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Gover Horticulture LLC located in Dubai, UAE is a leading trade name for Horticultural products for the past many years. Promoted by entrepreneurs, who have vast experience in this field, we offer the entire range of products and services for traders and contractors in horticulture. We distribute Planters, plant pots and other accessories to professionals and traders involved in Interior and Exterior Landscaping. Our warehouses in Al Qous and Al Qesais store a wide range of horticultural products ready for delivery to clients in the GCC countries on a daily basis. Stainless Steel and Aluminium planters are designed and manufactured by us in our factory in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Whereas FRP ( Fibre-reinforced Plastic) and Fibre stone planters are produced by our specialized partners in China, Vietnam and Philippines. In many cases they are manufactured exclusively for us and we own designs and formulations. This allows us to control our position in the GCC as a credible and reliable supplier in this range of products. Some of the important brands we represent are LECHUZA, CLADO, Plants First Choice, Plastecnic along with our own GOVER range of Planters. We also represent Claire garden tools and CLADO Garden Hoses. We also offer a wide range of Gardening and Horticultural products which include Garden Tools, Garden Hoses, Fertilisers, Decorative stone pebbles etc. We supply to wholesalers as well as retailers in horticulture business. Consumers are also welcome to contact us as we can refer you to the nearest dealer of GOVER HORTICULTURE LLC.
11 Dec 2017
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In 2015, Anderson Dahlen acquired the Checker spiral steam oven business with the idea of combining it with their own linear steamers and expanding the total product offering. Anderson Dahlen has over 40 years of experience in spiral steam oven manufacturing, application analysis and installation. Learn More at
27 Nov 2017
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Kittrell Services, Inc (803) 695 5567 1240 Atlas Way, Columbia, SC, 29209 We are specialists when it comes to steel tanks. Kittrell Services, Inc is an experienced steel fabrication company, positioned in Columbia, SC and we provide a high quality steel products! Custom Steel Tank, Steel Tank, Steel Tank Fabrication, Steel Tank Fabrication Company, Steel Tank Manufacturer, Stainless Steel Fabrication, Stainless Steel Company, Metal Tank Manufacturer, Steel Fabrication Service Eastmont, SC Metal Fabricator, Metal Fabrication Company, Metal Tank Fabrication, Metal Fabrication Service, Steel Manufacturer Service
13 Dec 2017
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After the merger, the future of Stainless seemed very uncertain. Rumours abounded that ArcelorMittal was going to divest Stainless. But ArcelorMittal believed in the strengths of Stainless and decided to integrate them into the ArcelorMittal family. This investment into the future has created new hopes and given Stainless a new perspective of success.
11 Jul 2007
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*******www.cleanairgardening****/steelbottle.html This stylish, stainless steel water bottle is a great way to ditch all those plastic water bottles. Drinking water is important, but all those plastic bottles are clogging landfills. Try this alternative!
19 Aug 2008
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BUY NOW: *******www.jewelrytelevision****/index.aspx?tid=21847&product_id=JKIT000031&mcid=XSN0015000105 Stainless Steel Footprints Circle Pendant With Chain And Cuff Bracelet Kit
13 May 2008
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Learn how easy it is to solve the unsolvable problems people have with Stainless steel appliances, sinks and grills. It is quick and easy to remove scratches, chemical stains and heat scorches. You can do-it-yourself. For more info visit *******www.scratch-b-gone****.
17 Jun 2008
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Stainless steel is beautiful for appliances, outdoor kitchens and grills, sinks, and counters but many people also find it to be difficult to care for, until Scratch-B-Gone. This video describes the common maintenance issues with Stainless steel and how Scratch-B-Gone easily and economically resolves them. Scratch-B-Gone allows do-it-yourselfers to get professional results restoring and repairing Stainless steel without the high expense of replacement.
19 Jun 2008
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Barry Feinman from Restore It Yourself, Inc. demonstrates how to remove the discoloration and heat scorching from the hood of Stainless steel BBQ grills.
28 Jun 2008
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*******ThePolishGuy**** - In this video tutorial we use Autosol metal polish to restore a stainless steel roller. We also discuss industrial uses of Autosol polish in the plastics industry. Detailed instructions are available on our website.
19 Aug 2008
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Wonderful Army Black Multi-function Steel Stainless Knife Cutlery Set! 5 in 1 multi-functional professional Stainless Steel tableware, there are a knife, a fork, a scoop, a cutting blade and a bottle opener, easy to carry, suitable for camping, hiking and other outdoor sports!
19 Dec 2008
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*******www.fountaincrafters**** has a large selection of stainless steel wall mounted fountains, call us at 1-877860-2126
9 Jan 2009
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