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A successful artist named Lenore brutally murders her husband, dismembers his body with a hacksaw, and conceals the pieces within a grotesque sculpture masquerading as modern art. Why? Perhaps Lenore was right in claiming it was Allan's cataract eye that drove her to do it. The milky white orb was certainly repulsive to behold. But did it really pass judgement on Lenore's every move? Did it really scour her soul with a supernaturally critical glare? That's for you to decide. What's certain is that one night Lenore picked up a hammer, stole upon her sleeping husband, and bludgeoned him to death. She then sawed the body into neat sections, worked them into a plaster sculpture, and waited for the police to arrive. And when one Officer Morley questioned Lenore, something made her lose her composure. What exactly shattered her resolve? That, like Lenore's motive, is a mystery. Perhaps Lenore's conscience made a spectacular - if somewhat belated - appearance. Or perhaps Allan's ghost returned from the grave and got his righteous revenge. All we know for sure is that Lenore dissolved into a gibbering wreck, confessed to her heinous crime, and remains stark raving mad to this day!
3 Jul 2007
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Monet Mazur (17 April 1976, Los Angeles, California, USA) "Stark Raving Mad" (2002) de Drew Daywalt & David Schneider
11 May 2010
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The clip Stephen's Hope from The War (1994) I don't get it. Well, she's for sale, Stuart. Been repossessed. Found out today the bank's had her on the market 14 months. Nobody's interested, on account of she's so close to the train tracks. Tragic, isn't it? Dad, nobody wants it 'cause she's a wreck. Why, how dare you. Paint's chipping off the walls, cracked windows... Lipstick and rouge, that's all that is. Lipstick and rouge. This here's a fine old girl. Just gotta look a little deeper. She's got good pipes. Sound foundation. She's gonna keep us cool in the summer. Keep us warm in the winter. Give us clean water to drink. I mean through the pipes, not the roof. Yeah, but Dad... Listen to that water pressure. Brings tears to my eyes. Dad, you've gone stark raving mad. She's speaking to me. Yeah? What's she saying? "You can buy me. " Did she say where to get the money? No. She did not mention that. Come here. I want to show you something. I figure in there's gonna be your room. Dad. It's the biggest room I've ever seen. Isn't it? Upstairs, there's a vanity in the master suite. Yeah? How do you know? 'Cause last time I was here, I climbed up a tree, snuck a peek.
26 Oct 2011
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1. 0:00 - 1:42 Pavo - Lets Go! 2. 1:46 - 4:17 Brennan Heart - One Master Blade (Raw Shepherds 2011 Raw Remix) 3. 4:29 - 6:20 Hans Zimmer - Time (Inception) 4. 6:20 - 8:30 (2009 version) Totally Spies - Stark Raving Mad - Hyper House (Triplestar rave mix) (2013 version) Totally Spies - Stark Raving Mad (Triplestar 2013 Rave Mix) 5. 8:31 - 11:21 Hardwell - Cobra (AFROJACK Remix) 6. 11:22 - 12:15 Showtek - Fuck The System 7. 12:00 - 14:05 Da Tweekaz ft. Marion Kelly - Become 8. 14:05 - 19:00 I Wish It Could Last - Sam La More 9. 19:01 - 19:50 Wilz - Bang 10. 19:45 - 22:33 Da tweekaz - Voodoo 11. 22:38 - 26:06 Olafur Arnalds - Near Light 12. 26:14 - 29:46 Missin You - Zyzz Version
14 Sep 2013
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