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From Melanie C .. Melanie Jayne Chisholm (born 12 January 1974, Whiston, Lancashire, now Merseyside[1]) is an English singer-songwriter, actress and businesswoman professionally known simply as Melanie C (or Mel C). She is best known as one of the five members of the girl group Spice Girls, in which she was nicknamed "Sporty Spice". She toured the world for years with the Spice Girls, gaining worldwide popularity and when the Spice Girls decided to pursue solo careers, Melanie decided to produce her own brand of music, in 1999 she released her first studio album Northern Star which sold 4 million copies worldwide. After the release of Northern Star Melanie battled depression and an eating disorder, and released her second studio album in 2003, Reason. Melanie was victorious in her battle against depression and eating disorder, and released her third studio album two years later in 2005, Beautiful Intentions which became her second most successful album commercially. In 2007 she released her fouth studio album This Time sporting a new indie sound. Shortly after the release of This Time, Melanie along with the four other members of the Spice Girls, confirmed their return as a band for their The Return of the Spice Girls World Tour. After the tour ended, she announced that she was pregnant with her first child and gave birth in February 2009. Melanie then signed on for a six month deal to play Mrs Johnstone in the London West End play "Blood Brothers".[2] In May 2011, Melanie announced that she was working on her fifth studio album The Sea, due for release in September 2011. Melanie has earned nominations for BRIT- and ECHO awards[3], has sold more than 10 million records as a solo artist and holds the third position for most United Kingdom number-ones by a female artist and is the only female to reach UK Official Singles Chart at number one as a part of quartet, quintet, duo and as a solo artist. "First Day of My Life" is the third single from Melanie C's third solo album, Beautiful Intentions. It was released on 30 September 2005 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland only. Later it was released internationally and peaked at number-one in Germany, Portugal, Switzerland, Spain selling over 550,000 units and awarded platinum in Germany, and gold in Switzerland and Austria. The song became the most successful Melanie single in Europe, spending 2 years in different European charts. The lyrics are.. So I found a reason to stay alive, Try a little harder, see the other side. Talking to myself Too many sleepless nights, Trying to find a meaning to this stupid life. I don't want your sympathy, Sometimes I don't know who to be. Hey what ya looking for? No one has the answer They just want more Hey who's gonna make it back? This could be the first Day of my life So I found a reason To let it go Tell you that I'm smiling But I still need to grow. Will I find salvation in the arms of love? Will it stop me searching? Will it be enough? I don't want your sympathy. Sometimes I don't know who to be. Hey what ya looking for? No one has the answer, you just want more Hey who's gonna make it back? This could be the first day of my life. The first time to really feel alive The first time to break the chain The first time to walk away from pain Hey, what ya looking for? No one has the answer - we just want more Hey, who's gonna make it back? This could be the first day of your life. Hey what ya looking for? No one has the answer they just want more... Hey, who's gonna shine a light? This could be the first day of my life...
8 Aug 2011
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What do they have in Common, apparently Thomson Reuters
19 Apr 2008
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23 Oct 2013
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Bryan performs "When You're Gone"a song he recorded with Sporty Spice, Mel C. Bryan has a new album titled "Bare Bones"
1 Sep 2013
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The clip kicked out of cofee shop from Kicking and Screaming (2005) with Will Ferrell, Jarrad Paul Ooh, I don't know. The Irish Cream sounds good, huh? What's that? Uh, it's cream and it's, uh, it's Irish. Hurry up and order. Excuse me. Thank you. How about a smoothie? What's in that? Smoothie's a juice drink. We want coffee. Buddy, relax. No, you relax. I'm a regular here. This line needs to move. I beg your pardon. Do you have scones? Tall, non fat, double latte... Sir, you're at the back of the line. I recognize that! Cut it out or you're out of here. You can't kick me out! You know, you're... you're really invading my ear space. I'm a frequent coffee drinker. I'm part of the club. I have a card. Do you have a card? Do you have a card? No, I don't have a card. Does anyone here have a card? We don't have frequent drinker cards. That's a video club card. Zip it there, Sporty Spice. Are we doing this? Is this happening now? Yeah. Wanna go? Great. I'd love to. Let's do it. Come on. You're hurting me! You're hurting me! What is wrong with you, Derrick? I thought we were friends! My name is Andy! Your name is Liar, 'cause you're telling lies. You know what the odds are I will never come back here again? There's a good chance of that! That's a chance we'll have to take. Okay, if that's how you want to play it. Okay. I am disappointed! Good. Get the door! Get the... Fine!
21 Nov 2011
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They've always had a soft spot for the show - and despite a busy touring schedule and several children to prepare Christmas for, the Spice Girls just could not resist a show-stopping glamour-filled performance for Brucie. Ginger, Scary, Posh, Sporty and Baby took to the stage for the grand final of Strictly Come Dancing and wowed the jubilant and noisy live crowd with their floor-length dresses and full-on glamour. Baby Spice returns to the Strictly Come Dancing studios. She was a semi-finalist in last year's competition Baby Spice aka Emma Bunton looked fresh and glamorous in bright red lipstick and beautiful cream and black gown complete with a small hat and long blonde locks. The only sign of her nickname was on the glittery pink microphone she held for her solo parts of 2 Become 1. The song was the group's first Christmas Number 1 single in 1996. They went on to have two further consecutive Christmas hits - in 1997 with Too Much, and in 1998 with Goodbye when the band were only four as Geri had left to pursue her solo career. Victoria Beckham - as ever the dominatrix - in arm-length black gloves Even Posh Spice, the ubiquitous Victoria Beckham, looked pretty - a mellower version of her usual look with floor length black dress making her quite demure - although she managed to keep her look saucy with long leather black gloves. Posh, not known for her vocal ability, sung the minimal amount of words throughout the song, though she had one brief solo effort. The band looked happy to appear on the BBC1 show as professional dancers paraded their choreographic skills in front of them. There was none of the acrimony towards Victoria, rumoured to have taken place back stage at O2 Arena after she received the biggest cheers from the crowd at their reunion concert. All of the band are fans of the show, particularly Emma Bunton, who came fourth when she appeared herself last year before becoming pregnant with baby Beau. Baby Spice was competitive to win throughout the competition, but did not far as well as her Scary counterpart, Melanie Brown, who came second and nearly won the American equivalent of the show last month. Mel B looked slim and graceful, unlike her usual image in catsuits, fresh from the gruelling routines of taking part in the American talent show and heading straight out on tour on Richard Branson's specially commissioned Spice Girls 1 jet which took them to and from concerts on their tour. Sporty Spice, usually the most boyish of the band, stunned the Strictly Come Dancing audience with her strictly feminine look complete with top hat. Wearing pretty make-up and a stunning gown, she took the lead vocals as usual and masked her weaker bandmates. Melanie Chisholm, as she is really known, was said to have been the most reluctant about reuniting for the recent Spice Girls tour, but the concerts have reinvigorated her as a star and proven once again that she holds the talent in the band. Geri Halliwell took centre stage in a dazzling ivory dress,looked content to be back with her bandmates, despite walking out on them before they finally parted in the late 1990s. Showing her tiny frame off in a cream floor-length dress, she sang her heart out to a very upbeat crowd who cheered and gave standing ovations to every performance by Matt di Angelo and the ultimate winner, Alesha Barratt CHECL OUT MY CHANNEL FOR MORE SPICE VIDEOS!!!
6 Sep 2009
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The Ronettes sing Be My Baby. How cool do those girls look? Sporty Spice - eat your heart out. Great sound I envy anyone here who hears this for the very first time
13 Nov 2008
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