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Info from Licensor: "According to experts, this type of phenomenon happens when the lightning bolts start from tall metallic structures like antennas in the top of buildings, and rise towards the clouds. Only 1% of lightning strikes rise instead of descend, and few countries have been able to record images of this phenomenon. Brazil is one of them. The first ascending lightning strikes were recorded at Pico do Jaraguá, São Paulo city."
27 Oct 2017
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Always wanted to buy a butterfly as a fan of Counter Strike? Then these fan articles are for you! Grab yours now!
24 Oct 2017
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The “Out of Sundaland” migration model argues that the origin of the Austronesian speakers is in the islands of Southeast Asia. Ideal climatic conditions and natural resources for development were found in Sundaland. After migrating from the semi-deserted savannas of Africa, man first found a place where food was abundant and it was there that they invented farming, agriculture, trading and civilization, which made humanity first flourished. A striking thing that can be observed in this model is the dispersal of population to the other part of the world about 11,000 years ago. An unusual event was happened here. The event is detected from the observation data. The change of the world temperature made the ice on the north pole to melt and the sea level continued to rise. Cracks in the earth’s crust as the weight of the ice shifted to the seas could set off catastrophic events. The most significant one is at the end of the Younger Dryas period. Earthquakes, volcano eruptions, super waves and floods engulfed the coastal cultures and all the flat continental shelves of Sundaland, and wiped out many populations. As the sea rolled in, there was a mass migration of the survivors from the sinking continent. From the legends, myths and tales, Sundaland has many names, among others are Garden of Eden, Paradise, Dilmun, Nippur, Nisir, Neserser, Ta Netjer, Land of Punt, Land of Ophir, Atlantis, Kumari Kandam, Pandya, Kangdez, Tollan and Siwan, Taprobana, and Golden Khersonese. Plato mentioned that the island of Atlantis was beset, in a night and a day, by an earthquake and a flood in a night and a day, 9,000 years before Solon, or about 11,600 years ago. This accurately coincided with the cataclysm at the end of the Younger Dryas period. In some other his explanations, it is implied that the flood was coming from the sea, so the possibility is a tsunami. Plato did not recognize “tsunami” so he equated it to “flood”. Earthquakes and tsunamis are very often correlated.
16 Nov 2017
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I am sure this guy didn't expect that strike. A lucky strike!
30 May 2006
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Strike breakers decide to go on strike!
20 Jul 2006
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A short but cool counter strike movie.
5 Sep 2006
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Nice Counter strike movie with Green day.
11 Oct 2006
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KFC Counter-Strike
7 Feb 2007
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My little brother playing Counter Strike! He plays the game like a professional.
9 Oct 2006
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counter strike movie ( usp )
16 Oct 2006
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We saw loads of lighting strikes over the alps at Lake Como. The whole thing lasted about half an hour
14 Nov 2006
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barca vs valencia - season 2004-2005 .. what a strike
17 Nov 2006
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