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27 Mar 2010
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InTheMoneyStocks**** looks at key trend line analysis techniques on the LIVE SPY charts to give them a sense and give their followers a better understand about how to educate and become the elite trader/investors/swing trader. They analyze the charts, showing how to get these key trend lines and discuss the markets price, pattern and time values. InTheMoneyStocks**** continues to educate and guide some of the top Wall Street players in market guidance and analysis. They look to continue to educate, teach and guide the average investor and trader to give them the same edge all the pro's have. Enjoy and start enlightening yourself so you can become one of the elite. Join the Research Center at www.InTheMoneyStocks**** to begin to learn the keys to profitable trades. Get key pivot points, turn dates, support/resistance levels on the market, gold, oil, 10 yr and US$. Get a pro trader watch list, daily market report, technical analysis videos, educational videos and more. Also, get on board with your piers to start learning in their next webinar on March 14th, 2009.
25 Feb 2009
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Street player inside Jaffa Gate at the Passover festival days
29 Nov 2008
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This is a 70s classic disco mix with lots of classic dance hits for the early 70s up to early 80s. I made this mix with all original vinyl mp3 transfers and uses Serato vinyl. Plus there are a few of the classics that have overlay drums. If you like dance music from the 70s then you are going to like this 70s classic mix. The mix includes lots of artists like Candi Staton,Taste of Honey , Donna summer, and many many more. Also included in this mix is some 80s and 90s hits at the very end of the mix. Enjoy!!! ~~~MUSIC DISCLAIMER~~~I have nothing to do with any of the music played in this video.Im not the owner or creator of any of the songs. You can listen to the songs on almost any music player. This video was made for comment and criticism. No copyright infringement was intended. Please support the artists by purchasing their music legally. TRAKLIST BELOW. 1. Boogie Wonder land Earth wind and fire 2. Young Hearts Run Free Candi Staton 3. Relight My Fire Dan Hartman 4. He's The Greatest Dancer Sister Sledge 5. Disco Power U.N. 6. Boogie Oogie Oogie Remix Taste Of Honey 7. Dance (Disco Heat) Sylvester 8. The Breaks Kat Mandu 9. Savage Lover The Ring 10.Get Ready X-Ray Connection 11.Our Love Donna Summer 12.Beat Of The Night Fever 13.Keep On Dancing (extended) Gary's Gang 14.Love Disco Style Erotic Drum Band ft. Pat Marano 15.Hey Pancho It's Disco Fat Larry's Band 16.Everybody Dance (extended) Chic 17.Dance, Freak, and Boogie Nightlife Unlimited 18.Heaven Must Have Sent You (hype) Bonnie Pointer 19.(The Best Part Of) Breaking Up Roni Griffith 20.Get Off Foxy 21.You Make Me Feel Mighty Real Byron Stingily 22.Lucky Tonight Sarah Dash 23.Take Off Harlow 24.Summer Love Musique 25.Souvenirs Voyage 26.Prescious Moments Nightlife Unlimited 27.Plug Me To Death Erotic Drum Band 28.Keep Dancin Touch Of Class 29.Shame Evelyn Champaign King 30.We Like To Party Venga Boys 31.Jump Pointer Sisters 32.Rock Me Connie 33.Rockberry Break (remix) Dream Team 34.Working Day N Night Micheal Jackson 35.You Used To Hold Me Ralphi Rosario ft. Xavier Gold 36.Street Player Chicago 37.Anyway Duck Sauce
30 Dec 2013
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I love this track. Always puts me (and others) in a good mood.
