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A Hat in Time
24 Oct 2018
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Nickel Plate Limited hauled by 2-8-2 #587 and 2-8-4 #765 on Indiana circa June 1993. Footage background (c) Mainline Motion Pictures
9 Nov 2018
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Prizm Janitorial Services is a main cleaning specialist co-op that has constructed a notoriety for being both a reliable and profoundly viable cleaning organization for organizations and offices.
14 Nov 2018
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Recently, Anyang Forging Press Company finished the installation work of 63 KJ CNC hydraulic closed die forging hammer in Turkey. The video shows the working performance of CNC forging hammer forge gear blank in our Turkey customer's workshop. For general forging, the operator needs a high level of forging skills, so the labor costs are high. For the CNC hammer, the energy of each forging is set in advance, and the operator only needs to control the foot switch to get the perfect forging. Compared with other forging hammers, Anyang C92K series fully hydraulic closed die CNC forging hammer is easy and safety to use, also, Anyang CNC forging hammer has so many useful functions, for example, single forge & continuous forge, slowly up & down, automatic ejection & material push, automatic lubrication etc. Anyang C92K series CNC fully hydraulic closed die forging hammer includes 16 KJ to 400 KJ, also, Anyang Forging Press Company experience in update the pneumatic-steam hammer or belt drop hammer into hydraulic forging hammer. At the same time, we provide automatic forging line, which makes up by the furnace, CNC forging hammer, forging trimming press, and forging robot arm. If you would like to update your forging hammer, now is the time, welcome to team Anyang Forging Press Company!
25 Oct 2018
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Vacation house rentals in San Antonio TX. Outdoor living spaces, large spacious rooms, steam room, Jacuzzi tub, entertainment room with bar and theatre television.
12 Nov 2018
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An Israeli young band - "Steam Monkey" doing a cover to Jack Black's "School of Rock". They're still young but they're not bad.
15 Aug 2006
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The 1922 Wooden Hulled, Triple Expansion Steam Engined, Tugboat / Towboat SS Master, is the last remaining tugboat of Her type in North America. She is a classic example of the early log towing type. Built at the Beach Avenue shipyard of Aurthur Moscrop, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She is unique in that Her steam engine, built by Beardsmore in Coatsbridge, Scotland, is the port side one that would have been 1 of 2 in a Royal Navy World War 1 Minesweeper, that was ordered but never completed.
12 Oct 2006
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Triple Expansion Steam Engined Launch of Ken Hall's. Vancouver, British Columbia. Canada
7 Nov 2006
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I will give you all my steam games including HL2 CS:S HL2:Ep1 DM:Might and Magic and many more. Easy, just an email away. See and be amazed
19 Feb 2007
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Latest Innovation Brings Steam to the Home Taking Clothes From Wrinkled To Ready To Wear in Minutes Whirlpool brand today announced the newest addition to its family of laundry appliances, the Duet steam dryer. The new dryer redefines the category and brings science and a technical ingenuity into the home as it relaxes wrinkles and removes odors from clothing in just minutes. The Duet steam dryer boasts cutting edge drying and refreshing technology aimed at meeting the needs of time pressed consumers; and is the perfect partner to the recently launched Duet HT washer, America's best-selling front loader. Whirlpool brand continually looks to its consumers for inspiration and the Duet steam dryer is yet another example of the companys commitment to bringing the innovation that consumers demand directly to its products, said Pam Rogers, Director, Whirlpool Brand Laundry Products. Our research showed that the best way to serve consumers laundry needs was to bring the benefit of steam to the dryer itself, allowing the garment to be dry, refreshed and ready to wear as soon as the cycle is finished. In developing the Duet steam dryer, the minds behind Whirlpool brands innovations were challenged to find yet another way to meet the lifestyle and laundry needs of the Whirlpool brand consumer. Recent research shows that 75 percent of clothes are sent to the dry cleaner to remove wrinkles and odors not to remove visible stains. With the new drying cycles in the Duet steam dryer, consumers are able to dry their clothes evenly and with a gentle, but powerful combination of mist and heat in the dryer, refreshing clothes quickly. The dryer's 15 minute Quick Refresh cycle is particularly useful for removing odors left after a visit to a restaurant and relaxing wrinkles after unpacking from a recent trip reducing trips to the dry cleaner and saving precious time and money. The Duet Steam dryer will be available this fall at retailers nationwide in diamond dust, white, biscuit, black and white with sapphire blue. Visit www.whirlpool****/duetsteam for more information.
22 Mar 2007
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Steam vault eroic
9 Jul 2007
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Cooking demonstration on how to prepare steamed shrimp that are stuffed with fresh basil and red peppers. A spicy green coconut curry sauce will be used for dipping.
11 Jul 2007
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