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Esther and Jerry Hicks, Kailash, Sonia Choquette, John Holland, Stuart Wilde, Susan Jeffers, Ph.D., Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
21 Sep 2011
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Don't forget to hug someone you love today! Pass this video on! The band in the background is called "The Mind Museum"
18 Nov 2009
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StuartWildeblog**** audio SW music Richard Tyler Very lush and moving... SW's new book Grace Gaia and the End of Day now out from Amazon or www.hayhouse****
7 Sep 2009
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This video was intended as a response to this video: ***********/watch?v=T4ObvUeGAk4 by adampants2007 I made it because I felt the need to and synchronicities backed the intuition up. I don't entirely know it's purpose. The quote in the frame, which was the purpose of the response, is from an article of Stuart Wilde I saw 5-6 years ago, I cannot find it! I found some of it re-posted here! : *******www.scam****/showthread.php?t=3227 Voice-over is selected extrapts from the first CD of the audio serries "The Journey Beyond Enlightenment" by Stuart Wilde. "Most of your fear, uncertainty, and self-doubt is fed to you by demonic entities that blip slime into your subconscious without your knowing it. Those negative impulses appear during your waking day, as irrational fears, nastiness, emotional violence, and other more obscure emotions like the subtle unspoken hatred many have for others." I've come to understand it as something like hooks. When you allow yourself some nastininess you create a hook that an entity can hang itself from. Like rain creeping into a crack and freezing, the weight of these entities on the hook erodes your virtue and exaggerates your vice. Call me crazy if you wish but always guard your virues and protect yourself against letting in new vices.
2 Nov 2008
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Decoding History an Introduction - Bible Prophecy or Predictive Programming The thesis is that states nations & global divisions are a lie used by the Empire to keep us ignorant of reality The New World Oder isn't coming it's been here for thousands of years Court historians court reporters & court jesters have been either fabricating people like Hey Zeus Jesus Shakespeare & Newton or turning murdering racists like Lincoln into Political God men to be worshiped by the state's free range debt slaves Try to relax and realize the script isn't prophecy it's predictive programming The script by Dan & John for the goats the Biblical Levitical UCC Law Merchant Law for the sinners & a collection of plagiarized politically motivated fairy tales for the sheep They pimp out three main prison cults Jew Christian Muslim Once you begin to connect the dots you realize your whole life is a lie. Mumbai Mercenary Murders, The staged Nuclear posturing, The orchestrated financial collapse, WMD, War on terror, 911 criminal files, Oklahoma building files, Waco, WTC FBI Bombings, Kosovo, Bosnia, Iran/Contra CIA, Watergate, USS Liberty, Gulf of Tonkin, JFK, Operation Northwoods, MK-Ultra, Korean War, Operation keel haul, Operation Paper clip, Holohoax, Pearl Harbor, 1929 crash, Federal Reserve act, Half a dozen other assassinated Presidents and hundreds of lesser officials, like JFK, Malcolm X, MLK, John Lennon, Jim Morrison, Vince Foster, Daniel Pearl, Paul Wellstone, etc. for a short list None dare call it genocide but all our foods & drinks & even the air we breathe is contaminated with Pharmacueticals, RBGHT, MSG, Aspartame, GMO, Cloned meats, Mercury vaccines, fluoride water supplies, tobacco, alcohol, fructose, chemtrails, banning supplements, outlawing natural remedies & too many other sick eugenics programs to mention We trade our labor for credit notes which we trade for food & shelter. They then go to the central bank which pays for the Police state, Propaganda, Poisons & Brainwashing that UNeducates, entertains & enslaves us 1 Introduction Mind reader & a secret 2 Carl Sagan Science vs Mystics 3 Robin Ince on creationism 4 Carl Sagan Mystics winning 5 Ricky Gervais on The Bible 6 Astrotheology Jesus story 7 Ovid pens the Jesus story 8 Carl Sagan The end of the Library 9 Lewis Black on the bible 10 Carl Sagan Astrology 11 George Carlin on Religion 12 Court Historians by Thomas DiLorenzo 13 Alan Watts on predictive programming 14 Zodiac & Council of Nicea from Zeitgeist 15 Dr Ben Richard Dawkins Bill Hicks on religion 16 David Cross on Religion 17 Terrance McKenna John Allegro Jesus was a mushroom 18 Stefan Molyneux on the illusion of freedom Statism is dead 19 Winston Shrout Solutions in commerce 20 Mary Croft How I clobbered every cash confiscatory agency 21 Knights of Malta create the first UN 22 Stuart Wilde Mastery of Money The Empire discussed 23 Carl Sagan Religious Fraud Criminal perversion of History 24 George Carlin on Global Politics & People 25 Welcome to the matrix Insights to reality 26 George Carlin Planet People Politics 27 Dr Stanley Monteith Brotherhood of Darkness excerpt 28 George Carlin Back in town Godliness 29 The Harvard yard Excerpt on Cult of Newton 30 George Carlin God & Jim Morrison closing statement 31 Dr Stanley Monteith None dare call it Genocide 32 PharmaCon Artists 2008 Drug War on Your Mind Mashup 33 Marijuana The Hemp Conspiracy or Killer Weed 34 Rene Levesque 1964 Crush the crusher 35 Mario Savio Sproul Hall Steps December 2 1964 36 Jerry Rubin Punks Donahue in his corporate suit 1970 37 China Falls to the Roman Empire 38 Mass Media Manipulation & Eugenics Lies - Amenstop productions The Ring of Power - The Empire of the City - The Secret Rulers of The World - Pharisees to today - *******www.illuminati-news****/2007/1010.html - Professor Walter J. Veith The Islamic catholic connection - One religion three prison cults ***********/watch?v=9zvYTpf0qC0&feature=PlayList&p=C1E90EAF9BE446A3&index=0 - The Roman Empire Rules Today - Smokescreen - Dave Cleveland - The script decoded ***********/watch?v=Th8qlvPGDFk&feature=PlayList&p=0CC78C802773C929&index=0&playnext=1 - Dr. Stanley Monteith The Brotherhood of Darkness - ***********/videoplay?docid=-2866704516923817439 - The conspirators & None dare call it genocide - The eugenics programs - ***********/videoplay?docid=4604856575726473042 - Dr. John Coleman The Committee of 300 - Shadow governments - ***********/videoplay?docid=170819614143019768 - The Harvard Yard - LaRouche Youth video presentation on the indoctrination institutions - ***********/watch?v=wSk3OIrhDfA
15 May 2010
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Love of a Silent Moon Lyrics: Stuart Wilde Music: Tim Wheater Oh! Silent moon, reflect on me your silver glow and hold me safe 'til dawn. Oh! scepter'd orb, direct on me your silent face and keep my soul 'til morn. Glory be. Glory be. Glory be. You and me, you and me, you and me. Wrapped in love, help in poise, allow your silent voice to share my prayer. Permit my heart... fearlessly express its radiant glow to light the dark.
