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20 May 2008
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*******theaffiliatemarketingtip****/QVM Website Video Production Turn Your WebTraffic Into Customers $3,995. WebSite need a Oilchange? Video Websites Increase Sales. Get a site Analysis Today! Internet Video Advertising In-Banner & In-Stream Video Ads. Take Your Ads To The Next Level. Internet Video: Advertising Experiments and Exploding Content ... As proof that the Internet video revolution is truly underway, Google paid $1.65 billion for YouTube, a company not 20 months old. Fifty Percent of US Population will Watch Online Video in 2008 ... NEW YORK, NY (July 25, 2007)–Online video advertising holds great promise. The high engagement factor of video, combined with the Internet's tracking and ... More results from www.emarketer**** » Realities of Online Video Advertising - ClickZ 9 Feb 2005 ... Online video ads are generating a lot of excitement. ... found more than a quarter of Internet users now watch video online weekly. ... News results for internet video advertising Vancouver Sun ON ADVERTISING In search battle, Microsoft begins to think ... - 25 May 2008 That is where Microsoft finds itself in the Internet search business, ... But new areas like online video advertising, which make up only a small fraction ... International Herald Tribune Tod Sacerdoti - Video Advertising, Online Monetization ... Published March 18, 2008 in high definition, ad units, hd, Tod Sacerdoti, Video Advertising and Internet Monetization Online video ads Streaming media Advertising Internet ... Online Video Ads - Streaming Media Advertising - iAds - Offers Full range of Streaming Advertising Solutions, Online Video Advertising, Online Streaming Ads ... A History Of Advertising On Internet Video and Where It Is Going ... Everybody knows that video advertising is going to be the next big thing. Google can't spend $1.65 billion dollars and not expect any sort of kickback. I'm. Center for Media Research - Daily Brief Internet Video Advertising On Fast Growth Track to $3 Billion in 2010. According to an eMarketer summary of an upcoming study release, spending on online ... Yesterday's YouTube advertising news started off for many as just another cosmetic technology upgrade announcement. Boise Advertising - Internet Video Boise Online Mall Internet video advertising is becoming an everyday interactive way to communicate to customers and online shoppers. Video advertising to enhance your ... Internet Video: Advertising Experiments... Though Internet video ad spending represent only 0.6% of TV ad budgets this year, large spending gains for Internet video advertising are down the road ...
28 May 2008
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CNN's Jessica Yellin has raised questions about Obama on the question of troop withdrawals in Iraq. CNN's Jessica Yellin asks: "...whether the Senator is backing off his promise to remove troops from Iraq..." Yellin continues, "...when he visits Iraq for the first time in two years he may find reasons to question his own pledge." Yellin continues: Things have improved. Violence is down. Experts say the surge is working. Senator McCain supported the surge and Senator Obama opposed it. Quote: "These days the Senator is emphasizing a DIFFERENT message on Iraq." Cut in to Senator Obama: "We must be as Careful getting out of Iraq as we were Careless getting in." In July 2007, Obama said the following words, and I quote the Senator exactly: "At this point, I think we can be as careful getting out as we were careless getting in." (Unquote) Barack Obama said the same thing. EXACTLY - SAME WORDS - THERE IS NO CHANGE IN THE MESSAGE was the SAME MESSAGE ONE YEAR AGO. AND IT WAS ON CNN...CNN...CNN HOW COULD CNN HAVE "FORGOTTEN" SO SOON? It's a nice, catchy phrase, sweet, simple, easy to remember because it is a phrase that has rhyme, rhythm, alliteration and metaphor. It's an unforgettable phrase: "We Must Be As Careful Getting Out As We Were Careless Getting In."" The phrase can be remembered both in a literal and figurative sense, as the obvious sexual connotations of getting "IN" and getting "OUT" serve to evoke powerful visual imagery... CNN and Jessica Yellin owe Obama an apology for the "Smear". I wonder to myself, "How many people in the USA and around the world use CNN as their sole source of news information? The Smear could possibly even now be deeply planted in the minds of millions of people... Main Stream Media - We Are Watching... ******* Seven Stars for JedReport - First to catch and attack the smear! Pass this video on to your friends, get the word out on the smear by the MSM... Nothing could be further from the truth. OBAMA has not flip-flopped, no new emphasis...
