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These numbers look completely normal, but something is very wrong: Can you spot it on the first try? Our brains have an amazing ability of playing tricks on us when we’re faced with unusual and unexpected situations. We humans are great at making predictions and seeing patterns – but that also means that when something doesn’t match our expectations, we often miss it completely. Lately, brain teasers and interesting puzzles have gotten more and more popular online. It’s great fun to challenge yourself, and then share them with your friends to find out who’s the sharpest tool in the shed! Not everyone can solve this tricky test on their first try. If you take your time, then you’ll probably make it, but if you make it a timed challenge, then things get considerably harder. Try and see if you can solve this one in under 20 seconds! Below is a number sequence from 1 to 53, but two numbers are missing. Your mission is to find out which ones! Prove your skill I have to admit that I didn’t make it on the first try – and neither did my coworkers! Now it’s up to you to prove that you’re more skilled than me. Ready, set, go! Like I said, I didn’t make it on the first try. But then I had a long second look, and I eventually managed to find the missing numbers! Below is the answer in two separate images. The first missing number is 11. The second missing number is 32. So if you noticed the numbers 11 and 32 missing, then congratulations – you passed the test! If you passed the test, press the share button below to challenge your friends! A little brain exercise never hurt anyone!
4 Sep 2018
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This camera is searching around for an odd thing between all the clothes. Do you think you can spot it out in one try?
12 Sep 2018
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This dude records a seriously wicked idea that keeps his parking for booked only for him. No one gonna take your spot it is so brilliant.
20 Sep 2018
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Octopuses can squeeze through a tiny space without any difficulties and they don’t need to shed any legs for that. See this octopus in action.
1 Sep 2018
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Decorate your glass articles with your favorite colors using Lexy Glass Color Transfer Technology on a particular spot. In simple words you can color the glass by dipping in Lexy processing colors within 3 to 5 minutes..
22 Aug 2018
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Delhi girl Vaani Kapoor spotted at a theatre in Juhu
1 Sep 2018
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18 Sep 2018
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The guy is stuck under the spot where the water is continuing to flow. No other car or person is bothered, only this poor guy in the two-wheeler.
11 Sep 2018
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Gorakhpur - Panvel Express:- The Gorakhpur - Panvel Express is an express train belonging to North Eastern Railway zone that runs between Gorakhpur Junction and Panvel Junction in India. It is currently being operated with 15065/15066 train numbers on a four days in a week basis. Service:- The 15065/Gorakhpur - Panvel Express has averages speed of 50 km/hr and covers 1746 km in 34h 50m. The 15066/Panvel - Gorakhpur Express has averages speed of 50 km/hr and covers 1746 km in 34h 50m. Route and halts:- The important halts of the train are: Gorakhpur Junction Anand Nagar Junction Barhni Balrampur Gonda Junction Barabanki Junction Lucknow Charbagh Kanpur Central Orai Jhansi Junction Habibganj Itarsi Junction Harda Khandwa Junction Bhusaval Junction Nasik Road Kalyan Junction Panvel Junction Coach composite:- The train has standard ICF rakes with a max speed of 110 kmph. The train consist of 16 coaches : 2 AC III Tier 4 Sleeper Coaches 8 General Unreserved 2 Seating cum Luggage Rake Traction:- Both trains are hauled by a Gonda Loco Shed based WDM 3A diesel locomotive from Gorakhpur to Lucknow. From Lucknow train is hauled by a Valsad Loco Shed based WAM-4 electric locomotive uptil Panvel and vice versa. Rake Sharing:- The train shares its rake with 15063/15064 Gorakhpur - Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Express (via Barhni) and 15067/15068 Gorakhpur - Bandra Terminus Express (via Barhni) Notes:- Runs four days in a week for every direction.
24 Aug 2018
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Dear friends, in this video we have discussed about the best herbal supplements and healthy diet for blood detoxification treatment. Ayurveda herbs are effective in addressing the root cause of these problems and help to remove toxins from blood and enhance inner glow.
29 Aug 2018
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Faizabad Superfast Express:- Faizabad Superfast Express is a train which runs weekly connecting Faizabad junction to Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Mumbai. It is one of the two trains connecting Faizabad and Mumbai; the other is the Saket Express, which runs twice a week. It is numbered as 22103/22104. From LTT to Faizabad Junction:- Mumbai Kalyan Nasik Jalgaon bhusawal Itarsi Jabalpur Katni Satna Manikpur Allahabad Janghai Zafarabad Jaunpur Junction Shahganj Akbarpur Faizabad From Faizabad Junction to LTT:- Faizabad Akbarpur Shahganj Jaunpur Junction Zafarabad Janghai Allahabad Manikpur Satna Katni jabalpurItarsi Jalgaon Nasik Kalyan Mumbai.
4 Sep 2018
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Babhnan Railway Station...a newly constructed station in uttar pradesh,India.
6 Sep 2018
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