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Stormfall: Age of War Hack available at: ******* Stormfall: Age of War is a mid-core strategy game that tasks players with building up their own castle town, raiding various computer-controlled enemy installations and, eventually, taking on other players in asynchronous combat. Beginning with a rather barren plot of land, players are taken through a series of fully-voiced quests by a rather sarcastic advisor character and introduced to the game's basic mechanics one at a time. Like most mid-core strategy games, there are a lot of separate mechanics to get familiar with so the introduction of everything through the tutorial quests takes a very long time. Players are, of course, free to ignore the tutorial quests if they desire, but doing so will slow down their leveling and acquisition of certain items early in the game. The constant "New Quest" popups at the side of the screen are too obtrusive to ignore in most cases, too, meaning that most players will probably find themselves following the quests just to get the game to leave them alone for a while. Bonus tags(Plese ignore this) "Stormfall: Age of War" "Stormfall: Age of War hack" "Age of War hack" "Stormfall: Age of War Facebook cheat" "Stormfall: Age of War Facebook hack" "Stormfall: Age of War Facebook cheat" "Stormfall: Age of War Facebook" "Stormfall: Age of War FB" "Stormfall: Age of War raw materials" "Stormfall: Age of War 2012" "Stormfall: Age of War gameplay" "pc" "xbox360" "PlayStation 3" "Stormfall: Age of War generator" "Stormfall: Age of War test"
16 Dec 2012
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