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Professional photographer Douglas Hamm has chosen some of his finest work to create this collection of devotional art. Each photograph in the collection has been presented with a related inspirational Bible verse. Many of the photographs were taken in the Southwest, depicting the rugged beauty and inspiring landscapes of that region. The professional quality of the photographs and the carefully chosen presentation of the Bible verses come together to make Spiritual Images truly unique. We are confident that Spiritual Images will make a fine addition to your home, church, or office. This collection, acting as a silent witness of the power of God, has the potential to touch many lives. We hope it inspires you.
Mike Brown is a Law of Attraction Teacher & Spiritual Life Coach. Receive Your Free 30 Minute "Break Through" Spiritual Life Coaching Session & Receive a Free Ebook "The Law of Attraction" by visiting
*******www.SpiritualPhysique**** Khama Anku is a life coach, best-selling author, international speaker and owner of Spiritual Physique, one of the fasting growing life coaching companies for women world-wide. Her passion for personal development emerged during her own challenging journey (which included abuse, deep depression, very low self-esteem, an eating disorder, bankruptcy, eviction, jail time and even exotic dancing!) At the age of 23, she had a life-changing premonition of how Spiritual Physique would ultimately look and feel. From that moment on, she has been committed to using the pain from her past to help hurting people. Now, at age 31, she continues to have an unquenchable thirst to fulfill that vision of serving women worldwide. Her passion is teaching the power of consciousness and glorifying the almighty Kingdom of God through coaching products, programs, web services and live events. For more information, visit her websites: *******www.SpiritualPhysique**** *******www.myspace****/spiritualphysique Call the Los Angeles office (310) 473-0631 Call the London Office (44) 0207 870 1694 In this video, Khama welcomes her audience to the Santa Monica Beach! Khama Anku Spiritual Physique Unleash Your Breakthrough Three Phases of Spiritual Fitness Life Coaching Videos Christian The Bible Bible Study Speak in Tongues Praise Worship Cross Scripture Fast Tithe Sabbath Fellowship Gratitude Church Female Pastors Womens Ministry Preachers The Gospel The Word of God Paula White Joyce Meyer Mark Chironna Nancy Harmon Gregory Dickow Creflo Dollar Ron Carpenter Maureen Anderson Joni Lamb Jim Raley John Hagee Jentezen Franklin The Word Network The Church Channel TBN Daystar Rhonda Byrne Byron Katie Lynette Lewis Marci Shimoff Marie Diamond The Secret Mark Victor Hansen Jack Canfield John Assaraf T Harv Eker Dani Johnson Deepak Chopra Tolle Caroline Myss Marianne Williamson Tony Robbins Chris Howard Suzanne Somers Brian Tracy Bob Proctor 20/20 Dr Phil Inside Edition The Today Show Oprah Winfrey Tyra Banks Good Morning America Speaking Think and Grow Rich Confidence Self Esteem Peak Performance Self help Health Career Holistic Live Events Life Coaching Personal Coach Personal Trainer Quantum Physics Spiritual Fitness Prayer Center Prayer Line Faith Belief Spiritual The Secret The Law of Attraction Vision Vision Board Visualization Career Book CD SET Life Coaching Groups Women's Self-Help Self-esteem Self-worth Confidence Self-assured Fitness Health Beauty Beauty Tips Hair Manicures Skin Care Skin Care Products Facials Working Out Exercise Eating Well Vegan Healthy Meals Vegetarian Femininity Cosmetics Clothes Jewelry Dream Home Luxury Car Financial Freedom Financial Independence Prosperity Millionaire Mind Rich Dad Abundance Elegance Luxury Success Business Success Entreprenuer Entreprenuerial On-line Success E-commerce Life Calling Life Purpose Life Mission Tele-seminars Tele-classes Tele-Conference Conference Calls Books E-books CDs CD SET Mp3 Podcasting Podcasts Webcast Seminars Live Events Speaking Engagements Parenting Relationship Advice Relationships Soulmate Communication Neuorlogical Reconditioning Neurological Reprogramming Trainer Media interviews Radio show How to make a Vision Board Training Tools based business business home opportunity based business home opportunity work business opportunity home based work from christian home based business easy home based business free home based business home based affiliate business home based business com home based business computer home based business idea home based business ideas home based business income home based business lead home based business marketing home based business network home based business network marketing home based business opportunities home based business opportunity home based business opportunity seeker home based internet businesses home based internet marketing business home based mlm business opportunity home based small business home based web business home internet based business opportunity how to start a home based business how to start home based business income opportunity home based business internet home based business make money home based business mlm home based business online home based business online home based business opportunity profitable home based businesses real home based business start a home based business sales business products companies company home based business income marketing money millionaire 6 figure income opportunities opportunity success
2 Sep 2007
