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Capture your extreme sports moments with this spy sunglasses camera. This video was made entirely with the spy sunglasses from www.spygadgets****
14 Aug 2008
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spy pro
22 Aug 2008
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Two spies need to get the secret bomb before there home city is blown up and they also need to escape.
29 Aug 2008
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DIY security/spy webcam with motion-detect for FREE!
12 Sep 2008
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Just wach this cool video of Totally Spies
19 Sep 2008
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product Photo : *******www.lanmda****/new-products/spy-watch-camcorder-2n.jpg A watch has never been just a tool for measuring time. A camera built-in a watch is no wonder. Wear the wrist watch, press the record button and begin to record video and audio. Very causal, nobody will notice this kind of action. Compared with other recorders such as the spy camera pen, this item is more covert and allows you to record from all the angles. Simple to operate, convenient to hold and appearing in every way to be a normal wrist watch, built-in the USB ,which allows to connect with a computer. Anyone is worthy of owning a watch, let alone of a wrist watch within a tiny pinhole camera! Used as a protection tool in your daily life or as a surveillance equipment especially. Features 1. Watches timing 2. 300,000 pixels camera, camera and sound recordings 3. Shows the date and time of camera 4. PC Camera support functions 5. NandFlash built-in storage, the computer can be connected to the use of U disk 6. Support the FA T32 file system ,support the Timing shutdown 7. Support firmware upgrade Technical parameters: 1. built-in lithium battery voltage: 4.2 V 2. AC power supply: 100V-230V 3. Battery capacity: 270m HA: 4. USB Version: USB 1.1/2.0 5. Megapixel of camera: 300,000 pixels (640?80) 6. Video output formats: AVI 7. Operation temperature: 0?0 degrees 8. Storage temperature: - 10 to 60 degrees 9. Support the operating system: Win2000/NT/XP 10. Appearance Size: 52×50×17mm Accessories: 1. Manual 2. warranty cards 3. CD-ROM drive 4. USB cable 5. Chargers
23 Oct 2008
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On the run from Russian mobsters, a desperate spy finds two unexpected allies, and together the trio weaves an electrifying Christmas tale of danger and discovery in THE SPY WHO CAME FOR CHRISTMAS by David Morrell.
1 Oct 2008
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Spy cam 1 GB rejtett kamera teszt
2 Oct 2008
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Spy cam TV play felvétel
9 Feb 2009
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SPI Debunked Haw Par Villa Statues Mystery
10 Oct 2008
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Totally spies
19 Oct 2008
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So when someone comes up to you and asks if you know about Spy Pigeons, this is what you should say... *******wsyk.opensermo****/2008/10/23/spy-pigeons/
23 Oct 2008
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Spy Camera hidden into a a pen camcorder with audio: The pen perfectly fits in your pocket leaving no clue to the target person of what it is. It has a built in flash 2/4GB of memory you'll get almost 5/10hours of recording time in high video format. The colour video is encoded on the fly through a buffer system to 3GP format and if the battery runs low during a recording session the pen will ensure it writes the video from the buffer to flash before shutting down. All video is captured with audio making this the perfect tool for recording confessions, secret rendezvous or interviews.
30 Oct 2008
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No mission is impossible when makers put their minds to it. Make Volume 16 will help you get smart with a special section on spy tech. Learn how to build and use tiny surveillance devices, and how to know if a spy is using them on you. From tiny video cameras to sneaky recorders, this volume has enough cool stuff to make James Bond's inventor Q envious. *******makezine****/16/
12 Nov 2008
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Four spies are Bourne!
17 Nov 2008
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Some years ago, SPI investigated a haunted college which was abandoned in Singapore. A night vision camera was following us from behind. At 00:25s, we have accidentally captured a white "apparition" at the college lobby. Nobody claimed to have seen anybody standing there during that time. Possible it was a ghost.
25 Dec 2008
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