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Anyang CNC hydraulic close die forging hammer is with the precision stroke control system, each step can be controlled perfectly. Our customers can input any data into the CNC forging hammer system by the touchscreen. This video shows our C92K series 31.5 KJ series CNC hydraulic close die forging hammer, which forge the power accessories in our Thailand customer forging workshop. Comparing with other forging hammer, Anyang C92K series CNC fully hydraulic close die forging hammer is with the short stroke and thin hammer rod. That will greatly improve the forging efficiency. Anyang Forging Press Company experience in providing all capacity CNC hydraulic close die forging hammer to our customers since 1956. Our CNC forging hammers have been exported to more than 60 countries all over the world. Welcome to Team Anyang Forging Press
30 May 2018
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#PaddlePutterGrips have a more constant taper with flat front panel and are a bit thicker than pistol grips. Oversize #PutterGrips Ideal for golfers with bigger hands or for those who want to take their wrists out of the stroke. Super Stroke putter grips are non-tapered, lighten grip pressure and reduce wrist action for a smooth pendulum movement.
5 Jun 2018
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220 tons 40MM capacity, Hydraulic TMT Bar Forging Machine to be comprising of 01 No’s of Double Stroke Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinders of which one is the Hydraulic Clamping Cylinders & other is the Forging Cylinder, One nos of Forging Block with 01 nos Holder & 3 nos of Die Sets along with Punch & 03 nos of 7.5 H.P. Dual type (High Pressure & Low-Pressure Power Pack Unit. For More Information contact us at: +91-9803987006, sales[at]industrialmachinerycorporation[dot]com
6 Jun 2018
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Peaches + Masu started Microblading out of the desire to empower women to embrace their own unapologetic beauty. Beauty is an armor we wear everyday. Show up and own it. At SIX+AIT we specialize in the art of giving good face! Microblading is an advanced manual brow technique that uses a superfine row of needles to deposit cosmetic pigments into the upper dermis of the skin to create thin, hair-like strokes. Microblading is meant to be a subtle, natural enhancement to create the illusion of fuller brows. It is the perfect solution for those who want to fully reconstruct, define, cover gaps, or fill-in over plucked brows. We only use the highest quality of cruelty-free/vegan pigments as well as disposable sterile needles. For more details on different types of techniques available at SIXandAIT and what is right for you, please check out sixandait for more details.
13 Jun 2018
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Movement coaching really is for everyone. I’m currently doing some research into teaching movement to aged clients with neurological impairments such as strokes and Parkinson’s disease. The goal is to keep people independent and out of nursing homes for as long as possible. Falls at home are really common and as a Paramedic in London I spent much of my time picking old people up off the floor. This is a massive problem for the emergency services…but also for YOU!
14 Jun 2018
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The idea was to turn every day icons into artistic and elegant lamps. The clean shape of the lamp is amplified by the light's reflection on the wall, creating a 'wow effect' and making the ambiance in the room magical… Bringing back that excitement and naivety we felt when we opened our first popup book. Popup lighting was made to bring a unique ambience to any space. The game of light and space turns the lamp into a work of art, painting itself all over again every time it's lit. With a simple flip of the switch, beams of light turn into brush strokes turning the lamp into a work of art that dramatically changes the atmosphere, setting the mood and sparking the imagination.
19 Jun 2018
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C unit has his beard stroked by the young lad who enjoyed singing his version of the Irish anthem. Young lad was in awe of C units fine growth and cannot wait one day to emulate him.
22 Mar 2007
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You can achieve rich colors blending in just single stroke. Watch upcoming how to draw rock ,stone in one stroke
24 Mar 2007
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0:34 - The Heart&Stroke Lottery is back with BIG PRIZES! BIG CHOICE! There are 3 Million Dollar Grand Prizes; you can choose the CASH or the COTTAGE package. Plus more than 50,000 CASH & CAR prizes to win.
22 Apr 2007
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It is a 50cc mini bike engine ported and stroked. It puts out about 7 hp and revs to about 10,000rpm. Not now though this is just during breakin. I will post more videos of it in the bike when I get a new camera. Thanks for watching (Sorry about the poor video quality my camera is very old)
26 Jun 2007
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8 Nov 2007
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Me playing Guitar Hero 3 Legends Of Rock on the Xbox 360 and getting 100% on The Strokes' song Reptilia.
31 Dec 2007
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