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MyUrbanReport**** travels to Florida to cover a tropical storm. Road Trip.
19 Aug 2008
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MyUrbanReport**** reports from Bonita Springs Florida on Tropical Storm Fay.
19 Aug 2008
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Night big storm. Recorded with my phone.
25 Nov 2008
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*******CoastGuardNews**** JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Coast Guard boat crew returns from Downtown Jacksonville in Tropical Storm Fay Aug. 22, 2008. Coast Guard video by PAC Donnie Brzuska, PADET Jacksonville, Fla.
23 Aug 2008
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Video of destructive hail to the size of baseballs near the town of Henrietta, TX from TornadoVideos**** storm chasers. Surprisingly, this supercell never had a tornado warning, but exhibited strong rotation on radar.
23 Aug 2008
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This is some of the flooding that was caused by tropical storm fay at our Tallahassee, Fl home.
25 Jan 2010
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Reforming Tropical Storm Fay: Part 2 --- "What was Fay really about?" ---- - What was Fay really about? --- - Why didn't main stream media tell the truth concerning the storm? --- -- - For the most part, we believe that our research helped to reduce most of the destruction of the possible HARRP controlled storm they called Fay. --- The SR1, deplicted in this rare video is nothing but metal pipes and wood, but the pipes are partially filled with orgone matrix material (the same used in constructing my orgone devices) --- Positive orgone energy helps to balance negative orgone energy. --- Many other names for orgone, like "chi or "Life Force Energy". --- In order to understand more feel free to research Don Croft and orgone energy, or "cloud buster "(CB for short) technology ---- Like all my other research video's placed on the internet, I only ask you for awareness of them all. The rest is up to you. --- Also, be advised that such video's, like this one. maybe removed in the near future by those few in power because they have technology like this (only more advanced), but they do not desire your awareness of any possible proof of it.
17 Sep 2008
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Hundreds of protesters stormed a state-run television station in Bangkok demands the removal of the prime minister.
1 Dec 2009
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This is an FAA radar track sequence of FedEx planes avoiding a storm as they approach the Memphis airport. Pretty cool to watch, looks kinda like an ant farm.
13 Jun 2009
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Weekend in Knysna and Plettenberg Bay, Clinton Wheelie'ing his bike, JP & Sante riding their Harley Davidson and Ron & Jacques Bungee Jumping Storms River Bridge
17 Nov 2008
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3 Sep 2008
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A video taken after tropical storm Fay passed near the miami area.
16 Sep 2008
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*******www.epicfireworks****/ 36 shot Metal Storm firework barrage with fast firing finale. This barrage is very very loud - Go to epic fireworks for the largest range of fireworks in the UK - and all fireworks less than half price. Open 7 days - buy online.
13 May 2009
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Hurricane Ike Bear Visits Galveston storm suge eyewall video winds 100 mph flooding Computer Aviation Space DIY Electronics Video Game Medicine Mechanics Environment Gadget
9 Feb 2009
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22 Nov 2008
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Hannah Storm * Nights in Rodanthe * Red Carpet * ESPN SportsCenter
2 Oct 2008
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