27 Mar 2011
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I wish I had a dime for all the times I've contemplated with someone if they are being too picky. *******www.simplydivinesolutions The following topic areas may be addressed by my coaching: Celebrity Life Coaching Relationships Boundaries Communication Skills A Course in Miracles Coaching Spirituality Coaching Transpersonal Psychology Meditation Enneagram Coaching Spiral Dynamics Clutter Coaching Organizing Consciousness Twin Flames Soul Mates Flow Authenticity Works of Marianne Williamson The Divine Feminine The works of Wayne Dyer "The Secret", The Law of Attraction Jung Jungian Psychology The Shadow Wholeness Metaphysical Christianity The Church of Religious Science Unity Perspectives The Tao te Ching Metaphysics New Thought Self Improvement Self Actualization Buddhism Overcoming Suffering Positivie Psychology Psychology & The Works of Paul Pearsall & Martin Seligman Women and Women's Issues Mid-Life Embracing Midlife Quarter Life Coaching Coaching Women Universal Laws Spiritual Coaching "Celebrity Coach" "Female Celebrity Coach" Name: Dr. Jeanine Age: 43 I am a doctor of coaching for women all around the world. Country: United States Occupation: Doctor of Coaching for Women Wor... Companies: Simply Divine Solutions Coaching... Interests and Hobbies: Life Coaching, Spiritual Life Coaching, Positive psychology, metaphysics, The Tao te Ching, Spirituality, A Course in Miracles, Women's Empowerment, Law of Attraction, The Alma Answers, Fitness, Comedy Movies and Shows: My all time favorite movie is the Mexican movie Like Water for Chocolate. I love Whale Rider. For a long time my favorite movie was Ordinary People. I love anything directed by Pedro Almodovar~I loved Volver! My favorite actor is Gael Garcia Bernal. I also like Woody Allen movies. Spinal Tap always makes me laugh! For spiritual inspiration, I like: In Her Shoes, Deepak Chopra: The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success (more comprehensive than The Secret), Defending Your Life, I Heart Huckabees, and What the Bleep Do We Know. Music: Bob and Ziggy Marley, The Beatles Books: I have been avidly studying A Course in Miracles since '92. I also study the Tao te Ching. I love to read and probably read a thousand books a year. For non-fiction works I love Pema Chodron, Paul Pearsall, Martin Seligman, Stuart Wilde, Marianne Williamson, Ester and Jerry Hicks, Ken Wilber, Ram Dass, Brian Weiss, A Course in Miracles (and its Urtext) and Wayne Dyer. I am interested in spirituality of all types and I study all paths in order to understand and learn from their essential truths. My favorite fiction writer is Laura Esquviel. Two of my favorite books are: The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath and Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl. Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain made me laugh out loud! Website: *******www.simplydivinesolutions****
19 Jul 2011
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Wings of Desire music: Richard Currier words: Jim Piazza Earth, Wind, Fire, The Wings of Desire Enfold you. A whisper of Angels Voices in seashells Console you Those who can hear them Are those who don't fear them, I feel them, lifting me, The Wings of Desire Glorious Rapture, Glorious Rapture, Glorious Rapture, Forever After. The Angels make way for the dawn of the day of love Those who believe them Are those who will see them. I feel them, lifting me, On Wings of Desire. © 2007 currier/piazza music Spiritual author Stuart Wilde was the first to recognize the special quality of Cecilia's voice when he met her after one of his seminars. Later that evening she "wowed everyone" when she stood on a table and sang "Amazing Grace" a cappella. Wilde generously organized her first recording, "Voice of the Feminine Spirit" and included her on his tour of Australia with other "collective conscious" authors, including: Louise Hay, Marianne Williamson, Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. Wayne Dyer. I met Cecilia in 1995. She contacted me while on tour with Stuart. She had bought a copy of "New York Nights" an album I had written and produced for Sean McDermott. He was touring Australia at the same time, co-starring with Marina Prior in "West Side Story." Cecilia bought "New York Nights" at the theater after seeing the show and went back stage to meet Sean. She introduced herself by saying, "Hi, I'm Cecilia from Norway", I've sold over 5,000 albums in the last 4 weeks." She gave him her CD and asked if he would give it to his producer... me. When I first listened to "Voice of the Feminine Spirit," I was struck by Cecilia's unique sound like Enya, Celine Dion or Sarah Brightman. We began writing one another. A few months later I got a call "Hi, Its Cecilia I'm in New York and in front of your building." She came up, I