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Appearing in the course of a tree, at the corner of a street, silent with slow gestures those white stilt charachters begin strange meeting, they approach, go away and finally invite us to follow them... Step by step, the characters are transformed into voluminous 4m height figures. Deformed and intriguing, clumsy and ethereal, their heads light up. Then those enormous silhouettes take us off around a luminous star. To a strange and bewitching music, the characters make a magic rite which make the star rising up in the sky... As a wick at the moon... As in a dream... Strange bewitching performance
26 May 2008
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Very poetic act with a butterfly and a ladybug that brings us back to two essential values: nature and love. It is the story of an almost untouchable butterfly on stilts and a small ladybug who falls in love with her besides their differences.
16 Aug 2010
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These Galapagos Island giant tortoises are truly huge creatures. Sebastian tries to inspire "craning" (or was it "stilting"?) imitating a bird's motions. Klaus, our Mountain Travel Sobek adventure travel guide, got the tortoise to lift it's head.
3 Jun 2008
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Writing Better Social Letters is an educational film staring two teenagers, Nora and her older brother Walter, who learn how to write an effective social letter. Nora can’t seem to get her thank-you letter right, so Walter becomes her letter writing tutor and helps her through explanation and examples of proper letter writing. He tells her that a letter should sound like her normal speaking voice instead of overly formal and stilted. When Nora wonders why she should even bother, Walter shows her why letter writing is important to keep in touch with friends and family. He shows her examples of all kinds of social letters: thank you cards, invitations, and get well cards. Nora begins to realize the value of keeping in touch with proper letter writing! By the end, Nora has ditched her ripped notebook paper and pencil for proper letter stock and a pen, and is busily writing a thank you letter to her grandparents, using proper letter writing etiquette.
25 Jun 2008
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Kyroman, or for those of you who don’t know, a 9ft gas wielding pyro-technic robot who frequents the clubs of Ibiza, recently had a bit of a ruck in Amnesia. Taunted by a merry reveller and his group of friends who tried to kick Kyroman’s stilts from underneath him and clamber onto his space-age suit at the packed Cream night, Kyroman reacted as all peeved robots would: spraying the offender in the face with dry ice and lumbering after the drunken lout and his friends as they tried to run off into the crowd. But it didn’t stop there. Said offender continued to taunt Kyroman and his very delicate get-up which prematurely activated his pyro-technic display, usually saved for the conclusion of his performance, right in the faces of the watching crowd as they looked on in horror. As Kyroman says, being a robot is ‘a tough job, but someone’s got to do it’. Ibiza 2008 is on Living Thursdays at 10pm. Check out www.livingtv******/ibiza for more info and behind the scenes gossip.
26 Sep 2008
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Embark on a spectacular seaplane tour departing from Key Biscayne, Miami. Fly aboard a real seaplane, take off from the pristine waters of Biscayne Bay and delight yourself with amazing aerials views of Miami, Miami Beach, Key Biscayne, Stilts-Ville, and the Everglades. Fly close to the water and spot astonishing marine life below while listening to the highlights along our beautiful skyline. Flights available from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Visit www.miamiseaplane**** or Call 305-361-3909. Transportation available.
23 Sep 2008
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Cirque du Soleil special performances at the street parade for Expo2008 in Saragoza, Spain. The quality of the source vides was already only okay to really bad. I actually improved on some a bit via applying some special filters. Well, I cannot turn iron into gold, but I attempted to make it at least to some shiny steel hehe. This was how it all started, some circus folks walking on stilts at the city of Baie-Saint-Paul, Quebec (Canada) in 1984. Now in 2008 it's a bit more of them... and a lot more successful ones as well. You can download the video in AVI format (XVID/MP3 480x360 pixels) at *******www.mediafire****/?j3fuzdyk4zw A link to the share with all my Cirque du Soleil videos can be found on my profile page at YouTube and also at my primer article (URL below). For more information to Cirque du Soleil and its shows, visit *******www.roysac****/cirque Cheers! Carsten aka Roy/SAC
27 Sep 2008
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Angelic Elisa DeAngelis shows us her circus of sin over Coffee at Tatsu's. Sickness... ******* "Cirque~Tacular and the seven deadly sins" is an aerial dance fusion showcase featuring rope, silks, hoop, hammoc, stilts, hip hop and contemporary dancers, musicians and fire performers. Cirque~Tacular can be booked as an entire show, or by act. Check out www.A2D2**** for more details! Be sure to stay tuned for more Flipside adventures, coming your way in High Definition on metacafe****! Lelandtilden ~ Leland Tilden Producer/Creator ~
12 Jan 2009
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Build your very own pair of peg stilts that will let you see the world from new heights. From Craft, Volume 08. Thanks to Molly Graber and Chris Merrick.
