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Drunk man taking one step at a time on the stairs struggling hard to reach the top. He gets there but alas his luck does not favor him.
9 Dec 2017
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19 Nov 2017
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We provide a platform where youngsters from disadvantaged sections of the society get a chance to showcase their talent in sports and foster it as a mean of livelihood. We attempt to teach them the importance of character and personality building.
24 Nov 2017
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Buba goes to the nursery, climbs the stairs, dives out into the pool with balls and grapple with the soldiers. Buba is a Russian cartoon about a fun and funny Booba, which is very popular with the children. Subscribe and watch for free all episodes of Booba cartoon Who is Buba? Buba — nice and curious, like a child of five. He is studying a world without anger and resentment, only joy and surprise. He doesn't talk but makes sounds to Express their emotions. No one knows where he came from, but it is obvious that Buba missed the last hundred years of human development and now explores the modern world with unbridled zeal and enthusiasm. His clumsy movement, along with a strong desire to learn about the world around us, often lead to unexpected results. However, this does not reduce his curiosity, so the adventure continues in the new series
16 Nov 2017
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How to Diagnose peripheral vascular disease diagnosis Peripheral artery disease is a common condition in which arteries narrow, thus reducing the amount of blood flow to the limbs. The arteries are narrowed by fatty deposits, known as plaque, that build up on the walls of the arteries. PAD's symptoms are often mistaken for other problems, so it's important to be aware of them and to seek out medical care if you suspect you might have this condition Identifying Peripheral Artery Disease 1 Pay attention to limb pain and numbness. Many people will assume that pain in the legs is a normal part of aging. However, it is not normal and can be a sign that you have peripheral artery disease. Pay particular attention to pain and muscle cramping in the legs and hips while walking, exercising, or climbing stairs. Muscles in action need more blood flow than muscles at rest. This is why a person with PAD is more likely to have pain when moving, because the muscle can't get the added blood flow it needs. 2 Be suspicious of foot injuries that won't heal. Because blood flow to the limbs is limited, it will take injuries to the feet longer to heal if you have PAD. Pay attention to cuts or lacerations that won't heal or take a very long time to heal In severe cases of PAD, the tissue on the feet can get gangrene or die due to lack of blood flow.
23 Nov 2017
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Cool jackass down some stairs on a sled.
17 Aug 2006
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A nice boy demonstartes the fastest way to get down the stairs.
27 Aug 2006
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You have to see me falling down the stairs.
5 Oct 2006
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Two guys and their blow up doll get mind rocked by what's on the stairs!
17 Sep 2006
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Going down 3 sets of stairs on a mountain bike. Downtown Pittsburgh.
19 Sep 2006
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It's happens in a superstores in Madrid (Spain), the video is shown from two differents angles of the stairs. All that seen from a security cam.
13 Dec 2006
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Robot toy car made out of toy RC car parts, bath tub parts and mechano parts and some custom chain wheel that can overturn when stressed in order to climb stairs
22 Dec 2006
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