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Here is a video of me painting Storm from X-men the movie, it was done in photoshop as a request by my friend, I know its a bit fast but I'm trying to squeeze it in within the length limit. www.sanweng**** for more stuff!
4 Jan 2008
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storm in sacramento
4 Jan 2008
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Storm Clouds by the Kings of Reggae - Produced by Chris Loft for the Radio Curly Collective - Internet radio from Adelaide, sunny South Australia - copyright 2006 www.radiocurly**** all rights reserved reggae dub alternative original
6 Jan 2008
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Jan 2008 after the storm that came through with winds gusting to 80 mph and an inch of rain every hour. Bringing down trees and wires,closing roads and taking out power. Watching the waves is mesmerizing
7 Jan 2008
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Sand Storm - Norman, Oklahoma 2007
10 Jan 2008
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CNC reporters shot this video of a massive dust storm hitting downtown Dallas. Is this our future?
18 Jan 2008
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Hi guys!!! So I present you my first video on Metacafe. It's an improvisation of piano I make today. I call this song "After the Storm" because I make it after a big tempest in my little town. So, put up the volume and listen! PS: Sorry for my english, I'm french :) If I make some mistake, please tell to me!
28 Oct 2008
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I took this video when we were sailing across the Atlantic ocean last autumn. We came across this storm that had a force power 10 by Beaufort scale (waves up to 14m high). For reference, the ship is a 40'000 DWT tanker, 180m in lenght, 5m freeboard height. Luckily I'm not working on a small fishing boat! ;))
3 Feb 2008
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Crazy Foreign Kid Dancing Up a Storm
9 Nov 2008
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Comic Book Series inpired by the music of Bullet For My Valentine. This is the clip for the song "Eye of the Storm".
31 Dec 2008
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Getthedaily**** - Your Online Home For Movie News, Reviews And Previews. Box Office Recap: Hannah Montana took the box office by storm! Hello everyone I'm Andrea Rene and you're watching get the daily****. It's Monday so that means box office recap! 1. Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour - 29 million Okay, let's be honest, its a sad day for the film industry when a Disney star previously released concert rakes in this much money, knocking everyone down the box office list. But hey, I guess its good for 15 year old Miley. If you don't know about the Hannah Montana phenomenon yet, just keep your head under that rock. 2. The Eye - 13 million This is Jessica Alba's new thriller based off an original Japanese film. Those Japanese always think of the scariest stuff! The flim follows a blind violinist, played by Alba, who receives an eye transplant allowing her to see! Problem is she isn't just watching "American Idol," she has terrifying visions of death. She needs to figure out where her new eyes came from before she goes insane! 3. 27 Dresses - 8.4 million Katherine Heigl stays firmly planted in the top 5 for another weekend with her romantic comedy along with co-star James Marsden. Y'all probably know the story line by now, Heigl's character is the eternal bridesmaid but always wanting to be the bride, will she find true love? Watch the movie and find out! 4. Juno - 7.45 million The Oscar buzz around this off the wall comedy has given it some impressive staying power on the charts. It has been in in and out of the top 5 for almost 2 months now! After getting knocked last week by Rambo and Meet the Spartans it is back! I've already sang praises of the movie from the rooftops, so if you haven't seen it yet, you really are doing yourself a disservice. Stars Ellen Page, Michael Cera, Jennifer Garner, Allison Janney, and Jason Bateman. 5. Meet the Spartans - 7.12 million After taking a surprising number one last week, this parody of "300" dropped to number five, expect it fall completely off the charts by next week. Not much to mention plot wise on this one, because, you're not watching it for its riveting script. Stars Sean Macguire and Carmen Electra. That's it for the box office recap. Be sure to check back for more details on new releases. I'm Andrea Rene and you just watch Get the daily****.
17 Apr 2008
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snow storm we had here in michigan 08
11 Jan 2010
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snow storm we had here in 08
11 Feb 2008
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This clip features the Storm Hot Rod Pro Stock Pearl bowling ball being thrown by BuddiesProShop**** staff member, Tim Gillick
12 Feb 2008
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This clip features the Storm Eraser bowling ball being thrown by BuddiesProShop**** staff member, Tim Gillick
12 Feb 2008
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This clip features the Storm Attitude Shift bowling ball being thrown by BuddiesProShop**** staff member, Willie Willis
12 Feb 2008
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