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In this tutorial, I will show you how to make a Heart with a pocket to hold things in. Suitable for special occasions,such as: Christmas Birthday Valentine's Day Mother's Day What you need: 1 peice of square paper Glue/Tape(optional,just makes it neater)
19 Jan 2008
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Here's how to fold an origami pine cone from a simple square paper, knock yourself out.
31 Jan 2008
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all you need is 6 pieces of square paper (im using sticky notes)
11 Jun 2008
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How to build a crane? Get a square paper and follow the steps. Great fun, leave messages in it or just be like prison break!
20 Mar 2009
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Materials: 1 sheet of origami/square paper Again, I'm not sure who designed this but I got it from a book I bought at Pacific Mall.
4 Feb 2010
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This is a wonderful model of a bird which just tips to one side. You will need a square paper 20-cm on the edge and a sketch pen. First fold the paper along the diagonal and then open it. Then bring two adjacent edges to the diagonal to make a diamond shape. Fold the triangle below to make a isosceles triangle. Once again fold the two short edges to the midline to make a smaller diamond. Repeat this process once again. Once again fold the top triangle and bring the short edges to the midline. Now there will be many creases – 16 creases in all. Now fold the model along its spine to complete the bird. Place the bird on a table and soon its tail will lift and it will tip to one side. This is what is happening. The multi-crease triangle inside opens up and this gently shifts the center of gravity and makes the bird tip to one side. This is a fun toy. See this one tipping over – as if by magic! Now paint and decorate the bird with a sketch pen. In the end are two birds one red and yellow engaged in a tipping competition!
18 Mar 2017
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