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Uptempo LATE RENT Lift Off! 1989 Mikell's TV: JON HAMMOND Combo Lifting Off at Mikell's NYC powered by the top-shelf Rhythm Section of BERNARD 'PRETTY PURDIE drums & CHUGGY CARTER percussion, ALEX FOSTER sax, BARRY FINNERTY guitar and JON HAMMOND at his 1959 Hammond B3 Organ/bass. This highly uptempo rendition of 'LATE RENT', Jon Hammond's theme song from his long-time TV and Radio show is cooking so hard that you won't believe it. Bernard's 2 children, Henry & Phyllis were there to hear their father on Hammond's band and make a cameo appearance. This film was previously shown on Jon's TV show 'The Jon Hammond Show' now in it's 23rd year on Time Warner and RCN TV in New York City USA. Get ready for Lift Off! c)2006 JON HAMMOND International, Inc. NY, NY, USA Tags: Lift Off, Hammond B3 Organ, Leslie Speaker, Jon Hammond, Bernard Purdie, HammondCast, Alex Foster, Chuggy Carter, Mikell's, Hugh Masakela, King Curtis, Aretha Franklin, Steely Dan, Stuff, Concorde Jet, Star Alliance, KYCY, KYOU, CBS Radio, NDR Radio, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Oslo Norway, Time Warner, Psychedelic, Billboard Magazine, MIDEM, Ahmet Ertegun, Nesuhi Ertegun, Roberta Flack, Atlantic Records, Hank Crawford, Cornell Dupree
2 Sep 2007
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Violent funny cartoon comedy fight between Bruce Lee and R2D2 from Star Wars, with an interruption from a special guest star. It's expert kung fu vs... well, steely resistance as Bruce's one-inch punch meets R2's three-inch thick casing. Bad dubbing, obscene subtitles and ripped-off jokes from almost every cult film and cartoon ever made make this an all-singing, all-dancing clash of the titans.
17 Jul 2007
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May 12 1994 organist Jon Hammond had a LATE RENT PARTY at Le Bar Bat formerly Media Sound Studios where dozens of stars recorded from Frank Sinatra to Rolling Stones. The club is closed now and Jon's 1965 Fender Bandmaster Amp seen in film was stolen but the music lives on here, theme song 'LATE RENT' with ALEX FOSTER tenor sax of Saturday Night Live band, CHUGGY CARTER percussion, BARRY FINNERTY gtr JAMES PRESTON drums of band SONS OF CHAMPLIN and at the XB-2 Organ JON HAMMOND. Special thanks PETE FOGEL of STEELY DAN Organisation. Catch Jon's radio show HammondCast 7 days a week early mornings on KYOU & KYCY 1550AM *******www.HammondCast**** c)2007 ASCAP
4 Aug 2007
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It's a jazzy tune, like steely dan, except the voice is different... The lyrics go like: you're the one and only, you're the one for me... Thanks!!!
17 Apr 2008
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*******www.edmunds****/insideline/do/Features/articleId=129446 --- "Behold: The 2010 Chevrolet Camaro in all its full-on production glory. What? Well yes, it looks like that Camaro Concept we saw more than two and a half years ago at the 2006 Detroit Auto Show. And it looks exactly as you knew it would from two years of spy shots of the car under development. And it will look exactly like this when it goes on sale in March of next year. You expected what? That it would look like a Corsica or a Mark VIII? Enthusiasts would no more forgive Chevrolet for watering down the stunning 2006 Camaro concept than they would forgive General Motors if it decided a year from now to cancel the Volt program. The concept, with its steely, all-business color, dark-tinted glass, pavement-skimming raked stance and fang-shaped side mirrors, looked like a 1969 Camaro designed by the Lockheed Skunk Works. Of course, the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro production-specification cars pictured here — V6 models with 20-inch wheels that come as part of the RS trim package — don't get the slammed stance, chopped roof and black windows of the concept. Nor do they have the 22-inch rear and 21-inch front wheels of the concept. The V8 model of the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro — called the SS — won't have that showcar ornamentation either. Chevy is holding back on revealing the SS for reasons that make sense only within the confines of GM's headquarters at the Renaissance Center in downtown Detroit, even though it looks very nearly identical to the V6 model with the RS package. (In case you were wondering, the SS will have the concept car's little mail-slot opening on the top of the front fascia. This particular aperture has no historical precedent in the world of Camaro and owes more to the Corvette Z06 or the Mini Cooper S.)"
