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Holocaust-Pornographie von jüdischen Autoren für ein jüdisches Publikum – dieses bizarre Phänomen der israelischen Popkultur beschreibt »Pornografie & Holocaust«. Nach dem großen Erfolg des ersten pornografischen Taschenbuches »Stalag 13«, das zur Zeit des Eichmann Prozesses in Israel erscheint, entwickeln sich diese reißerischen Heftchen schnell zum modernen Massenphänomen. Die Groschenromane formulieren dabei – in sich stetig steigernder Explizität – sadomasochistische Fantasien um Kriegsgefangene und Nazioffiziere in deutschen Lagern und brechen damit gleich zwei Tabus. Erstmals gibt es in der puritanischen Gesellschaft Israels pornografische Literatur und gleichzeitig sind diese Heftchen neben dem Eichmann Prozess die erste öffentliche Auseinandersetzung mit dem Holocaust. Regisseur Ari Libsker lässt Verleger, Autoren und Journalisten zu Wort kommen und verwebt die mit präziser Kamera gefilmten Interviews geschickt mit Archivbildern.
30 Dec 2010
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Danakil feat. MESH M18 Live Le Palais (place du marché!!) Belle-île-en-Mer 56360 (Aout 2008) Big up Danakil crew Angata Sound & tous les massives de Belle-île !! ________________________________________ ragga reggae dancehall dub live meshm18 mc bass jam flow bass basse creata sound system style buff stalag ring the alarm mad mat paris freedom blues rocksteady ska reggae rap hiphop ragga dancehall dub sound system dubplate freestyle alborosi jah cure mason junior kelly turbulence sizzla capleton sanchez wayne wonder saxon coxon stereo mars buju mega burru banton papa san dirtsman jamalski collie buddz prend la vibe mesh m18 belle ile isle en mer french france francais montmartre mont des martyrs beenie man mr vegas justice sean paul touch mc freestyle battle clash world music afro 360 18eme75018 92 75 93 94 95 97 98 77 78 56 gwada gwadada madinina guyana dom tom clichy barbes beatbox star rock electro jungle drum and bass d&b r&b teck tecktonic electronic electronica old school junior sound fever kitch pop new nouvelle skool video art ancienne école broken stick digital high sensorial zion high bubble dance hall clip nu roots conscious lyrics slackness boggle
17 Nov 2008
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***********/Rhinehoth-ebook/dp/B002SQKMJ8 Click Here! ! ! ! To Go to Amazon**** to Buy Now! Centuries ago a great castle was built in the mountains of Germany's Black Forest. Its ancient guardians still thrive in its walls forever protecting its dark secrets, holding captive an enemy that threatens their very existence. Foretold is a story of an ancient warrior that is to return to the castle to free the captive Vampire Prince. Simon Roberts was a petty thief who fled England to escape Scotland Yard after a series of unsuccessful jewelry store heists. He was recruited to do a job in Germany where he was to simply drive the get away car while providing a look out. He thought this was going to be an easy job and a way to break into the German crime scene. But things go terribly wrong and he ended up being the only survivor of the botched heist. Simon is quickly sentenced to a prison called Rhinehoth. This is where Germany sent the worst of the worst, surely not a place for a petty thief such as himself. Rhinehoth is a great German castle that was converted in the late 1930s to a Stalag for war criminals of World War II. The converted prisons modern day inhabitants are relentlessly tortured, starved and sleep deprived. This contributes to the prisoners delusional visions that help hide the truth and keeps Rhinehoth's secrets. Their captors are the army of Werewolves who have survived the centuries off the very flesh and blood of Germany's worst forgotten criminals. Simon, imprisoned becomes plagued with visions from his subconscious ancient past with confusion of his modern day consciousness. He discovers through his visions that he is the ancient warrior, Guthrie who has come to free the Vampire Prince and all the captives while saving the world from a dark plan of biblical proportions that has been orchestrated over the centuries!
25 Dec 2009
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The song played in the movie Stalag 17
20 Jul 2011
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Two dancehall legends mashing it up over the "Stalag Riddim." Stone Love running the sound. Circa 1990. Found this a few years ago on a site called vibes3000****. It's no longer in existence.
3 Sep 2011
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Tenor Saw - Ring The Alarm [Stalag Riddim]
27 Sep 2011
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Possibly the most popular TV and musical cartoon of all time, The Chipmunks enjoyed two periods of prosperity -- the '60s era of adolescent Baby Boomers and the '80s, when the Boomers' children were growing up. The man who brought the Chipmunks to life, Ross Bagdasarian, was born on January 27, 1919, in Fresno, CA. He came to Los Angeles in 1950, and appeared in the films Viva Zapata, Stalag 17, and Rear Window. Bagdasarian also worked as a songwriter, reaching the charts first in 1956, as his production of Alfi and Harry's "The Trouble With Harry" hit number 44. He later charted two solo singles (recorded as David Seville), "Armen's Theme" and "Gotta Get to Your House." In 1958, Bagdasarian began experimenting with a novel technique -- recording normal vocals but then speeding up the playback on a tape machine. The process yielded the number one hit "Witch Doctor" in early 1958, and the phenomenon mushroomed later that year when his Christmas gimmick single The Chipmunk Song spent four weeks at the top of the charts. "Alvin's Harmonica" reached number three just two months later, and Christmas reissues of "The Chipmunk Song" charted in the Top 40 over the next four years. The Alvin Show premiered on prime-time television in 1961, with all voices supplied by Bagdasarian. It only ran for one year, but was a success in a Saturday-morning slot. Five more Chipmunks singles charted in the early '60s, and five LPs also did well, including a Beatles cover album in 1964. Although Bagdasarian died in 1972, his son Ross Jr. revived Alvin, Simon, and Theodore in 1979 on Saturday mornings and on the 1980 album Chipmunk Punk. The series became more popular than in the '60s, and albums of the Chipmunks singing country, Christmas, rock, and Hollywood favorites were big sellers, though they didn't enjoy chart success. Although the cartoon was no longer in production by the 1990s, new Chipmunks records continued appearing, among them 1998's
9 Dec 2011
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