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Amazon 5 star leapster story book. reviewed bu customer on leapster-game**** *******leaspter-game****/store
11 Feb 2009
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Suck UK - My life story book
1 Oct 2009
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*******SupremeMasterTV**** –Happily Ever After at Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary - P1/2. Episode: 1531, Air Date: 23 November 2010.
20 Jan 2011
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*******SupremeMasterTV**** –Happily Ever After at Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary - P2/2. Episode: 1538, Air Date: 30 November 2010
2 Feb 2011
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*******www.alpha-wedding****** Wedding Story book
28 Feb 2011
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Homeboundbooks**** - From ebooks to real printable coloring story books in minutes! You'll be amazed at this clever preschool idea, already enjoyed by thousands of kids around the world. Keep them busy for hours on end with this unique and amazing home or kindergarten activity, involving folding, cutting, pasting, coloring and reading - only available at *******www.homeboundbooks****
3 Oct 2008
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Wedding album story book. Photography, design and album assembly by the Nottingham wedding photographer David Day www.ddpweddings******
22 Oct 2009
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35 EPISODES UP...The B-Rock Dis Reality Show 2 years in the making of the CD Bipolar Disorder and the making of B-Rock...two year of studio footage, see how a little 15 year old turned him self into "what i think a better rapper than any one out there now " 17 now,with a hard core rapping style of a veteran and a lyrical pizzaz of a strory teller there are about 50 songs he has written so far and the CD is Constantly changing.(some will go on the second cd) .each episode is of a song in the studio... when you look at him rap and then hear the song you will be amazed at how effortlessly he pulls this off,the episodes range from 8 to 20 minutes just enough for him to sing it twice, the second time you will hear a mixed recording(final results)synced up with his second pass.. there will also be some episodes of his photo shoots and his trip to CA. and a look back at LIL B etc..
19 Oct 2008
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Classic Game Room reviews STORYBOOK WORKSHOP for Nintendo Wii from Konami. This game comes packed with the Logitech USB microphone (same mic that you get with Rock Band 2). Talk into the microphone and read children's stories like Little Red Riding Hood and the Elves and the Shoemaker. The voices that you read automatically change to reflect the characters talking. For instance, when Little Red Riding Hood talks the pitch is shifted up to sound very high, the wolf sounds deep and menacing. Change your voice to sound like a robot and sing Row Row Row Your Boat and other kids songs. Sae your recordings and play them back later, "paint" with your voice and more. This CGR review of Storybook Workshop for Nintendo Wii has gameplay from Story Book Workshop on Wii showing game play in action with the microphone. Game contains 16 classic fairy tales and four sing-along songs.
4 Aug 2012
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28 Feb 2017
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Great story with a moral! Listen carefully.
16 Aug 2006
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The film documents the making of a five-year-old's imaginative story of Pancakeland, a kingdom where they eat breakfast at every meal. The story was brought to life by The PARAGRAPH Project and Lulu****. Proceeds from the book will benefit child literacy programs.
8 May 2007
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How important is it for parents to read to their children? Research proves that reading out loud to children is the single most important thing a parent can do to prepare a child for future academic success... You and your kids will be very pleased at what you'll find at *******www.childrensbedtimestories****
10 Jul 2007
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This is a neat new book called Young Ladies of Good Family. It's 25 chapters long and each chapter is a short story. It's about a young girls life living on an island filled with crazy people, big strange animals, and voodoo. Pick up your copy at *******www.authorhouse****
9 Aug 2007
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This an awesome new book called Young Ladies of Good Family. It has 25 chapter and each one is a short story. A great read for the whole family. Pick up your copy at *******www.authorhouse****
11 Aug 2007
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Every child, like Rebecca, has a favorite stuffed animal, blanket, or doll that she wants at her side all the time. In I Want My Dolly! Rebecca's doll is ragged and falling apart after years of play. But Rebecca refuses to accept a substitute - neither from family nor friends. Finally, her clever father finds a solution that the little girl will accept. She learns to appreciate the new toys and preserve her beloved Dolly too. Here is a story that every child - and parents too - can relate to. All children have a favorite stuffed animal, doll or blanket that is so difficult to part with...that they just can't be without it!
13 Aug 2007
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