26 Aug 2008
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In a comedy that brings together some of today's sharpest talent, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler team with writer/director Michael McCullers and producers Lorne Michaels and John Goldwyn to tell the story of two women, one apartment and the nine months that will change their lives. Successful and single businesswoman Kate Holbrook (Tina Fey) has long put her career ahead of her personal life. Now 37, she's finally determined to have a kid on her own. But her plan is thrown a curve ball after she discovers she has only a million-to-one chance of getting pregnant. Undaunted, the driven Kate allows South Philly working girl Angie Ostrowiski (Amy Poehler) to become her unlikely surrogate. Simple enough...After learning from the steely head (Sigourney Weaver) of their surrogacy centre that Angie is pregnant, Kate goes into precision nesting mode: reading childcare books, baby-proofing the apartment and researching top pre-schools. But the executive's well-organised strategy is turned upside down when her Baby Mama shows up at her doorstep with no place to live. An unstoppable force meets an immovable object as structured Kate tries to turn vibrant Angie into the perfect expectant Mom. In a comic battle of wills, they will struggle their way through preparation for the baby's arrival. And in the middle of this tug-of-war, they'll discover two kinds of family: the one you're born to and the one you make.
8 Sep 2008
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Led by the daring Quicksilver, the SilverHawks use their amazingly enhanced bodies, razor sharp wits, and steely resolves to battle Mon-Star and the forces of evil across the galaxy.
10 Aug 2009
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TrailerHits**** is the first and only show to review movie trailers. Is Frost/Nixon a Trailer Hit? or a Trailer Miss. Find out here. Think we missed the trailer leave your comments below. Synopsis: Oscar-winning director Ron Howard brings to the screen writer Peter Morgan’s (The Queen, The Last King of Scotland) electrifying battle between Richard Nixon, the disgraced president with a legacy to save, and David Frost, a jet-setting television personality with a name to make, in the untold story of the historic encounter that changed both: Frost/Nixon. Reprising their roles from Morgan’s stageplay are Frank Langella, who won a Tony for his portrayal of Nixon, and Michael Sheen, who fully inhabited the part of Frost onstage in London and New York. For three years after being forced from office, Nixon remained silent. But in summer 1977, the steely, cunning former commander-in-chief agreed to sit for one all-inclusive interview to confront the questions of his time in office and the Watergate scandal that ended his presidency. Nixon surprised everyone in selecting Frost as his televised confessor, intending to easily outfox the breezy British showman and secure a place in the hearts and minds of Americans. Likewise, Frost’s team harbored doubts about their boss’ ability to hold his own. But as cameras rolled, a charged battle of wits resulted. Would Nixon evade questions of his role in one of the nation’s greatest disgraces? Or would Frost confound critics and bravely demand accountability from the man who’d built a career out of stonewalling? Distributed by Tubemogul.
11 Nov 2008
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Grateful dead? Steely dan? Something entirely different? Please help, I tried to recreate the jam at the end. It's def a pop sounding song. 70's or 80's im guessing, but no real idea. It's suitable to be played at Shop Rite (where I heard it)
27 Mar 2009
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The first original song from Kevin, a MyStudio exclusive. Kevin Casenhiser, (KC Blues), was born on December 5th 1992, in Mesa, Arizona. He has been playing the guitar since he was six years old and has been playing live since he was eleven. Kevin is now 16, and some of his musical influences include Stevie-Ray Vaughan, Walter Becker, Billy Gibbons, Freddie King, Oscar Peterson and his personal favorite, Eric Clapton. His favorite band of all time is Steely Dan. Kevin describes his music as a "Bluesy-Jazzy Funk-Rock that goes to "11"! Kevin performs solo or with his 5 member band, which consists of drums, bass, keys, sax, and Kevin on the guitar. As a solo artist, and with his band, Kevin has performed over 100 shows and festivals throughout Arizona, Minnesota, Florida and Colorado, and has done numerous benefits. He has also won numerous awards. In January of 2006, 13-year-old Kevin won 2nd place in the “Chandler Center for the Arts Teen Competition”. In November of 2006, Kevin made it to the finals with the KC Blues Band in the “Arizona Blues Showdown”, at the famous Rhythm Room in Phoenix. In December of 2006, Kevin won Alice Coopers annual "Proof is in the Pudding" solo contest, and as a result he was invited to do a solo performance at the Dodge Theatre in Phoenix, AZ in front of 6,000 people. The KC Blues Band was named “Performer of the Year” for 2008 at the Phoenix Music Awards. And most recently, Kevin was declared the winner of the 2008 “Arizona Drug Free Super Star Search Competition”, sponsored by the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office. Kevin continues to improve musically and lives by the motto "The Blues are the Roots, the Rest are the Fruits". The KC Blues band also released their debut album “Perfectly Toasted Blues” in early 2008. The sky is the limit for this promising young artist. Distributed by Tubemogul.
