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If you like this video-- PLEASE vote for it at www.atom(dot)com in the Star Wars Challenge. There you can watch the finalists. ___________________________________________ Finally, the 6 min version has arrived. And best viewed in HIGH QUALITY- Former swordplay trainer to the stars and Star Wars fanatic Jeremy Flynn recently opened "Jedi Gym", a fitness center in Torrance, CA where members channel characters from the Star Wars film series to work out, meditate, and improve their lives. "Star Wars is all about the Hero's Journey, and so is working out," says Flynn, " you leave home, battle your demons, and hopefully return home stronger." Flynn is frustrated with his students' lack of commitment and focus, but when a 7-foot man in an incredibly authentic Darth Vader suit arrives at the gym, Flynn thinks he's found his dream student. Instead, Flynn and his students learn, first hand, about how powerful the Dark Side can be... We are creating new content as you read. Please subscribe to continue watching quality internet movies.
13 Jul 2008
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