met an angel! I made "Wings of Desire" with my writing partner Jim Piazza a few years later after the untimely death of my "soul mate", Dr. Peter (J) John Brothers. Peter and Cecilia had met several times when she was either visiting or working in New York City and they really liked one another a lot He was very sick with complications from the HIV/AIDS virus when Cecilia brought by two healers on one of her visits to the City. Margaret Birkin and her manager Peter were a team. They had co-authored books, gave seminars and were on the "awareness" lecture circuit. Apparently, very credible for folks in that business. My clearest memory was that Margaret, who was, "The Medium", after drinking a lot of red wine, went into a trance... Peter Brothers, practiced Family Medicine. He had "little faith" and "no experience" with folks who "channeled". When her "spirit guide" took over, she began to talk like a sailor. I remember thinking her "guide" was one crusty old geezer! " We all had a really good evening. Cecilia genuinely wanted "to heal" Peter by bringing these folks by. I felt comforted by her "Complete Faith". She became my (Saint Cecilia) that night. Whatever transpired, Peter seemed to have fun and we went to bed feeling hopeful. He died a few months later at age 34... forever my "Saint Peter". His favorite movie... "The Rapture". I don't claim to have a "spirit guide" but I didn't really write "Wings of Desire" either... it came through me. After Peter's death, I went looking for Angels! I began my search by re-reading The Holy Bible, and then discovered H.P. Blavatsky, The Esoteric Tradition (Ancient Wisdom of The Secret Doctrine), Theosophy and the lessons of Kabbalah. I was completely inspired after seeing the 1987 film "Der Himmel über Berlin / Wings of Desire" by the German director Wim Wenders. Set in the late 1980s, toward the end of the Cold War, it follows two Angels, Damiel (Bruno Ganz) and Cassiel (Otto Sander), as they roam the city, unseen and unheard by the people, observing and listening to their diverse thoughts. A subplot of the film follows Peter Falk, cast as himself, who has arrived in Berlin to make a film about Berlin's Nazi past. As the movie progresses, it turns out that Peter Falk was also once an Angel, who renounced his immortality to become a mortal participant in the world after he grew tired of always observing and never experiencing. The film's title and Peter's death were inspiration for the song. Cecilia was kind to demo the song some years later while staying with me. Archangel(s): Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Barachiel, Jeremiel, Raguel, Saraqael, Phanuel, Chamuel, Jophiel, Zadkiel, Raziel, Metatron, Raziel, Sandalphon and All Angels... welcome them into your life. Trust your Guardian Angel and I pray the Spirits: of Allah, Buddha, Christ and Mohammad will walk with you always. DONATE NOW! - The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation: *******www.elizabethtayloraidsfoundation****/how-you-can-help Bless you, Richard Currier DiscoverCecilia: *******www.ceciliasings****/
10 Nov 2011
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Please checkout my Blog for more life changing videos and articles (We update daily!) *******youarecreators.blogspot****/ Visit our website *******insideabundance****/ : the largest free Law of attraction & self help library on the web! Follow us on Instagram: youarecreators Please support YouAreCreators and purchase our "Positive Thinking" merchandise! :*******www.cafepress****/YouAreCreators Join our fast growing Law of Attraction Community at ***********/... ...Tell us YOUR story! Rest in Peace to Mr. Wilde -5/1/13 (I just emailed him a week before!) To help YouAreCreators purchase their dream, please visit our special blog: *******youarecreators.blogspot****/ and click the "donate" button located on the leftside of the page. Follow me on Twitter: YouAreCreators Buy this on Amazon -Paperback- ***********/Trick-Money-Having-Some/dp/1561701688/ref=sr_1_4?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1364408814&sr=1-4&keywords=stuart+wilde -FAIR USE- "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use." Checkout My Website *******insideabundance****/ Subscribe (To The Website) to receive FREE Mp3 downloads! Stuart Wilde is an author, lecturer, and one of the real characters of the self-help/human-potential movement. He has written 15 books, including the very successful Taos Quintet, which are considered classics in their genre. In his latest release, God's Gladiators, Wilde challenges us like never before. He has also had a big effect on the movement for greater awareness. Over a period of twenty years, he came to be known as 'the teacher's teacher' because of the influence he has had on other writers and lecturers in the field.
2 Mar 2014
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