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Making a paper spring is ridiculously easy, and you can make a cute greeting card with it!
8 Feb 2007
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Located literally on-top of a mountain on BLM land, lies a chain of hot springs fed pools near Salmon, Idaho. The video features the hike and hot springs pools.
14 Feb 2007
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A look at the parking area, hike into and hot springs pools in the Olympic National Park in Washington.
19 Feb 2007
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Features private hot springs soaking pool, 2 outdoor pools, the exterior of the complex and other private pools, geodesic domes, alligators and camping area. Pretty sweet soak, the private pools are cleaned after each use, and the outdoor pools were clean as well. The geodesic domes were way cool, and can be rented out for camping.
5 Mar 2007
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shawn springs 2004 highlights
5 Mar 2007
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Spring Bioscience is a California Biotechnology Company specializes in Immunohistochemistry (IHC) products focused on monoclonal antibodies in key cancer pathways for research laboratory applications. Today Spring serves as the antibody center of excellence for all of Roche Tissue Diagnostics.
Over 300 Young People Volunteering to Rebuild After Hurricane Rita Hundreds of young people from all walks of life will skip the beach this Spring Break to focus on rebuilding the Gulf Coast. Representing nearly every state and over 150 colleges and universities, these energetic volunteers will descend on Lake Charles, Louisiana March 10 through 24th thanks to United Way of America. In addition to the rebuilding after Hurricane Rita that will be going on in Lake Charles, there will also provide opportunities for young people to help change their own communities through service. In 2006, United Way of America partnered with thinkMTV to create Storm Corps, a program for young people interested in helping communities devastated by the hurricanes of 2005. The goal of Storm Corps was first to help those directly affected by the 2005 hurricanes recover and rebuild; and second, to inspire young people to volunteer during their Spring break. A testament to Storm Corps is the fact that 40 percent of last year's volunteers are returning. As in 2006, FedEx, a United Way national corporate leader, is the lead sponsor of Alternative Spring Break 2007. Joining FedEx in supporting United Way Alternative Spring Break 2007 is national video game retailer GameStop/EB Games. ASB 2007 will be part of an MTV documentary called The Amazing Break, which will air the weekend of March 23rd.
8 Mar 2007
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Seiko Spring Drive
15 Mar 2007
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wonderful spring in Poland
16 Mar 2007
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Spring break longboarding!
19 Mar 2007
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Tips to Make Sure Your Vehicle is “Up to Speed” Before Hitting the Road According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration vehicle crashes due to neglected maintenance cause more than 2,600 deaths a year. As the winter winds down, your thoughts may be turning to sunny locations for rest and rejuvenation. But before you pack up the kids and hit the road on a Spring Break trip, be sure to pay attention to a few very important items. Car batteries don’t last forever and need to be checked to make sure they are clean. If the battery is over three years old have a load check performed. You should also make sure your tires are properly inflated (check the spare too!) and also that your vehicles’ coolant fluid is topped off. Since oil is the lifeblood of the engine, you might want to get a lube, oil and filter change as well. All this is very easy to accomplish and will only take a few minutes and can lead to safe motoring. If you don’t feel you are qualified to inspect your own vehicle, look for a multi-point inspection from your dealer or someone trained specifically on your brand of automobile. Produced for General Motors
20 Mar 2007
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Spring Break 2007, Panama City Beach. "Fly my friend, FLY!!!:
29 Mar 2007
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Just, me and my fam. and freinds at the coolest spring break V. ever!
3 Apr 2007
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