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Edited from original Why is a new age forum run and filled with regular members who are connected in some way to Freemasonry, the military and psychological agencies? View the following link to see the Indigo Society commentary on the original version of this video here: *******indigosociety****/showthread.php?34941-IS-mind-control-and-masonry Is the Indigo, Crystal child, starseed phenomenon a truly spiritual phenomenon or has it been created as means to mind control and distract the masses? If the latter, then a forum designed and run by Masonic participants would make sense. Please read the following links: *******2012rising****/article/the-indigo-aura-children-new-age-confusion-delusion-conspiracy *******www.briansbetterworld****/articles/indigochildren.pdf And you can read more about Dr. Andrijah Puharich who ran the 'turkey farm' for psychic children in the '70's, invented a device that could make deaf people hear and was also famous for working with psychic Uri Gellar here: *******www.bibliotecapleyades****/sociopolitica/hambone_info/People1.html (scroll down) Other online forums have already shown solid connections to such agencies as tavistock institute and stanfor research institute. See link below: *******www.rumormillnews****/cgi-bin/archive.cgi?noframes%3Bread=103996 On Indigo Society members get regularly banned for questioning freemasonry, questioning the moderation policies or challenging the status quo (planned direction) of the forum. Please consider these things when considering all such forums Lightworkers****, David Icke, and any and all forums discussing new age and conspiracy. Please also watch this video, an admission of an MKultra slave working to promote new age to keep people enslaved: ***********/watch?v=HUt9zC8-drQ
19 Nov 2010
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