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Swami Vivekananda (Agama Yoga Thailand) on Spirituality
19 Oct 2007
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Find your spiritual rhythm in 7 minutes or less. www.xmovement****
12 Dec 2007
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'October 22 marks the Spiritual New Year of ECK. Taking place in autumn, it signifies the high point or spiritual harvest in the year's cycle. It is a time of rededication. Each new spiritual year carries a theme. This theme, or name, gives a focus to the spiritual direction of ECK initiates for the next twelve months.' ~ Sri Harold Klemp, the Spiritual Leader of Eckankar The Living Word, Book 3, p. 211 For more information about Eckankar, the Spiritual Year of ECK, or Sri Harold Klemp please visit *******www.eckankar****/ Note: This is not an official Eckankar video. It was independently edited/produced with love as an ECK creative arts expression by ECKist John S. from Portland, Oregon.
21 Dec 2007
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Spiritual encouragement for your journey. The X Movement Changing the course of human history... one life at a time. www.xmovement****
24 Dec 2007
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Is your guru real? Is your guru fake? Dr. Acharya Yogeesh speaks on how a Disciple of a Spiritual Guru can determine if his Spiritual Teacher is REAL. There are many fake swamis, fake sadhus, religious teachers and fake spiritual teachers that claim enlightenment, self-realization, and have claim to have reached the highest states of consciousness. A break through talk to awaken the disciple to the truth of their possible untrue teacher. This message is intended for spiritual seekers, disciples, and students.
14 Jan 2008
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We hear the terms spirituality, spiritual person, truth seeker, and spiritual searcher, but what do these terms mean? A Spiritual person is one who commits to themselves while increasing self-awareness and improving and transforming their lower qualities into higher qualities. It has nothing to do with religion, but rather, working on one's own self to know the truth that has always been hidden inside you.
5 Jan 2008
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Spiritual People often are affected by the ideologies of society. Many people of society think a spiritual person is crazy, weird, or abnormal. It is because they don't understand themselves the importance of knowing one's self, self-improving and increasing self-awareness. Those of society are trapped in political and religious ideaologies that prevent them from understand and realizing truth. So anyone, that shows any difference to their thinking, they reject. Tune in for more.
5 Jan 2008
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Psychics claim to read people's mind or claim to be intune with them, where their actual power comes from concentration and being able to focus in on other's thoughts. However, psychics cannot lead a person to spiritual truths or realizations. Psychics are not spiritual teachers, nor do they have special powers.
10 Jan 2008
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People claim that's drugs and specifically, Marijuana, aka pot, weed brings them to spiritual realms. However, it must be clarified that these so- called spiritual experiences are drug induced and are hallucinations. A spiritual person does not need a drug to relax them; they understand that meditation is the true key to relaxation. Yes, you may see colors and feel a little bit high, but hallucinations are not the reality of soul. The only way to know soul is through self-awareness and meditation, not drugs. By harming your body, your instrument becomes impaired thus preventing you from knowing soul.
5 Jan 2008
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The time is now for the Age of Spirituality. With growing technology, many people can learn the spiritual teachings via the internet, radio, television and other sources of media. In the historic times of Jesus, Mahavir, and Buddha, spiritual growth was slow since there was no population, and no education. The best time for spirituality is now. This is the best yuga -- kali yuga for spiritual growth.
14 Jan 2008
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The New Age Spiritual Person does not represent the true spiritual person. Running away to caves or a mountain to meditate is the wrong thinking. Or finding a helpful mala is not enough. The true spiritual seeker is different from new age spiritualists. For the true seeker it is a slow and steady path building a solid foundation. Tune in.
14 Jan 2008
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