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This video is about how to do a perfect salon style manicure. People give a lot of importance to care about the skin and specially about the face but they forget that care of hands is as important as of face. In this video we are going to show you with demonstration that how to do skin lightening MANICURE at home step by step tutorial and guide to an easy quick and free manicure! DIY Manicure simple and easy way step by step tutorial, Do it yourself Salon Style Perfect Nails. Products Used: -------------- Lukewarm water Nail polish remover Ammonia Hydrogen peroxide shampoo Cuticle pusher and remover Nail clippers or scissors. scrubbing brush nail polish Cotton pads & towel Nail brush, Filer or Emery board, Buffer Massage creams Following are the steps to be followed for manicures:- ------------------------------------------------------ 1. Start by removing any existing polish. 2. Add 1 spoon of Ammonia in water. 3. Add 1 cap of Hydrogen peroxide. 4. Put any shampoo into the water. 5. Wash and sanitize the hands with soap and hot water - 3 to 5 min. 6. Take a brush and start scrubbing nails, hands and palms - 2 to 3 min. 7. Wash hands with clean water and dry with towel. 8. Use cuticle pusher to push back dead skin. 9. Trim any dead or dry skin around the nail. 10. Trim the fingernails and shape them with a nail file. 11. Use buffer to buff and natural shine to the nails. 12. Give soft massage on hands with any creams - 2 to 4 min. Finished!!! Summer Ready Nails ;)
28 Apr 2018
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Video 1: Making hommade substrate for mycology use Items needed: -Mixing bowl -1 cup measuring -Fork -Spoon -Alcohol 70% -Vermiculite sold at Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart and Target -Brown rice flour sold at Walmart and major grocery stores -Foil 3"x 3" -Paper towel -Wide Mouth mason w/lids jars any size as long as it is not regular style jars -Large soup pot or Pressure cooker -Steamer for bottom of pot -Small nail or 1/8" drill bit -Hammer if using no drill bit -Distilled or Sprin Water First use a 1/8th drill bit or nail to poke or drill 4 holes on lid do not use 5 hole because it might dry out the water content in jars and stalling the colonizing of the myceleium. Clean the sharp burrs around holes wich is optional Boil jars and lids with band in water for 20 minutes than take out and set them upside down on a paper towel. Wipe off excess moisture from bands and lids. Prepare your substrate by putting 2 cups of vermiculite, 1 cup brown rice flour, and 1 cup distilled or spring water (2 parts Vermiculite,1 part brown rice flour, 1 part water. You can make as much as you want as long as you follow the 2x1x1 part mixture. So 4cups would be 2 cups flour 2 cups water and so on. Mix Vermiculite and flour together first until well mixed with fork than slowly add water until consistancy is like damp sand. Fill jars with spoon very lightly without compacting substrate should be loose and airey, leave a 1/2" space from top of jar. Wipe down rim of jar with paper towel so no moisture is left, if you fail to do this the risk of contamination is can happen. Put a dry layer of only vermiculite on top of the damp substrate until it is flush with rim of jar. Wipe rim again to clean any dust off. Put lids on jars tight and cover them with foil. The purpose of the foil is to prevent water from dripping through the holes on the lid and ruining the moisture content. Too much moisture can cause mycelium to not grow. Too little can make substrate too dry which will cause no growth
18 May 2018
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Please don’t share a spoon with your pet rat unless you are an anarchist and want to destroy your country with the plague.
18 May 2018
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This old man plays a mean slide-guitar with a SPOON.
10 May 2006
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A small story about a toy robot, a spoon, and a banana, video designed to be as badly made as possible, based on 'rejected' video,
6 Jun 2006
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Check out this video of the song Spoonful off of the Kenny Wayne Shepherd DVD Ten Days Out
14 Jan 2007
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magic card coin spoon - daniel
21 Jan 2007
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Does a spoon prevent the water in the microwave from boiling?
22 Jan 2007
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Al has strapped monkey to a rotating wheel and is throwing spoons at him â like an old fashioned knife thrower. The âTheanineâ in Alâ PG helps him focus âthank heavens. Will Monkey survive?
29 Jan 2007
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Watch how the spoon bends amazing? Magic or trick?
6 Feb 2007
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explanation of the spoon bend please rate
19 Feb 2007
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Hitching post with the spoons
5 Mar 2007
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Great Totti's spoon! the big one!
29 Mar 2007
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spoon mag
10 Apr 2007
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A portuguese, french and swiss guy pranking an american guy with a spoon game... Must see it, it worked so well...
30 Apr 2007
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