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Watch the full Webinar visit-*******tinyurl****/pragwrks187 This session is a SQL Saturday legend! Have you wanted to start using Analysis Services to deliver self-service BI to your end users? Have you started a cube project but have trouble using additional functionality like Actions, KPI’s and others? This session is a great all hands on experience where we build a fully functional cube in one hour with all the bells and whistles. This session is ALL demo and very interactive to make sure everyone gets the information and has a good time! Even experienced SSAS developers will learn from Adam Jorgensen, BI Expert and SQL Server pro for more than 15 years. Want more FREE SQL Training-*******pragmaticworks****/Resources/webinars/Default.aspx
4 Aug 2011
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Free SSAS full video here-*******tinyurl****/pragwrks184 Efficient caching is one of the main techniques that Analysis Services uses to achieve fast query response time. In this session you'll find out about the different types of caching Analysis Services is capable of, easy mistakes you can make that will stop caching happening, and various methods of warming the cache. Visit Pragmatic Works for more FREE training-*******pragmaticworks****/Resources/webinars/Default.aspx
4 Aug 2011
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SSAS and Dimension Modeling - *******pragmaticworks****/services/training/Default.aspx Business Intelligence Products - *******pragmaticworks****/Products/
26 Aug 2011
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SSAS Training - *******pragmaticworks****/services/training/Default.aspx The Cube in Depth Dimensions & Cube Editors, Adding new Facts & Dimensions, MDX & Calculations *******pragmaticworks****/Products/
26 Aug 2011
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Watch the full Webinar here - *******tinyurl****/pragwrks336 In this session, you'll learn how to create an environment where your users can build their own interactive reports. Speaker Brian Knight will start by building a tabular semantic model in SSAS for your users to easily navigate the data model and data. Then, your learn how your users will build amazing interactive web-based reports using Crescent, SQL Server's most exciting new feature in Denali.
21 Sep 2011
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Watch the full video here - *******tinyurl****/pragwrks357 In this session, Joe will guide another SQL Pro through the construction of a SSAS solution. This demonstration is a great way to observe the power of SSAS, and to find solutions to some of the common stumbling blocks many of you might be facing. Making Business Intelligent - *******tinyurl****/pragwrks357
23 Nov 2011
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Watch the Full Video here - *******tinyurl****/pragwrks359 This session will teach you how to identify and resolve performance problems in your SSAS environment along with some internals as to how things work to improve performance. Making Business Intelligent - *******pragmaticworks****/
5 Dec 2011
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Watch the full webinar here - *******tinyurl****/pragwrks361 Come learn from Adam as he explores all the best practices you should be taking in managing SSAS in your enterprise. Great for developers and administrators. Making Business Intelligent - *******pragmaticworks****/
22 Dec 2011
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*******www.keefelaw**** Many of our clients ask similar questions regarding why the Social Security Administration (SSA) requests them to be evaluated by one of their doctors. This Massachusetts disability lawyer of Keefe Disability Law explains in this video why the SSA asks claimants to go through a consultative exam. Although you may have been going to your doctor for quite some time and have supplied Social Security with paperwork, medical evidence and everything they have asked for, they may still be missing something in your file. If the SSA feels that they do not have enough evidence to make a decision, they will ask you to see a medical doctor such as an orthopedic doctor or a psychiatrist to be evaluated for a disability. Having another doctor review your situation may provide them with additional information in your case that they did not have. Most of the time, these evaluations are neutral and the information is helpful to Social Security Disability claims. If you have questions regarding this process, please call an experienced Massachusetts disability attorney who can help guide you through this process at Keefe Disability Law at 888-904-6847. We provide people in Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Rhode Island with a free consultation. You can also review our website *******www.keefelaw****, which has informative articles, frequently asked questions and other free resources that you may find helpful during this time.
13 Jun 2012
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Watch the full webinar here - *******pragmaticworks****/LearningCenter/FreeTrainingWebinars/WebinarDetails.aspx?ResourceId=514 In this session, you'll learn how to build a highly efficient analytical platform by using Analysis Services (SSAS). You'll learn the how to create and configure a cube to pre-aggregate your data and then how to create hierarchies to make your users more effective. Lastly, you will learn about the major difference between Multidimensional and Tabular Analysis Services and how each play different roles. Intelligent Data Solutions - www.pragmaticworks****
4 Apr 2013
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6 Oct 2017
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Social Security disability benefits can be hard to get. If you're struggling to secure these monthly payments, you may need an attorney to help guide you through the lengthy appeals process. Call the Coye Law Firm today to schedule your free consultation with someone who can inform you of your rights and options. Sometimes, you need justice. Sometimes, you need a lawyer. 866-Wade-Coye (866-923-3269). www***yelaw**** www***yelawdisabilitycenter****
16 Nov 2010
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