22 Mar 2009
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Go to www.themagicagency**** for more info on this great Juggler. Also, Fire-Eaters, Fire Jugglers, Stilt-Walkers, and Uni-Cyclists, in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Scotland. Plus Wedding bands Pipers, String Quartets, Harpists, Jazz Bands, Magicians, Caricaturists, and more.
2 Apr 2009
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Some of the holes have been dug for the stilts that the house will sit on when it is being raised.
13 May 2009
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They have stuck in stilts for the house to sit on, along with a giant beam and hydraulic pumps to lift the house... Here Goes!!!
13 May 2009
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San Francisco Meet-ups, all level group, beginners to professionals. We always have extra pairs of Jumping Stilts for who wants to try. Location and dates available on littlebigfoot**** forum
13 May 2009
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Cirque du Soleil cast, crew and staff went to great heights to attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the most people to simultaneously walk on stilts on June 16, the date of its 25th anniversary. To mark this historic milestone, audiences at the Cirque du Soleil shows on June 16 experienced special performances including commemorative gifts for everyone. To view Multimedia News Release, go to *******www.prnewswire****/mnr/cirque/38750/
18 Jun 2009
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*******www.fertur-travel****/iquitos_tours.html Iquitos is in the heart of Peru's northern jungle, and the gateway to exploring the Amazon. Its the capital of Loreto, a region that makes up a third of Peru's territory. The city lies on the banks of a secondary branch of the Amazon, just a short distance from where it meets the Napo and Nanay Rivers. In the floating barrio of Beln canals replace streets, and homes are built on stilts or rafts that rise and fall with the river. Iquitos is the starting point for journeys to a range of forest lodges and jungle retreats. In this flooded landscape, people depend more on boats than on cars. It is said that Iquitos is the largest city in the world that cannot be reached by road. A zoo on the outskirts of town offers the chance to see the birds, animals and monkeys native to the region up close. Along the riverfront old colonial mansions built during the rubber boom mix with modern restaurants along a causeway covered in mosaic tiles. The most famous building is the Iron House, designed and constructed by Gustave Eiffel. Brought in pieces from Europe, it was the first pre-fabricated building in Latin America. Its been restored and is now a restaurant with views of the citys main square. Fertur Peru Travel. A full service travel agency and tour operator dedicated to making your journey to Peru a dream come true. Visit us at: *******www.fertur-travel****/iquitos_tours.html Amazon Lodge in peru Iquitos Peru Iquitos Tour Tour Iquitos Trekking Inca Trail Inca Trail Trek Amazon Rainforest lodges River Cruises Peru Packages Belen Market Machu Picchu Vacations Peru Vacation Packages Peru Vacation Package Peru Travel Packages Tour Operator Peru Hiking Inca Trail Peru Vacation Packages Inca Trail Packages Peru Travel Guide Travel in Peru Peru Travel Vacations Trips to Peru Luxury Peru Tours
2 Jul 2009
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*******www.fertur-travel****/iquitos_tours.html Visit the floating neighborhood of Belen Beln sits on the banks of the Amazon River. Its the floating suburb of Iquitos. Residents have built their houses on wooden stilts or tethered rafts In times when the river rises, mooring cables keep the rafts from floating away and everyone moves upstairs. Most people in Belen fish for a living, but when the river falls they use the surrounding flood plain to grow crops. All year round the river remains the main means of transport. People get around in boats or canoes. The market is the main attraction, a center for jungle food, medicines and bizarre herbal remedies, where you can buy a piranha for lunch or sample an exotic potion brewed by a shaman. After wandering through the stalls canoes can take you on a tour of the canals, for a glimpse of a life lived on the waters of the Amazon. Fertur Peru Travel. A full service travel agency and tour operator dedicated to making your journey to Peru a dream come true. Visit us at: *******www.fertur-travel****/iquitos_tours.html Peru tours to Iquitos hotels peru peru tour huaraz peru caraz peru inca trail peru trip peru tourism peru alpamayo hiking peru travel agency peru climbing peru tour operator peru peru tourism trekking Peru peru flights peru bike tours tour companies
2 Jul 2009
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