1 Sep 2008
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12 Jul 2008
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Watch YouTube on almost any TV (unlike Apple TV) and listen to almost any music format(unlike Apple TV) with the UPnP High Definition Media Server. *******www.chinavasion****/b3r5 Never has there been a high definition wireless media player this cool or this flexible. Just by installing a simple software program on your computer you'll be able to view photos and videos from your computer, listen to any music format and even watch streaming media online. This upnp wireless media server will handle online wireless streaming and YouTube TV streaming with ease. Check it out now or visit *******www.chinavasion****/index.php/cName/home-audio-video/for more fantastic wireless media centers with flair
17 Jul 2008
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******* Bright light hovers over Edgeware. Filemd on July 6th 2008. The whole UFO phenomena gets more and more coverage by the main stream media in England... Truth revealed by *******
17 Jul 2008
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WHY NOT??? Shakespeare's "McBeth" gives us as good an insight as any into the excesses blind ambition will cause a man to committ. McBeth and McBush share many qualities: Ambition to have absolute power. Willingness to say or do anything to get power. A beautiful and calculating woman to set the dark forces in their diabolical motion...McBush/McBeth/McDeath... By Gary Corseri and William Shakespeare 5/3/07 Cast of Characters: LADY LIBERTY played by herself PAX played by himself JUSTICE played by himself McBUSH played by John McCain LADY McBush (McBush's wife) played by Joe Lieberman 3 WITCHES played by Meghan McCain, Heidi Montag, Ann Coulter FIRE HYDRANT played by Phil Gramm 2 ROTTWEILERS played by George Will & Charlie Black ATTENDANTS played by Sean Hannity & Rush Limbaugh, main stream media pundits and various sycophants ACT 1 Scene 1: Thunder and lightning. Enter three Witches. Meghan: When shall we three meet again? Heidi: When the hurlyburly's done. When the battle's lost and won. Coulter: Fair is foul, and foul is fair: Hover through the fog and filthy air. Enter McBush and Pax. McBush: So foul and fair a day I have not seen! Pax: (Noticing the Witches--) What are these, so withered and so wild in their attire, That look not like the inhabitants of the earth? You should be women, and yet your beards Forbid me to interpret that you are. Coulter: All hail McBush, that shalt be Prez hereafter! McBush: If the Court will have me Prez why, the Court may crown me! Stars, hide your fires! Let not light see My dark and deep desires! Exeunt Scene 2: Enter McBush's Wife alone, with a letter. Lady McBush: (reading--) "They met me in the day of success; and I have learned ... they have more in them than mortal knowledge ... my dearest partner ... what greatness is promised thee! Lay it to thy heart, and farewell." (to herself--) Hie thee hither! That I may pour my spirits in thine ear! Come to my woman's breasts—and take my milk for gall! (To Be Continued)
10 Dec 2008
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Monday, July 28, 2008 Live Video Streaming Start-up Mogulus Gets $10 Million Investment from Gannett Mogulus, the New York-based start-up which provides individuals and enterprises a platform to stream live quality Flash video, has raised $10 million in the form of a minority stake from Gannett. The company had previously raised $2.7 in early seed funding. Although terms of the investment have not been disclosed, Beet.TV has confirmed the amount of the investment, following the initial reports earlier today from Michael Arrington of TechCrunch. Beet.TV has used Mogulus to stream live from several events including NAB and Streaming Media East. At NAB in Las Vegas this past May, I interviewed founder and CEO Max Haot who announced the new professional product line launch. (This interview was originally streamed live from Las Vegas. It was recorded to tape and edited for later publication.) Congrats to Max and the team at Mogulus. -- Andy Plesser, Executive Producer *******
30 Jul 2008
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Sunday, August 03, 2008 "Flash Tax is Gone" Adobe Says Costly Flash Streaming is History as Prices are Slashed by 90 Percent.....Now On Par with Progressive Download and Windows Media PALO ALTO -- The cost of Flash servers, Adobe's proprietary software which publishers use to stream the majority of video around the globe, has dropped in cost by some 90 percent as Adobe moves to maximize its marketshare, says Jim Guerard, who heads up the Flash business at Adobe Systems. The initiative, announce late last year, is becoming pervasive with Viacom, CBS, the BBC and others taking advantage of lower pricing, Jim says. He declared that the "Flash Tax" is history. He says that the cost of Flash today is on par with progressive download and lower than Windows Media streaming. He made these comments at the Beet.TV online video roundtable at Stanford on July 22. Adobe works with some 20 content delivery networks around the world in providing Flash streaming, he says. In this segment, he says that Adobe is moving from a "revenue share maximization" to a "market share maximization" model. This sounded like good news to fellow panelist Charlie Tillinghast, president of msnbc**** who gripes in this segment about the high cost of Flash streaming. The cost of streaming is a big budget item for publishers. This could be very good news. Adobe surely has the deep pockets and market share to consolidate its position. This might be some tough news to the many content delivery networks, CDN's, who are basing their businesses on providing http/or progressive download. As Dan Rayburn of Streaming Media told me, there will be a shakeout coming in the CDN marketplace. -- Andy Plesser, Executive Producer *******
6 Aug 2008
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Reforming Tropical Storm Fay: Part 2 --- "What was Fay really about?" ---- - What was Fay really about? --- - Why didn't main stream media tell the truth concerning the storm? --- -- - For the most part, we believe that our research helped to reduce most of the destruction of the possible HARRP controlled storm they called Fay. --- The SR1, deplicted in this rare video is nothing but metal pipes and wood, but the pipes are partially filled with orgone matrix material (the same used in constructing my orgone devices) --- Positive orgone energy helps to balance negative orgone energy. --- Many other names for orgone, like "chi or "Life Force Energy". --- In order to understand more feel free to research Don Croft and orgone energy, or "cloud buster "(CB for short) technology ---- Like all my other research video's placed on the internet, I only ask you for awareness of them all. The rest is up to you. --- Also, be advised that such video's, like this one. maybe removed in the near future by those few in power because they have technology like this (only more advanced), but they do not desire your awareness of any possible proof of it.
17 Sep 2008
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All Too Often the main stream media shows to cover an action and what is aired is usually edited to satisfy corporate interest. This is the entire segment of what the people need to hear. Unite to bring about these much needed Changes Before It's Too Late For You, Your Friend, or A Family Member
31 Oct 2008
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We've created viral videos which have received millions of views and have been mentioned in the main stream media. We can produce commercial viral videos for a one time low cost that will send you ongoing traffic. Visit *******hitmypage****
23 Nov 2008
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