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Jesus baptises believers with the Holy Spirit during an Open Heaven service held in the Church by Pastor Francis Dwomoh in Athens Greece.
25 Jan 2008
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The Holy Spirit coming upon a young woman like a consuming fire in a revival service after Pastor Francis Dwomoh had ministered to her in a revival meeting in Athens Greece.
30 Jan 2008
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3 Aug 2008
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New Trailer for the film documentary Spirit of the Marathon, in select US theatres Feb 21, 2008 for ONE NIGHT ONLY! info: *******www.fathomevents****/details.aspx?eventid
15 Feb 2008
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spirit by mobile phone
22 Feb 2008
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AMV with Spirited Away with Backstreet Boys and Gloria Estefan. Check it out! Let us know what ya think.
4 Jun 2008
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One 100 year old woman who has been a Spiritist for 50 years as well as a linguist, an editor, and researcher into spiritual healers—says being a Spiritist is just “sensible.” After all, if the spiritual body survives what we call “death”, then the spiritual body must be some “where”. Spirits described that place in detail more than 150 years ago to mediums…and these mediums wrote down what highly evolved spirits can tell us about why we are alive, and what we need to learn in this Earth school. Imagine attending—not a church---but a place for education and spiritual learning where 7000 people per day attend, people of all walks of life, of every faith, of every economic level. Such a place exists in San Paulo, Brazil! And, this Spiritist Center makes people happier and healthier!
6 Mar 2008
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You don’t have to go to Brazil to find Spiritism…there are 70 centers in the USA. Find them listed at www.usspiritistcouncil****. Elza d’Agosto is one of the coordinators of a Spiritist center in Newark and has helped develop programs in English for those who want to learn and do the personal transformation that spiritual study is all about. As in every Spiritist Center, participants can also receive spiritual healing through laying-on of hands and blessed water, prayer and meditation. Jesus Christ is the model of the way to live, but all highly-evolved spiritual paths and leaders are respected—and fraternal Love, the source of all religions, is put into practice. This is not a place of rituals and priesthood, nor the fear and guilt sometimes found in conventional religions. A Spiritist Center is an excellent place to learn how to accept yourself, develop yourself, and help others in community—and its “by donation”. This one’s right around the corner from the train station, too.
12 Apr 2010
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Daniel Benor, MD, reveals how he went from skeptic to believer, examining the experiences of healers and cultures that have a close relationship with spirits and apparitions.
6 Mar 2008
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Sacred Spirit - Dawa
6 May 2010
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Sacred Spirit - Yeha-Noha
2 Feb 2009
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"The Circle Dance", was performed February 2008 in Puerto Montt, Chile, by a native-American group from Ecuador called Sisaryñan". As you can see, they are quite adept at it. The group traveled from Ecuador, making their way gradually down South, across Peru and into Chile. They hope to reach Punta Arenas, Chile before turning around for the return journey to Ecuador. The group (five people) supports itself solely by performing and singing for locals and tourists, as you can see in this video. Filming was done by my wife, Gaby, on the spur of the moment. The music is "Sacred Spirit" - Ly o Lay Ale Loya (a beautiful mix of music and native American chant). I have added some additional native American photos and some of the beautiful scenery from Southern Chile, "The Lake Region" (Lago Llanquihue). It is truly magnificent scenery in the South of Chile. We were fortunate to be visiting with relatives, John and Linda Peck, when we literally "bumped" into this group while out taking a family walk one evening after dinner. We enjoyed the performance of this travelling group, SISARYÑAN, and recommend them highly to you as they make their return journey to Ecuador supporting themselves in this adventuresome fashion! "Sacred Spirit" is a musical project by German musician Claus Zundel, who is also known for another successful project, B-Tribe. The music is of electronic, new age, world, ambient, house, jazz and blues genres. Sacred Spirit (in some regions known as Sacred Spirits) is Zundel's most successful project, with total worldwide album sales estimated to be over 15 million copies. For each Sacred Spirit album sold, a donation is made to the Native American Rights Fund, the non-profit American Indian organization devoting all its time to restoring the legal rights of the native American people. We would like to dedicate this photo/video/blog to the group itself, SISARYÑAN, and to our relatives who live in the South of Chile. Vive Ecuador! Vive Chile!
25 May 2009
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