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Today’s busy families have given birth to a generation of stay-in-the-car moms. A survey from mamasource**** of 15-hundred mothers shows that American moms make, on average, at least three trips a day just toting kids around. Among the daily typical trips are those to school, ballet, soccer and the mall. As a result, moms are spending more and more time than ever before behind the wheel of the family car, SUV or minivan. Stay-in-the-car moms want to make sure the kids are occupied, and that the interior of their cars stay organized and clean. Some say that, in just a week, cars can look like garbage cans with toys and food scattered over the seats and floor. Mom expert and best-selling author, Stacy DeBroff, offers quick tips on organizing and keeping the mom mobile clean with car-friendly tools made specifically for use in messy family vehicles. Produced for Honeywell
9 May 2007
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***********/watch?v=Yggn4v1-71Y Long video but worth it. Please comment, Subscribe, Like and all that good stuff. During my daughter's Horse Riding lesson we were stalked by a Cat named "Ritz" while waiting in the car. It all started when my son and I came down to hang out in the nice warm van while my daughter was finishing her riding lesson. This cat would not leave us alone. It was fighting as hard as it could to get in the van. So, my son let it in. Funny mistake. What you will see is our multiple attempts to fight this cat out of the van. This cat fights for over half an hour to get back in the van. We open the door and drop him out and he races right back in. We also made multiple hilarious and funny attempts at letting him out through the window. He is simply to fast for the window motor and jumped right back in every time. This cat is funny. It is a long cat video but worth the watch. There is even a part where the cat while climbing the hood of the van slowly slips right off the front end and out of sight (toward the end). No animals were harmed in the filming of this video. We still go back and hang out with him every Sunday and is an extremely happy cat.He just wanted to fight for our attention that day. Please comment, share and subscribe This video was captured using an iPhone 5 and edited with iMovie
2 Feb 2013
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Strollers can arrive with a variety of choices. Which is important to you? Do you need a convertible travel system or a stroller that is just a carriage and a car seat? There are travel systems that include a stay in the car base, an infant carrier/car safety seat, and a stroller frame for the infant seat which it is attached. These are great especially when your baby is newly born. Check out this video on some of the latest products.
8 Nov 2009
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BY BLAKE HANSON At the end of a long bar crawl, it’s always nice to have a friend that’ll pick up the tab. It’s a whole different story when that friend is waiting out in the car...dead. Fox News reports... “Abusing a corpse, criminal impersonation and identity theft. Those are the charges two men face now after cops say they drove a dead guy around and used his atm card.” The media are comparing it to the 1989 comedy “Weekend at Bernie’s.” But some plots are better left to the movies. KUSA has the chilling details... “The gentleman avoiding eye contact in his mugshot is Robert Young. Police say he found his roommate and friend 43-year old James Jarrett dead inside their home in the Virginia Village neighborhood of Denver. Instead of calling for help like say anyone else would’ve, police say that Young enlisted this man, another friend, Mark Rubinson, to load Jarrett’s dead body into his SUV and hit the road.” So just what were these guys thinking? CinemaBlend**** writes... “The men confess that the body stayed in the car while they drank on Jarrett’s tab. They eventually brought Jarrett’s body back to his house, then headed out with the dead man’s ATM card. Classy.” After the bars, Young and Rubinson’s night had a classy ending. The National Enquirer writes... “The fiends rounded their night off by stopping by a strip club. About 4 AM after they were spent, Young and Rubinson FINALLY told authorities about the soon-to-be-rotting corpse in the car.” Police say it’s still not clear how Jarrett died.
18 Sep 2011
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