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These Shiny Stainless Steel Water Bottles are great promotional products because of their great colors and unique designs. These customizable water bottles feature flip-top access and rigid stainless steel bodies. For more customizable water bottles check out Discount Mugs****
2 May 2012
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These Fitness Water Bottles made of Stainless Steel work perfectly as sports bottles for hiking, biking, running or just as a water bottle for everyday use. Stainless steel water bottles are extremely durable and can last for years without giving up any quality. For more items like these Fitness Water Bottles go to Discount Mugs****
18 Dec 2009
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Our Renewable Nation, a cross-country eco-video adventure: 9-year-old Carrick visits Klean Kanteen, a company that makes stainless steel water bottles, a sustainable alternative to disposable plastic bottles.
15 Dec 2009
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*******www.cleanairgardening****/steelbottle.html This stylish, stainless steel water bottle is a great way to ditch all those plastic water bottles. Drinking water is important, but all those plastic bottles are clogging landfills. Try this alternative!
19 Aug 2008
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This is a vid of my EDC/72 pack. Below is the contents. A special thanks to Jacom Stephens. Everything was bought at Wal-Mart or EBay !!!!! 5.11 Rush 72 Backpack BACK SLIT COMPARTMENT 6-liter collapsable water bladder TOP SMALL COMPARTMENT Bug spray Hand warmers 20-gallon garbage bag Ear buds on Nite Ize Curvyman Extra 9-V batteries HEAROS ear plugs OUTSIDE Name patch Two Nite Ize figure-9 carabineers Clip light- Quip-lite pro Maxpedition Extreme Rolly Polly backpack knife (Glock 81) Nite Ize Gear Tie Light Streamlight Stylus Pro pen light Tom Anderson tactical pen Hydro Flask insulated stainless steel water bottle (on a carabineer attached to admin pouch compression strap) (1) Climbing carbineer (4) Maxpedition Grimlocs (2) Nit-Ize medium quick latch carabineers 150lb rating 5.11 Station Work gloves Milspec Monkey's admin pouch (contains business cards) 5.11 6"x6" Pouch Compass Six Nite Ize figure-9 caribeaners (4) Nite Ize adjustable bungie straps 100' paracord $ (2) Signal flares 5.11 Radio Pouch Baofeng UV5R Ham radio 5.11 Med Pouch 6x6 (top compartment for booboos) Claritin Tums Gas-X Multivitamin Rescue inhaler Pain relief, cold medicine, cough drops, tooth/cavity repair various sizes of Band-Aids, alcohol swabs, and all types of closures tampon pad AfterBite itch eraser Tweezers Oragel Advil Water purification pills Johnson & Johnson Coach instant cold compress (Bottom pouch for serious lacerations and blood control) Medical sheers CPR face shield 3" ACE bandage 1" self adhesive wrap First aid guide booklet (6) 4"x6" surgical pads / gauze Emergency blanket (2) packs of Quick Clot sport LEFT SIDE POCKET SOG folding shovel RIGHT SIDE POCKET SOG axe Gerber folding saw (in SOG sheath) ADMIN POUCH Orange paracord zipper pulls to make it easier to find them in low light situations (top mesh zipper compartment) Light clip Spare contacts lint roller Chap stick Sun block UCO storm proof matches in waterproof case Coleman soap sheets Stain remover pen Spare CR123 batteries in case Hand sanitizer (lower zipper compartment) micro absorbent towel (loose in slip pocket) Small magnifying glass 10-12 small zip ties (3) medium Aloksak dry bags Solio Rocsta solar charger (for phone and camera) Solar powered calculator (in small AlocSack dry bag) attached to lanyard with small carabineer: Sea to Summit Alpha Light knife, fork, spoon, fire steel, Doan's fire starting magnesium bar only!! , whistle with built in thermometer and compass 15' of Gorilla tape (wrapped around old credit card) Mole skin (for blisters) (2) glow sticks (2) sharpies (thin & Medium point) Write in the Rain note pad and pencil Kleenex Slime tire pressure gauge Smith's pocket knife sharpener (lower right velcro pouch) Fenix HL21 90-lumen headlamp Coleman toilet paper (compressed into small tube shape so as not to take up much space) Emergency blanket (Lower left velcro pouch) Baby Wipes and Wet Ones (3) NIOSH N95 foldable respiratory masks (Top mesh pouch) Gold Bond (to help with chafing) Sewing kit Aquamira Frontier emergency water filter straw Maxpedition all weather playing cards MAIN COMPARTMENT (Top mesh pouch) SAS survival guide Maxpedition pocket reference booklet (Middle mesh pouch) Rain poncho (Lower zipper pouch) large 10'x10' tarp with steel groumts (Main compartment) 5.11 watch cap Megilla 450 drybox case containing waterproof lighter, cigar, glasses Megilla 950 drybox case (empty) Sea to Summit folding 10 liter bucket SOL thermal emergency bivy (3) body warmer heat packs waterproof boonie hat, woodland camp pattern (Small clear toiletries bag) deodorant, shaving creem, toothpaste, collapsable toothbrush, micro towel, shampoo, tweezers, Q-tips, bar of soap, Tide, Shout, etc. (Maxpedition FR1 pouch) see video "My FR-1 Light tool kit" contains electronics, specifics not listed (5.11 6"x6" pouch) Small Bushnell compact 20X binoculars Etón FR150 microlink handcrank radio/flashlight/charger (5.11 6"x6" pouch) Heavy duty tie down rachet Slime air compressor with tire reamer repair tool (5.11 6"X6" POUCH) GSI Halulite Minimalist cooking kit Esbit Ultralight folding pocket stove with 8 fuel cubes UCO storm proof matches only !! Collapsible spork Instant coffee Aluminum foil for wind guard (5.11 6"x9" pouch) Pen-Rod fishing kit and fresh water lures Mayday emergency drinking water ration pouches (2) 2400 =4 days) Mayday food ration bars Vacuum bag containing clean, dry set of clothing (under ware, t-shirt, socks, casual shorts) Extra big vacuum bag for spare Fozzils Think Flat cookware Note: Anything that can't get wet is placed in ziplock/Alok-Sac bags or waterproof containers
25 Dec 2014
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