 2009
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This is a seasonal 10 cane rum recipe with flavorful spices and apple juice. We're using a full bottle of 10 cane in this punch, perfect for parties and the festive holidays approaching.
22 Nov 2009
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A sweet and spicy milk-based tea from India, chai is a tasty alternative to coffee. There are many recipes for chai, and this is mine. I learnt how easy it is to make spiced chai from friends traveling to India very often. Besides the mentioned ginger root and cardamom, you can add further spices like vanilla, cinnamon, whole gloves ore even pepper corns. Experiment and give it a try! "How to make spiced chai" is my first HD video production, and I also did the music and the graphics. It was much fun. Enjoy!
1 Dec 2009
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Spice D100 mobile phone is India's first dual SIM GSM PDA. The phone allows you to use two GSM SIM cards at the same time, hence it's like having two phones in one. This 2.8 inch TFT touchscreen phone runs on Windows Mobile 6.0 and has features like stereo Bluetooth with A2DP, Google search integration, SMS and MMS capabilities, a 2 Megapixel camera (with multi shots, digital zoom and video recording).
10 Dec 2009
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Spice M5252 Mobile Phone is dual SIM (GSM) Phone with 2" TFT display screen, dual stereo speakers, CIF camera with video recording, motion music-shake control (changing tracks with a shake) and games using the motion sensors, 1300mAh battery, upto 8GB expandable memory, bluetooth, wireless FM (with recording schedule) and dual LED torch.
15 Dec 2009
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Spiced wines are a great addition to your wine rack. Here, Sam Landis of Vynecrest Winery explains what sets Spiced wine apart.
12 Jan 2010
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A Coffee Review of Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice Coffee.
22 Jan 2010
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Gold Leaf Spice & Teas
3 Feb 2010
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