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FULL FILM COMING TO THE WEB APRIL '08 Alrugo Entertainment, bring you: ITALIAN SPIDERMAN Unearthed for the first time in 40 years and lovingly restored at Alrugo Studios Milan, this rare theatrical trailer for the 1968 Italian classic 'Italian Spiderman' is a real treat. Featuring Franco Franchetti of 'Mondo Sexo' fame in his last ever role before being killed in a spear fishing accident in 1969. Alrugo entertainment will be releasing the FULL, remastered ITALIAN SPIDERMAN film on the web starting APRIL '08. STAY TUNED Keep Posted for more Alrugo action.www.myspace****/alrugo For Spider music visit: www.myspace****/theitalianspiderman alrugofilmgmail**** SPIDERMAN SOUNDTRACK available through SOULFUL TORINO RECORDS
17 Sep 2009
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Yannick Dahan parle de Spiderman 2 de Sam Raimi à l'occasion de la sortie DVD.
7 Mar 2008
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its funny. cuz we were going to the crank dat spiderman and kim got mad cuz we didnt do it right.. ha ha ha ha ha ha
26 Jun 2008
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SpiderMan Movie
1 Apr 2008
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Spiderman going all over the place...i guess.
5 Apr 2008
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Spiderman 3
26 Jul 2010
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Alright, the Brand New Day finally starts showing a little more life. This marks the twelfth issue since spiderman has gone almost weekly. That means in the last 4 months we’ve gotten a year’s worth of Spiderman and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. It has definitely had it’s ups and downs but it looks like things are finally starting to come around. This issue has some pretty sick action as Spidey takes on the Mayan god and while the way he defeats him is a little campy there is no denying the quality of the action leading up to it. Our favorite wall crawler wins the day by managing to hold off the god king keep his sacrifice alive long enough for the time necessary for the right to be performed to pass. In the end spidey gets to let off some steam and share some humor. This issue is a good read but the real excitement comes in the comment section at the end of he issue when it editor Stephen Wacker discusses the future of the title and the issue to come next week when the characters and stories that were started in the earlier brand new day issues finally come back around. This week I’m a fan of the Brand New day but who knows where I’ll be next week.
28 Jul 2009
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Spiderman spoof... What really happens when boys play with dolls... duhduhduh...
3 May 2008
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The second spiderman spoof..
4 May 2008
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shazap**** In this issue the all the stories that have been started since Brand New Day began are starting to come back around. Now that the snow has melted life gets back to normal in NYC and everyone comes out to play. This title is in a weird place because the story and themes are pretty good but the writing is in an almost juvenile place. It is over simplified and the dialog is way dumbed down. I get that they are trying to take Peter back with the brand new day but how far back has he gone. This is reminiscent of when Peter was in college, but he’s been out for a long time, and what about all of the power ups and evolutions that Spiderman has undergone. What about the events of the Other series, the stuff with Ezekiel, and when his webs became organic right before the avengers disassembled. Some of the loose ends within the Brand New Day arch are beginning to get tied up, but what about the continuity in the rest of the marvel universe. I’ll stick around just to see how they pull it off and thankfully it is getting entertaining enough to make it worth while.
13 May 2008
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new indian spiderman cartoon in windows movie maker
29 May 2008
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This is a very funny video about a guy in a party who thiks he is spiderman and he is doing some tricks to show off and he falls !!
3 Jan 2009
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Spiderman 3 went way over budget, and to finish the film, producers had to use product placement to generate more money. Spiderman 3, starring Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst, spins into theatres May 4. Sponsored by Doritos. For more daily content and upcoming Trailer Park videos, check out Black20****!
28 Jun 2008
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3 Jun 2008
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3 Jun 2008
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Crazy guy that hang Ibiza dressed up as spiderman
4 Jun 2008
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