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spring roll indian way
10 Nov 2007
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Thai spring rolls are a favorite at parties or great for a picnic. They are delicious and simple to prepare once you know the proper way. Now you can learn to cook this dish at home using the online videos. Copy the recipe below then watch the Thai Spring Roll video. Thai Spring Rolls "Por Piah Thod" * 8 spring roll sheets (from store bought package) * 2 cups shredded carrots * 2 cups shredded cabbage * 2 cups bean sprouts * 1 cup glass noodles * ¼ tsp ground black pepper * 1 - 2 tbsp light soy sauce * Sprig of sweet basil for garnish. * 1 tbsp cooking oil * 1 egg * 1 -- 2 tsp sugar Soak the glass noodles in cold water for 15 minutes or until soft, drain and cut into short lengths. Heat the cooking oil over low heat, add carrot, cabbage, bean sprout and glass noodles, stir fry for 3 -- 5 minutes. Then add the sugar, light soy sauce and ground black pepper, stir until it becomes fairly dry. Remove and spread the mixture on a plate to cool for 30 minutes or more. Divide the filling into 8 portions; place the filling in the center of the spring roll sheet on a flat surface. Start rolling tightly folding the sides in half way through the rolling process. Seal the wrapper with beaten egg. Place in the refrigerator until ready to fry. Heat cooking oil in a wok to medium to high heat. Deep fry the spring roll and keep turning them until crispy and golden brown. Remove and drain. Cut each spring roll into 3 pieces and serve hot with plum dipping sauce.
10 Jan 2009
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*******www.mindbites****/lesson/908-how-to-make-thai-spring-rolls Thai Spring Rolls are yummy, healthy and so easy. Let us show you how!
11 Dec 2008
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Easy Thai Food Explained: Aunchalee teaches you how to make Spring Rolls. For more Thai recipes visit thaifoodcast****.
17 Nov 2010
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The Sexy Vegan Shows you how to make Thai Spring Rolls, and maybe someday he'll make something other than snacks...who knows?
22 Jan 2009
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Shrimp Spring Rolls by Chef Jerry Gruber
2 Oct 2007
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Let your soul roll! In the season finale, Coolio whips up his Blasian specialty: the Soul Roll. Shaka-Zulu!
15 Feb 2011
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Spring Rolls With Sauce Goddess Sweet and Sticky Grill Glaze makes a fun and easy taste treat.
27 Jul 2011
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Healthy Vegetarian Recipes : Cabbage Spring Rolls is a great way to get kids to enjoy vegetables. This video series will demonstrate healthy recipes for kids and the whole family. You will learn great cooking tips for Vegetarian Meals and Vegan Meals for Healthy Eating. Enjoy! *******www.highprotein-vegetarian****/
10 Nov 2010
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Essential training for the novice spring roll ninja.
8 Sep 2009
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*******www.Freezerburns**** Typically I get concerned about the portion-control portions of Lean Cuisine meals. I mean most of their meals are within the "lean" range only because the portion is 1/3rd of what you should be eating. So now they have these appetizer/snack varieties. It's almost as if Lean Cuisine said to themselves, let's do something with a crisping sleeve! The problem isn't taste, it's execution. The execution is like putting soggy toes inside a pair of sandals. By the time you pull out your feet the middle of the toes are all sticky and soft while the outsides are burnt to a crisp. That no doubt detracted from the overall score, but how much? The Frozen Food Master will tell you!
22 May 2013
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one of the best pan asian locations in toronto. produced by
1 Nov 2008
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