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2 Sep 2010
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STEVEN HAWKING UNIVERSE-ROBERT LEITZ-EINSTEIN UNIFICATION THEORY-CRACK-SHATTER-REPAIR-NON REALITY IMAGE-EVENT HORIZON EFFECT THANKS FOR LETTING ME POST METACAFE..!!.. P.T.Barnum and Billy Mays Says.."WHO WANTS TO TAKE THE ELECTRON CHALLENGE"..??.."STEP RIGHT UP"..!!.. "THIS GOES OUT TO ANY GROUP OF PHYSICISTS".."OR ANY TEAM OF SCIENTISTS".. All you have to do is "One Easy Task".. PROVE THAT "IN THE EYES OF THE UNIVERSE THE ELECTRON DOES NOT HAVE THE PROPERTIES OF A REFLECTION".. You can still apply "All The Math You Want To The Electron".. And it don't matter if "The Electron Looks Like A Mack Truck Or Sponge Bob Square Pants".. BUT IF THE "ELECTRON HAS THE PROPERTIES OF A REFLECTION IN THE EYES OF THE UNIVERSE".. THIS THEORY IS CORRECT..!!.. AND THE ANSWER TO THE UNIFICATION THEORY WAS RIGHT IN FRONT OF EVERY ONE'S EYES..!!..Yep.. Cause when you "Start Playing Around With Reflections".. "Reality Comes Into Play".."BIG TIME"..!!..Thanks..Bye.. IF ANYONE WANTED TO SEND THIS THEORY TO "MYTH BUSTERS"..YOU HAVE MY PERMISSION..I think it would make a pretty good show..Bye..CRACK-SHATTER-REPAIR..This whole theory I have been looking for "One Three Stage Process" that I could apply to "Everything"..And I think this may be it....But you be the judge..All "Atoms Should Be Basically Treated As GLASS"..And remember this whole theory is viewed through "The Eyes Of The Universe"..."Not Your Eyes"..Anyway...If I was to throw a "Cinder Block" in a "Pond Of Water"..The water of the pond CRACKS-SHATTERS-AND REPAIRS ITSELF...If I break a pencil "In Half"..The pencil CRACKS-SHATTERS-AND REPAIRS AT A CERTAIN POINT.."NOW NOBODY SAID THAT THE NEW REPAIR HAD TO BE NEAT AN PRETTY"..."THOSE NEW POINTY ENDS ARE THE NEW REPAIR"...If you were to stretch a "Rubber Band" from small to big...It is "Constantly"..Cracking-Shattering-and Repairing...Until it finally breaks...And then "Reality Comes Into Play To Hold The New Ends From Falling Apart"..Ya see...According to this theory..YOU ARE BASICALLY GLASS..If you were to have a "Black and Blue Mark On You"...Just look at it as a Crack-Shatter-and Repair Process..If you were to cut a piece of "Paper In Half With Scissors"..IN THE EYES OF THE UNIVERSE..YOU ARE CUTTING A "CARBON MIRROR"..And the "Ends Of The New Cut Are The Repair"..If you were to "Walk Down The Street Through The Atmosphere"..You are basically "Cracking-Shattering-And Repairing The Atmosphere"...In the case of "Splitting The Atom"..Just look at it like "THE ATOM CRACKS-SHATTERS-THEN REPAIRS"..All liquids should be treated as "Cool Liquid Glass"..All liquids basically give off a "Mirror Reflection".. Even when you hear the "Ocean Surf" or a "Splash"..It should be treated as Cracking-Shattering-Repairing Glass"..If you were to "Set A Log On Fire"..You can "Actually Hear It Cracking".."And I Suppose Shattering To".."THE FLAME IS THE CUT".."The Smoke Is The New Repair".."Through The Eyes Of The Universe The Craters On The Moon Should Be Viewed Like Baseballs Thrown At A Windshield"...In the case of "A BOLT TOO LONG"..Example...Say you have "Bolt That Is Too Long"..Or a "Carpenter's Nail"...You can "Bend It Back And Forth Till It Breaks".. Every time you bend the bolt or nail back and forth..You "Increase Heat At A Certain Point"..BUT WITH THIS THEORY..THERE IS "NO SUCH THING AS HEAT ..HEAT=TIME..SO YOU ARE "INCREASING TIME AT A CERTAIN POINT".."UNTIL YOU BASICALLY SHATTER THE REALITY OF THE BOLT AT A CERTAIN POINT".."Reality Now Holds The New Ends Of The Bolt Together".."Otherwise The Atoms Of The Bolt Would Spill Out Like Sand Through A Straw"..In the case of an "Atomic Bomb"..Well.."It Basically Shatters Reality"... "A NON-REALITY IMAGE"..Take "The Rain Cloud" for example.."The Rain Cloud Is A "Non-Reality Image Of The Ocean"..It's Sort of like "A Focus Effect".."THE RAIN CLOUD DON'T LOOK LIKE THE OCEAN TILL THE WATER DROPS FROM THE SKY"..The "Flame" from a "Log Fire Too".."The Flame Is A Non-Reality Image".."Or Look At It As A Focus Effect Till It Forms Smoke & Ash".. It looks like "ENERGY = NON-REALITY IMAGE"..Electricity looks like a "Non-Reality Image To"..And when it "Powers Something".."It's Focused"..When "The Atom Is Split"..It forms a "Non-Reality Image".."Till A New Element Is Formed".. "SHATTER = NON REALITY IMAGE = ENERGY".
22 Nov 2010
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31 Mar 2012
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PSY Gentleman or Gangnam Style ? YOU decide which one is the best. Special guest stars include Angry Birds, Bad Piggies, Nyan Cat and Bikini Bottom residents Sponge Bob Square Pants along with his best friend Patrick. Click ***********/badboyentertenmint For More comedy, parody, gameplay Videos. Facebook: *******www.facebook****/pages/Bad-Boy-Realm/543290522351957# Twitter: *******twitter****/BadBoyRealm Music: Mr. Meizong - Kumbang [Electro] ***********/watch?v=bXVxLbrkKWM
12 Sep 2014
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