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17 Jun 2013
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15 Aug 2017
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If there was an award for best prank of the year, I would nominate this one for the number 1 position. An actual egg stuck on head, totally genius!
11 Mar 2018
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******* Back for some more stoner laughs, it’s time for “A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas”. I’m Keith Kelly. My review-coming up right now. We first met odd couple buddies Harold and Kumar in their weed inspired quest to pig out on White Castle hamburgers. It was a hilariously outrageous romp, a sort of multi-cultural Cheech and Chong meets the 21st century, and it helped reinvent Neil Patrick Harris as a comedy bad boy. Next up, they were mistaken for terrorists and sent to Guantanemo Bay. I never got around to seeing that one-but the word on the street was-not as good as the first. Their latest adventure is a raunchy 3D Christmas tale, which tries really hard to be one of the funniest and most shocking holiday films ever made. Unfortunately, it’s a mostly lackluster escapade. Harold and Kumar have both moved on in their lives, and are no longer best buds. Harold is married, hard working and successful-and has laid off the pot. Kumar is fatter, still lazy, and still stoned. A mysterious Christmas gift reunites them, leading to a search for the perfect Christmas tree. Another crazy, madcap night ensues. There are lots of raunchy comedic set-ups in this film-a drugged 2 year old, a spoof on the Claymation holiday classics, a painful parody of a scene from “A Christmas Story”, and a musical number featuring Neal Patrick Harris and the boys-but none of them really deliver the belly laughs as they should. Lots of smiles, one “laugh out loud” moment-but not a continuous laugh riot. It’s a shame, because Cho and Penn have great chemistry together, and the supporting cast is filled with some funny people. But the wacky charm of the first film is just not there. The running gags drag on too long and don’t fully deliver. I’m not saying this is a horrible comedy- but maybe you need to imbibe like Harold and Kumar to fully get the most out of this latest entry. You do need to see the film in 3D to take advantage of some of the sight gags-like pot smoke rings blown into 3D space, or cocaine floating in slow-motion like snow flakes-but otherwise it’s a “wait for the DVD” kind of movie. I give “A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas” directed by Todd Strauss-Schulson, a grade of “C+”. I’m Keith Kelly. Grow your business with online video. Contact Keith Kelly at Innovative Communications to get started. *******
7 Nov 2011
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Cat gets stuck on a fan.
23 Apr 2006
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Girls and father saved after getting stuck on cable car
10 Apr 2006
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This person is stuck on the job with an angry seagull that dive bomb every few minutes everyday for 3 years!
3 Apr 2006
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Poor P Diddy is stuck on his way to some award show. Picked up by a Diet Pepsi truck.
2 Apr 2006
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Nobody likes to get a parking ticket. The feeling of dread, regret and anger when we see a penalty charge notice stuck on our windscreen is familiar to far too many of us. And more and more people get parking tickets each year.
29 Mar 2006
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This Poor Bear had a Plastic Jug stuck on his Head for 10 Days until a Courageous Good Samaritan pulled it off, This Video will make you Happy for the Bear
7 May 2006
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He threw the cards on the window from the outside but the one card got stuck on the inside of the is that possible?
1 Sep 2007
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Nice animation of a bird stuck on a train.
21 Sep 2006
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