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Don't be fooled...even celebrities get a case of the sticky fingers every once in a while.
29 Aug 2012
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The best solution for every goalkeeper in the world
23 Mar 2006
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Little naughty boy caught on tape! Music by- incompetech****
16 Dec 2007
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Crazy Chocolate
19 Feb 2007
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What sauce gets Gregory's fingers sticky? Will Jelly Belly's new Tabasco flavored jelly beans get you fired up or leave you cold? Find out in this episode of Freezer Burns!
2 Jul 2013
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Having trouble with people snatching your stuff? Did someone take your lunch from the company fridge? Here is an inexpensive, sneaky gizmo you can make to keep those sticky fingers away.
18 Dec 2008
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"Sticky Fingers"-Paco meets his newest teen on probation, Rose, who may be petite but packs a lot of punch. Rose's friend Alli, also on probation, claims she has "sense of entitlement" issues. She spends her day shoplifting at local Venice boardwalk boutiques. Check out the series' website at *******www.theimmature****
26 Jun 2010
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Transcript by Newsy BY CHANCE SEALES You're watching multisource U.S. news analysis from Newsy Some people like butter – others, jelly. But two Oklahoma ladies like boots in their rolls. It’s hard to believe – and even grosser to imagine. KFOR has the juicy details. REPORTER: “Police say it was at this TJ Maxx that loss prevention officers found the duo stuffing items under their belly fat and breasts.” POLICE OFFICER: “One of the individual had three boots concealed underneath her breast and bra.” Believe it. The women lifted $2600 worth of merchandise in all. But anchors on HLN and WJBK can’t get over the big-ticket item – boots. HLN MEADE: “Four pairs of boots! Boots. Three pairs of jeans, wallet and gloves.” MEADE: “Well my goodness! Either those are small boots—wow! Okay, I can’t see any of this, but the jeans you can fold, the wallet is tiny. Boots (whispered)…” WJBK FEMALE ANCHOR: “I find that hard to believe. I mean, you’ve got to be packing some pounds. I mean, four pairs of boots?!” MALE ANCHOR: “But see, you can pat down at the airport, but not in the store.” The footwear didn’t escape others’ attention. Writers at The Huffington Post and Racked ask if the strategy is worth its weight in boots. THE HUFFINGTON POST: “…[W]hat we want to know is were they ankle boots? Or over-the-knee?” RACKED: “[I]t got us thinking… we might be able to get away with a Repetto ballet flat—or something along those lines—probably not a full-blown boot, though, and definitely not, say, an Ugg boot.” Good point. Finally, a WTXF reporter suggests the perfect item to shoplift with their sizable sticky fingers. “The world’s biggest pants unveiled see the XXXXXXXXXL underwear.” “Women wearing those, boy, they could do some big time shoplifting. They could probably shoplift a car off Kerbeck Cadillac’s shop.” One bright point: prison jump suits are free. The two now face felony shoplifting charges. (pause) We’re still thinking about those boots… (SOC) Get multisource video news analysis from Newsy
3 Dec 2010
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G.U.T.S. - Gory Ultimate Tournament Show Trailer – Flux Game Studio –- PlayStation 4 – Xbox One – Microsoft Windows – Xbox One X – Steam – Inmates – Iceberg Interactive - Davit Andreasyan – eSport – Brazil – Gravel – Milestone - Warface – Crytek - Schrödinger’s Cat And The Raiders Of The Lost Quark – Italic Pig - Arafinn - Sycoforge GmbH - Mortal Kombat Schrödinger’s Cat And The Raiders Of The Lost Quark is a fun, frantic, wacky and colourful puzzle-laden platform game. Following an emergency, the Particle Zoo is overrun with hungry leptons, sticky-fingered gluons and massive bosons. Schrödinger’s Cat must sort out this chaos! The particular set of skills the Cat has turns out to be collecting and manipulating quarks to create completely new tools to traverse the environment. The science is rather cleverly on point here. There are four different types of quarks running around: Up, Down, Construction, and Destruction; each type is assigned to a shoulder button. Pressing them in combinations of three creates a different effect, just like they create protons in reality. Three Ups create a tiny helicopter. Three Downs create a drill that breaks through floors. Three Constructions create a giant bubble shield; three Destructions create a fragile platform to stand on. The 12 possible combinations are mostly left to the player to discover. It's a fun bit of trial and error to find all the different options, which are wisely shown in a little reference guide when you pause the game. A few too many are different permutations of “this helps you go up,” but when you start running out of components, the options for a creative alternative are nice.
3 Sep 2017
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