28 Dec 2013
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the complete greatest hits remastered 2002 track listing: 01. if you leave me now 02. hard to say i'm sorry 03. you're the inspiration 04. hard habit to break 05. will you still love me 06. baby what a big surprise 07. look away 08. what kind of man would i be? 09. i don't wanna live without your love 10. love me tomorrow 11. just you n' me 12. happy man 13. you're not alone 14. chasin' the wind 15. wishing you we're here 16. no tell lover 17. (iv'e been) searchin' so long 18. colour my world 19. you come to my senses 20. we can last forever 21. 25 or 6 to 4 22. saturday in the park 23. questions 67 and 68 24. i'm a man 25. stay the night 26. only you 27. dialogue (part I and II) 28. old days 29. beginnings 30. lowdown 31. another rainy day in new york city 32. call on me 33. feelin' stronger everyday 34. take me back to chicago 35. sing sing sing 36. along comes a woman 37. does anybody really know what time it is 38. make me smile 39. street player
16 Jun 2013
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Flute Job / The Messenger - An upbeat Documentary Short Film about Serge, a very talented and oddly charismatic "Flute Player" from Peru who is trying to find his way professionally in New York City. He deserves, exposure, discovery and a "Job"! This "rock & roll funky show dimension cybernetic flute boy"('s) first time in a recording studio and his LIVE PERFORMANCE at Joe's Pub at the Public Theater, NYC. This NYC MUSICIAN/MESSENGER and "Street Player" from Cusco and Lima, Peru can really make a "pretty sweet sound" with his flute. I first "experienced" Serge and his percussive style, at "Le Bar Bat" on West 57th St., NYC. The space was full of "good vibes" and was previously the "world famous" recording studio, Media Sound. Before that, it had been an old Manhattan Baptist Church. Everyone from Aerosmith, Aretha Franklin, Guns N' Roses, Kool & the Gang, Jimi Hendrix, Billy Joel, BB King, John Lennon, Meatloaf, Frank Sinatra, The Rolling Stones and Stevie Wonder (to name a few) recorded multi-platinum records there. I produced several projects there myself. Media Sound was owned and founded by John Roberts who had put up the money and produced The Woodstock Music and Art Fair. Serge's energy is electric and intense. He was running around the club jumping from one stage to another singing and playing "original songs" on his flute and accompanying himself seamlessly. His music is both "aggressive and sweet". Wild! I figured he was "spun out" on "serious drugs". QUITE THE CONTRARY, later after his set I introduced myself. It was surprised to meet someone so "clear thinking" direct and original. He has never taken any drugs. After talking with him I felt committed to interviewing him on camera. I have rarely encountered a person as "talented and unique" as Serge. STREET MUSICIAN - Serge played regularly on the corner where I live. His flute playing was so distinctive (like hearing Ian Anderson, Eric Dolphy or George Crumb). Once I recognized his style I heard him playing everywhere. He worked / The East Village (by the Cooper Union Cube) / 14th Street at Union Square / Columbus Circle (by the U.S.S Maine Monument) / Central Park (by the Sherman Monument) and all over New York City. He rode his bike around, chained it, opened his flute case and was in business. He is innovative; his music has a rich, magical and joyful resonance. He's the "King Hamelin" of Pied Pipers. I was surprised to find that he had never recorded and more surprised to find, he played the bass, keyboards and seemingly any instrument he could get his hands on. I decided he was either "crazy or brilliant". His father is French and a professional clarinetist, his mother is from Peru. He grew up in Cusco and Lima and hung out in music stores. You might be surprised while watching the video to know that has never owned a bass or a keyboard but HE CAN REALLY PLAY! I decided to record Serge at my Friend (Benjy King)'s "Home Studio". Benjy, a "Former Pop Star" and keyboard player (of the 80's band, Scandal, with Patty Smyth) had a comfortable studio in his Lexington Ave. apartment. He produced a "really good sound". My favorite memories of working with Serge, including filming him while he built his tracks, were following Serge around town on his bike, seeing his "Studio/digs" (in the basement of the former, Piano Store Theater) and his neighborhood haunts. I loved our cam interviews and listening to him tell about Machu Picchu, Cusco and Lima Peru, "His love of music" and his Close Encounter with UFOs that live at the bottom of Lake Titicaca. Not sure what planet he's from but I'm convinced he's an Alien. That might explain his EXTRAORDINARY TALENT. I haven't seen or spoken with Serge in quite some time. He hasn't been playing at his old haunts around town. I miss hearing his flute playing and seeing his "honest face". The City Streets don't feel quite the same without his electric energy. Someone once told me, "Talent is like cream to milk, it rises to the top". If that's true, I know well be hearing a lot more about Serge Meseth aka "Serge 47". I hope you enjoy the film and meeting THIS GIFTED MAN. Serge, buddy, I know you're out there... ET Phone Home! Sincerely, Richard Currier P.S. On "New Years Eve 09" I had a dream that Serge had phoned and had come by the following Thursday evening. He played some of his new songs on the piano and sang. I remember one was called "Mumbles" and another, "Underwater". It all seemed so real. He was living in (Dumbo, NYC) and he sang so beautifully! We had a great time, drank a bottle of Jack Daniels and talked about everything from "music theory" to his "complete faith" in Jesus Christ. Around 5:00 AM I woke up thinking about Serge , "The Man who never existed". Dreams are funny... Produced & Directed by Richard Currier ©2011 If I Were. LLC Film Type: Documentary Short Film (23min)
22 Oct 2012
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Chicago - Street Player Danny Seraphine and David Wolinski (1979)
5 Jul 2010
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the 2 best futsal and street players,jermaine vanenburg and daniel cappallero
26 Oct 2009
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