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Stack the cubes and knock 'em down... Macgirl give her review of Cubis 2 for the iPod.
4 May 2008
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MASS FX 25R-DIOL: Mass FX 25R-DIOL has been developed exclusively by Anabolic Xtreme. This pro-anabolic was designed to be stacked with Hyperdrol™ to create the most potent lean muscle building stack available today. Mass FX will increase testosterone levels, deliver rock hard pumps, promote the Alpha Male mentality, increase aggression, build xtreme muscle mass and give immediate strength gains. Mass FX will deliver the results you want in just a few days of usage and will continue though out your cycle. YOU WILL SEE AND FEEL Mass FX working withing 3-5 days. It is like no other supplement you have tried. Welcome to the world of Mass FX. » Hyperdrol X2: Hyperdrol X2- 6-Bromodione - The Ultimate Mass Building Agent! Hyperdrol X2™ is virtually guaranteed to pack on jaw dropping Lean Mass Gains with its powerful new mass building agent 6-Bromodione. Hyperdrol X2™ gives you what you need to respond to your workouts in a way you have only dreamed. Instantly testosterone rises and estrogen drops putting your body in a highly pro-anabolic state. Fat will melt away and be replaced with lean hard muscle and you experience the most mind-blowing extreme workouts ever. Trust the people at Anabolic Xtreme to provide you with the best legal pro-anabolic products on the market today.
3 Jul 2009
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14-year-old Spencer stalks strangers in a desperate attempt to get a Prom date (an idea submitted by viewer). Things get stranger when some random dude with a stack of $4,000 worth of cash offers to help (you can't plan this kinda thing). Music: Five Card Shuffle by Kevin MacLeod *******www.incompetech**** Without You by: www.myspace****/slowbongofloyd
28 Dec 2008
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Really, My first video to be published in YouTube. Czech Train with long stack of Habbins freight cars is going over the czech level crossing. Music is taken from BB Tanks, but I converted it, so I can put that music in this video. I hope you like it! BTW, this is now pretty old version of this video.Since beginning, this layout has chanced a lot!
23 May 2008
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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu shoe horn escape. A move used to free yourself if you get caught trying to stack your opponents legs for a guard pass. As seen at www.learnbjjtechniques****
25 May 2008
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A Caterpillar® C-9 ACERT Tier III 300 HP diesel engine as well as Caterpillar® Tracks with high speed travel are standard with this model. Full remote control movement and operation allows your wheel loader or excavation operator to run both the 4043T Impact Crusher and the Spyder 516T from the comfort of their machine. Screen Machine Industries, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of portable tracked impact crushers, screening plants, shredders, trommel screens and radial stacking conveyors for the topsoil, mining, aggregate, recycling and landscaping industries.
20 Nov 2008
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*******www.AutoGoFast****/product.php?p=20774429&c=430 The Hot Mate is a heat resistant tray that allows you to easily and safely lift hot food without the danger of burning yourself. It also enables you to stack plates or ready meals now you can heat two meals in the microwave at the same time!It is a tough and durable heat resistant trayUse it to lift out hot food with out the danger of burning yourselfHot Mate will make your microwave cooking faster easier and safer Multi-function microwave tray. Visit *******www.AutoGoFast****/product.php?p=20774429&c=430 For More Information
7 Jun 2008
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10 Jun 2008
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Ave Maria! Watch this video by Fr. Peter Damian Fehlner, FI, STD as he gives a short biography of Mother Mary of Agreda and how her marian theology, which is so often portrayed as being opposed to Vatican II, is actually very much in line with it, anticipating the Council by 300 years.Fr. Peter highlights a new book on this subject, Venerable Mother Agreda and the Mariology of Vatican II by Enrique Llamas, OCD, STD of the International Pontifical Marian Academy, which has been published by the Academy of the Immaculate. A heated discussion on this topic is being carried on at Mark Shea's blog under the post ... skeptical that ... 'Mary suffered no birth pains'. A comment by Sandra Miesel of Crisis Magazine about halfway down the comment stack started it off.PDF samples of our new book are available online: the Table of Contents and Foreward (pp i-xii) and the first two sections of the Introduction (pp 1-15)English translations of Mother Mary of Agreda's works can be purchased from Tan Books, both full version and abridged. Ave Maria!
11 Jun 2008
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*******www.AutoGoFast****/search.php?q=Pancake+Maker&c=0 Great pancakes cooked just like they do in the Big Apple! Blueberry stacks, strawberries and cream, chocolate surprise ... Now you can make mouth-watering, golden, fluffy New York-style pancakes from the comfort of your own kitchen. With its double-sided non-stick surface, this kitchen essential makes flipping a piece of cake! Set Includes: Heart shaped mould Batter Dispenser 20 page recipe book For Delivery Details Visit Website *******www.AutoGoFast****/search.php?q=Pancake+Maker&c=0
13 Jun 2008
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Prototype cell. Many more to come. The torch is running on a 25 plate short stack single cell. With 304 stainless plates that have a 3 step treatment for high performance and high output.
29 Jun 2008
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EPT Season 4 Copenhagen - Copenhague 2008 Table Finale : Tim Vance, Soeren Jensen, Rasmus Hede Nielsen, Daniel Ryan, Magnus Hansen, Nicolas Dervaux, Simon Dorslund, Patrik Anderson. Nicolas en Short Stack pousse All-in avec Valet Cinque en petite Blind. Malheureusement, la grosse blind suit avec A7. Distributed by Tubemogul.
19 Jun 2008
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I just got a Smart Car ForTwo Passion. It's small. "How small?" Watch this video to see how it stacks up against other cars. JetCityOrange****/SmartCar
9 Jul 2008
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Do you have stacks of magazines piling up in corners of your home? Hate to give up your magazine subscription? Why not have your cake and eat it too. My digital magazine reader? Zinio. Offering me my mag subscriptions while saving on paper.
22 Jun 2008
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Holdem Heat Map is a free Texas Holdem Odds Calculator. What makes it unique is the "heat map" showing how your hand stacks up against all your opponent's possible hands. Try it yourself at *******www.holdemheatmap****.
25 Jun 2008
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gamblerstelevision**** We are going to talk about the proper way to bet using chips at the table. Here is the proper way to bet with chips while playing poker. Stack your chips and push forward. (DEMO) If you were betting more than two stacks of chips to call or raise the best way to bet would be to verbally declare your action and then move the amount of chips declared in a forward motion. If you are raising the pot simply announce RAISE and declare the total amount of chips you are betting. For example say the call amount is $600 and you want to raise $600 more simply verbally declare: Raise To $1200 total and then stack your $1200 worth of chips and push forward. If you are going “All In” the best way to do this if you have more than two stacks of chips in front of you is to verbally declare “All In”. You then push all your remaining chips in front of you forward in clear view of all the players and dealer. (DEMO) The dealer will then count the bet and announce the amount to the players. The dealer is responsible for placing your chips into the pot once all bets are made during the betting round. A player should never toss chips into a pot...
28 Jun 2008
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