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PLAYMOBIL FILM STOP MOTION we created with PLAYMOBIL toys. We used old PLAYMOBIL from year 1974 and new PLAYMOBIL from 2016 as well. These are same PLAYMOBIL products we used: 1. PLAYMOBIL 3169 - Omnibus (2004) 2. PLAYMOBIL 3199 - Taxi (2004) 3. PLAYMOBIL 5338 City Airport with Tower (2016) 4. Some figures such as taxi driver and bus driver are from 1974. 5. Wheelchair is from PLAYMOBIL 3456 - Ambulance (1989) 6. PLAYMOBIL 5543 - Emergency Vehicle (2016) This PLAYMOBIL FILM STOP MOTION is especially presented for our lovely son, Carl Christopher, 3 years old. He enjoys watching this stop motion film as well as playing with PLAYMOBIL toys. What special from stop motion film is that we don't need to hear so many words. Just watching it, it will entertain us. We hope you enjoy our PLAYMOBIL stop motion film!
22 Feb 2017
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This is a pretty cool clip some guy made of himself. He has no musical education, but managed to make this pretty cool video by using stop motion.
16 Nov 2006
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Stop Motion
16 Nov 2006
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test of stop motion
14 Dec 2006
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A videoclip with Pixies song "Here comes your man" done with stop motion. This is my first experiment of stop motion, so it's not perfect, but i think it's funny...I hope you like it:)
9 Jan 2007
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I really enjoyed this flick, to me it's a classic! And for anyone who appreciates stop motion and where it all started, this is the flick for you. It was guys like Mike that made it all happen. They all did rotoscoping and stop motion one frame at a time. Never getting any of the glory or the final box office rewards. I am putting this file online so that everyone can see his work, and maybe Mike Jittlove will put it to DVD for everyone else to enjoy. FYI: I bid on my copy on eBay got a VHS copy for $30.oo us, but it took 4 years to finally see one on eBay. All footage from The Wizard of Speed and Time is the sole property of Mike JittLove and Richard Kaye. I have done this to bring attention to some great work by a true master Mike Jittlove! Oh and paige Moore is HOT too!
9 Feb 2007
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My first stop motion animation I made when i was bored one night, enjoy i'll be making more soon.
12 Feb 2007
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This is my first time making a stop motion movie.
28 Feb 2007
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Un video en stop motion creado con lego para un proyecto de la escuela.
5 Mar 2007
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Watch this funny stop - motion video by SAS and Paul Carter on a tour of a house!
25 Mar 2007
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Watch this really funny stop - motion video with five short stories and a finale by SLAP Studios Inc.
26 Mar 2007
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Cool stop motion clips of sliding down a hill, dancing skittles, hot wheels race, and more!
29 Mar 2007
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Wouldn't the world be a better place if we solved all disputes through stop motion dance offs while wearing red and yellow jump suits?
14 Apr 2007
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pretty funny video made using stop motion.
23 Apr 2007
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*CLICK REPLAY WHEN IT MESSES UP TO WATCH* A little stop motion i made at home and school. i'm still learning. I dont know what the red line is though. just ignore it. check out my other videos.
22 May 2007
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this is my first stop-motion video i would like it if someone could help me by teaching my how to make it better. Thanks. Yarden Canaan
22 May 2007
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