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This project is to put together a cup & string phone that kids can use to talk with each other. As one kid listens, the other speakes into the cup and the vibrations from his/her voice travels through the cup, along the string to the other cup so the other kid can hear the voice. Note: Make sure that the string is tight and not touching anything.
9 Feb 2009
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*******www.WorshipGuitarClass****. How to change nylon guitar strings on a Classical Guitar. Easy step-by-step how to video.
17 Dec 2010
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Blending the sounds of Delta slide greats such as Blind Willie Johnson and Robert Johnson with his own eclectic past experience and training in classical guitar and heavy metal, Tompo is a 27 year old Australian blues musician with a big voice and a quietly endearing stage presence, using his guitars, blues harp, stomp-box and shakers to convey his heartfelt songs of 'good news blues.' James Michael Thompson sound has been honed and refined by the influences of Jeff Lang, John Lee Hooker, Lloyd Spiegel, Paul Simon and Skip James. Beginning to gig in earnest in late 2004, James Michael Thompson credits include debuting at the acclaimed Bridgetown Blues Festival in 2005; supports for 'The Bondi Cigars and Lloyd Spiegel at the Perth Blues Club, hosting the Melbourne Blues Appreciation Society's (MBAS) blues night at the Cornish Arms and demonstrating the one-of-a-kind Ellis Guitars Seven String Resonator at the Frankston Guitar Festival in 2005. James Michael Thompson has also performed alongside the likes of Collard, Greens and Gravy; The Black Sorrows and Guy Davis at the Mordialloc Music by the Bay; Queensland songsmiths Loren & Marcus Bancroft; as well as performing on the same bill as Michael Franti and Jamie Cullum at the West Coast Blues and Roots Festival. James Michael Thompson recorded his first E.P 'Light Your Way' in 2005, which has found its way into homes across Australia and has received airplay on local, national and international radio. The track 'Broken Bone Blues' was a finalist in the Western Australian Music Industry (WAM) Song of the Year contest for 2005. He may be still a relative stranger to the Australian music scene but James Michael Thompson is fast winning fans and praise country-wide. He has been described by Sonia Meggs, the President of the MBAS as a 'true bluesman': "At a very young age James Michael Thompson has captured the blues and made it his own. You will be enthralled by his presentation and style of his music, his vocals are deep and soulful reminding me of the past struggles of men working on a chain-gang, or in the cotton fields in the deep south in the days of slavery. James Michael Thompson is a true bluesman!" Sonia Meggs - President Melbourne Blues Appreciation Society
30 Oct 2008
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FPE-TV How To Set Up and String Electric Guitar with a combo tailpiece
27 Sep 2008
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Jeffrey Josslin (bandFINDtv Web Jockey) asks Elixir's artist relations coordinator about getting a string endorsement, new products and tips for musicians and bands.
8 Jul 2008
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Mike Deiure, the creator of the "Rock Guitar Power" series of Guitar Instructional Videos, demonstrates how to adjust the string height on a electric guitar. Visit www.rockguitarpower**** to learn more!
9 Jul 2008
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1 minute sample from "All Roads Lead to Rome"-Pulling Strings The world, our emotions, and the devil can pull our strings away from God's destiny for our lives. What is better is if we can allow the gentle tug of God's Spirit to elevate our lives and lead us through the storms of life.
10 Jul 2008
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*******www.ellisguitars****.au/capos_acoustic_guitar_G7.html g7th capo review, g7th guitar capo, g7th performance capo, steel string capo, best acoustic guitar capo, quick change capo, best guitar capo, g7th capo *******ellisguitar****/ Andrew is an independent solo artist combining custom acoustic guitars, resonator and stompbox. His performances are a mixture of originals and instrumental covers. Andrew is currently recording an EP, with a range of custom instruments he has made himself. These include an 8 string baritone tricone resonator. Through Andrew's business, Ellis Guitars, he has worked with some of the biggest names in the music business including Tommy Emmanuel, Steve Morse (Deep Purple), Sammy Merendino (Michael Jackson, Billy Joel, currently drumming for Cyndi Lauper) and more. Andrew has played numerous gigs around Perth including the major venues such as Fly by Night, Mojo's, Indi Bar and many more. Supporting Andrew Winton, Warren Page from (The Dirty Secrets), James Michael Thompson, Craig Sinclair and Jason Ayres has seen Andrew play alongside Perth's best musicians, showcasing his guitars and musical talent simultaneously. Andrew is keen to keep playing live, writing instrumental music, making guitars and touring.
14 Jul 2008
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The Names Of All 6 Guitar Strings And How To Remember Them. The Title Mostly Says It All... -------------------------- Every Adult Dog Growls Barks Eats -------------------------- It May Sound A Bit Stupid, But Believe Me It Works.
29 Jul 2008
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Η καλύτερη σκηνή με τον Τσολιά της Ελληνοφρένειας... Έξω από γνωστό πολυκατάστημα , "κράζει" μια γυναίκα που αγόρασε strings... Απίστευτο...
24 Sep 2008
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How to clip the excess string
6 Aug 2008
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How to string a bow
15 Jan 2009
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Alan Williamson provides a free video guitar lesson called "String Skpping Arpeggios". You can get the tablature and see many more free video guitar lessons at www.musicvirtuosity**** .
19 Aug 2008
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How to use the worn out string to make the small accessories
19 Aug 2008
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Strings Cricket Dubbed Song Perody
19 Aug 2008
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