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Desktop Tower Defence 10K gold : No pellets. Only darts, squirts and swarms
22 Apr 2007
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Desktop Tower Defence 10K gold : No pellets. Only darts, squirts placed diagonally
19 Apr 2007
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Poor tom gets squirted in the eye. He isnt a happy chappy
24 Nov 2007
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use your car windshield sprayer to squirt people while you drive.
3 Jun 2008
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A Turkish man has the ability to squirt milk out of the corner of his eye.
8 Jan 2009
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This man gets his foot pierced and massive amounts of blood squirts out.
20 Aug 2008
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Really this vid is a tutorial on how to make sprite, 7up, shasta twist, taste like squirt.
16 Oct 2008
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Scare or surprise your friends at a party, coffee shop, or dinner table!
4 Jul 2007
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Fun prank you can do with a bottle. Fool your friends!
14 Sep 2007
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Learn A Few Simple Techniques Will Allow You To Give Her Mind Numbing, Leg Shaking Orgasms..." *******www.ohpermata****/The-Female-G-Spot-And-Simple-Techniques-To-Give-Her-Mind-Numbing-Leg-Shaking-and-Orgasms
2 Oct 2012
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Dogs + salt water = diarrhea. Don't forget that lesson if you own a dog.
27 Sep 2013
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This video tells how to make a pen that squirts dye when others try to use it. Great prank!!!
19 Aug 2007
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This is venomous rattle snake squirts a long steam of venom from one of its fangs. Then it bites the guy trying to milk it. Killer close up snake bite video!
16 Nov 2007
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Dudes get squirted on when they go to the toilets.
29 Dec 2007
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This is a custom Leatherman squirt that I made from a pliers P4 and scissors S4 Squirts. I really like it and it works graet for me, the best of both worlds.
19 Jan 2008
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8 Nov 2012
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