31 Mar 2009
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Highlights from door64****'s 2009 Tech Fair in Austin, TX. Includes footage of Brian Massey, author of The Market for Me: Surviving Job Loss and Building Your Lifetime Career Network and founder of ConversionScientist****, Jonas Lamis, partner at Tech Ranch Austin, Matt Genovese, door64**** founder, Dan Dillard, president at Amplify Financial and organizer of career fairs and the Pink Slip Festival in Austin, TX, Olga Garcia, talentoncampus****, RD Childers, LEAN/Kaizen, Steely DiPuccio, Accountability Resources, and Talmadge Boyd, partner at reelsocialmedia****
8 May 2009
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Singer/songwriter Fletcher Rhoden performs the Steely Dan tune with harmonica player Joe Blow at L.A.'s famous Kulak's Woodshed in 2000. A promotional clip for the new FLETCHER RHODEN LIVE! dvd, available from Createspace or Fletcher Rhoden****
30 May 2009
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Suzuka Viridian Collection Description Yamato just transferred to a big city high school, where the slacker finds himself smitten with track star Suzuka - but she's totally out of his league. She's pretty, popular, and she's got something to prove. When Yamato joins the track team to impress the steely beauty, he sees that running the race isn't enough. He'll have to go the distance if he wants to break through to Suzuka's guarded heart. Release Date July 21, 2009 Contains episodes 1-26. Special Features: Actor Commentary (Ep. 6 – Leah Clark, Todd Haberkorn), Actor Commentary (Ep. 19 – Brina Palencia, Caitlin Glass, Rob McCollum), Textless Songs Trailers. Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles. Visit Website *******www.funimation****/suzuka
1 Dec 2009
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MP3 version here for a while: *******www.studio128******/temp/greeno_eyeknow.mp3 I bought this album new in 1989 (£5.99!) and picked this particular track because I thought I might get two birds with one stone: Eye Know by De La Soul and Peg by Steely Dan - the main sample on which the De La Soul version is based. The lyrics are harder in Eye Know; the chords are harder in Peg. I ended up layering this in Audacity. It gave me the opportunity to embellish it a bit but it means the video is supplementary. It also gave me the opportunity to whistle again. Roger Whittaker need not be concerned. Once again, performed on £18 worth of Mahalo. [This was my unsuccessful entry for Seeso's Hip-Hop Ukulele Video Contest at *******www***uleleunderground****.]
16 Sep 2009
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*******henhousestudios****/ With a Chinese zither securely strapped in the passenger seat of her car, actress and musician Gwendoline Yeo pulled up to The Hen House one sunny afternoon. Her music varies from traditionally-influenced Gu Zheng styles to dreamy sounds and ambient textures with jazz, blues, and acid rock overtones (think Pink Floyd jamming with Steely Dan). Hen House Studios is a record label and documentary film company located in Venice, California. First made famous by their unique concept in which they recorded musicians for free in exchange for the right to film them, Hen House has grown to a premiere, web based multi media company. Their site features countless music videos, CDs, DVDs, and podcasts all produced by the studio. Hen House has also produced a TV show "Hen House Studios Live" which is syndicated nationally. "Hear the music and see the stories."
3 Feb 2010
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Visit: *******www.jaderiverentertainment****/steely_scam.php for local Tribute Bands Sacramento. Presenting The Steely Scam Tribute Band.
12 Feb 2010
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