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Two kids take on Darth Bader, Master of his Domain
11 Aug 2008
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This is a bit of video from a wrap-party we had after we finished filming the pieces with Cuddles, Snuggles, and Dracus. It's tragic, to see such a promising young Sith stolen from us in his prime.
23 Aug 2008
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11 Jan 2009
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Download And Pass It On!!!!
9 Mar 2009
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Link: *******www.upi****/Entertainment_News/2009/04/14/Terminator-wont-be-back-for-3rd-season/UPI-89681239752968/
7 Jun 2009
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Funny song: Aram Aram Zam Zam Zam Zam guli guli guli guli Aram Zam Zam orahis orahis guli guli guli guli Aram Zam Zam singing idols of the Internet (celebrities)
22 May 2010
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Lon Harris and Leah D’Emilio once again get you up to speed on this week in YouTube, jumping right in there with a very confident motorcyclist, the next “Star Wars Kid”, Radiohead’s Laser experimentation, and a plastic fry-up. Sesame Street gets a musical mash-up or two, a Kangaroo breaks loose, McCain gets edumcated about compooters, and Jaime Lynn Spears teaches us about… HORSE! *******www.mahalo****/Hands_Free_Driving_Law *******www.mahalo****/Halo_Kid *******mahalo****/Radiohead_House_Of_Cards_Video *******www.mahalo****/Western_Spaghetti *******www.mahalo****/Feist_Sesame_Street *******mahalo****/Bert_Ernie_Gangsta-Rap *******mahalo****/Boxing_Kangaroo *******mahalo****/McCain_Finds_Video_Professor*******mahalo****/Jamie_Lynn%27s_Reproduction_Rap *******mahalo****/Freestyle_Horse for more visit *******mahalodaily****/
18 Jul 2008
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It was also known as the first viral hit, right after the star wars kid. After a few years, people of different races started making different versions such as this popular version: "Milk and cereal - Singing with myself"
10 Aug 2008
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Legendary young chap getting involved during Finals Day of the Twenty20 Cricket final 2008 between Kent and Middlesex. Owais Shah calls him a good lad, and he is referred to as "Junior Keysey". Star Wars kid eat your heart out. Magic. Oh, and Joe Denly hits a nice shot too.
15 Nov 2008
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Amber Mac feels the Force as she breaks down some of the hottest, best, weirdest and most amusing Star Wars themed viral vids. In this episode the original Star Wars Kid's light saber antics, a one-man barbershop quartet with an ode to John Williams, Darth Vader busts a move and Star Wars fans show off their mad saber skills.
2 Dec 2008
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21 Jan 2011
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Well, this SHOULD anthem as far as I'm concerned : P I DO NOT pretend to claim ownership of these videos, well besides my 2 second cameo. Just a tribute to those who deserve it. I could not of done this with out the awesome yet scary talented humour and insanity of others. I am in forever your debt. Enjoy ( : I used a karaoke instrumentals in the style of "We didn't Start The Fire" by Billy Joel Created by Prosound Karaoke Band Here are most of the vids used and some of the MVP's out there. Afro Ninja, Star Wars Kid, Wow Dancing, Evil Look, Numa Numa, Elevator, Tunak Tunak Tun. Best Sex Ever, Treadmill Kittens, This Is Sparta, Sneezing Panda, I Like Turtles, Bieber Fever, Funny Baby Blood. Wii Fit Girl, Tron Guy, Hahaha, Jon Lajoie, Peter Chao, Delaghetto and The Double Rainbow Guy, Leroy Jenkins, Nerf Tank, David After Dentist, Wide Eyed Lemur, Bed Intruder, Kassie Kicks Monsters Ass! Zidanne Head Butt, Stalking Cat, Daft Hands and L.A. Gangs, Iron Baby, Hot Potato, Chocolate Rain, Sports Fights, The Landlord, Death Star Canteen, Guitar, George Bush Shoe Attack, Where The Hell Is Matt? Tongue Tricks, Bad Day, jam with Beener Kee, Angry Ginger, Lightning Bolt, Susan Boyle, Amazing Hug, One Bank, Back Dorm Boys, Big Shotgun, Hey Clip, Dirt Bike Crash, Hey Jude Kid, Leave Britney Spears Alone! RicRoll'd, Fred Is Dead, Funny Pranks, Power Thirst, Head Shot, Hey Marine, Charlie The Unicorn, You're Dirty, Talking Cats, The Dramatic Gopher, Diet Coke And Mentos, I Don't Like You Mommy. Let's do some more... Lazy Sunday, Lets Groove, Tornado, Nao Robot, Happy Meal, Lancer, One Hundred Funny Falls, Break Dance Baby Kick, The Machine Is Using Us, Let's Go Eva, Tongue Tricks, Christian Bales Freak-out. Chimp Rapes Frog, Boxxy, Lonelygirl15, Knock And Don't Run, Christian The Lion, Kickass Baby Break Dancers, Fastest Clip You'll Ever See, Old Spice, Achmed, How Can She Slap? Sniper, Keyboard Cat, Cockroach VS. Weatherman, Treadmill Fail, Will It Blend? Charlie Bit My Finger! Grape Lady Falls, Tsunami, Evolution Of Dance, The Race, The Cliff, The Black Hole, Lip Dub, Bot Fly, Muffins, Tongue Piercing, Scarlett Takes A Tumble, Fat Kid On A Rollercoaster, Peanut Butter Jelly Time, Arab Drafting, Amateur, Happy Funny Baby Laugh, Squirrel Fight, Funny Stuff, What What In The Butt, Unforgivable, Dominating Rubber Ball, and The Angry German Kid, Greatest Freak Out Ever!.
8 Nov 2010
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