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Betsy Devos came to speak at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government after participating in a Koch brothers-sponsored conference on school choice at Harvard. Students from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Harvard College, Harvard Kennedy School, and Harvard Law School collaborated to send her a powerful message that they disagree with her policies. The academic dean of Harvard Kennedy School opened the event saying that anybody who was disruptive would be escorted out. Secret Service and security were expecting students to shout down Devos, and they were prepared to escort out students who did so. But when the protest was silent they were caught by surprise. Devos was able to make her full remarks and take questions afterwards while surrounded by a powerful visual protest by dozens of students inside who resist her policies. Students expressed deep concern around Devos' school choice agenda which enables corporate interests to profit off the backs of students, her dismantling of Title 9 protections for survivors of sexual assault, her racist education policies which continue to disproportionately under-fund and harm communities of color, and more. Outside the Kennedy School, hundreds more protesters chanted and demonstrated. The students showed a commitment to free speech by protesting in silence during Devos's talk, allowing her to give her full remarks. The secretary also engaged in a respectful Question and Answer session with students. After the event ended and Secretary Devos had left the stage some students chanted in celebration of their successful protest which enabled views from all sides to be respectfully expressed.
28 Dec 2017
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3 Year Old White Belt Reciting the Student Creed.mp4
25 Dec 2017
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Teacher hitting on student What would you do.
29 Dec 2017
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Paying Guest accommodation is available for students of Medical & engineering entrance exams near to Akash Institute, Target PMT, Narayana, Vision PMT, Srichetanya Institute. PG is also near to the different competitive exams prepration institute like Competition Gurukul, K.D Campus, Paramount & Pioneer. Locality : Vikas Puri, AGI Type : Single Occupancy/ Double Occupancy Gender : Males Only Room Conditioning : A.C /NON A.C (Cooler) Near Metro Station : East Uttam Nagar Metro Station Facilities includes: Bed, Bedding, Table, Chair, Almirah, RO Water, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Broker Excuse Contact Owner: 9015596280 Mobile : 9015596280
5 Jan 2018
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Try to apply for jobs with colleges near your area, where you are currently attending, or where you would like to attend. Go onto the online human resources page of colleges (like FAMU, FSU, Valencia, others). If you get hired then you may get free/reduced tuition (employee benefits package). Please only accept subsidized loans (accumulates interest AFTER graduation). Try to avoid unsubsidized loans (accumulates interest Everyday and After graduation). Deduct interest from taxes. Please avoid paying out-of-state tuition, private student loans, and for-profit colleges like Everest & Anthem. Community college classes Will transfer to 4-year institutions. To get more aid, prove struggles of parents (or yourself) to financial aid office: Foreclosure, repossession, bankruptcy, debt settlements, separation, divorces, death, new child, hospitalization, unemployment, reduction in income, food stamps, failure to pay taxes, wage garnishment, incarcerations, terminal illness or condition, etc. Choose credit unions. Banks are for-profit. Do not drop out of college = Less likely to repay debts. Do not waste your grants.
7 Jan 2018
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Dear friend, in this video we are going to discuss about the natural brain supplements for students. BrainOBrain capsules are specially made for students, men, and women of older age. These natural brain supplements improve mental sharpness, concentrations, brain power, and learning abilities and remove brain fog.
8 Jan 2018
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Here's the touching story of Ayush Chamoli, an #MBCN student with #specialneeds. Watch how his mother's immense strength, and complete support from family & school helped him achieve great heights. #BeyondDisability
12 Jan 2018
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22 Jan 2018
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TERII, one of the best engineering college in Haryana, Kurukshetra announces Scholarship for Girl students for Haryana and Uttrakhand Girls in the year 2K17. Watch the full news coverage. To Know more about TERii Visit - www(dot)terii(dot)in and learn about their courses fees and facilities.
25 Dec 2017
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Accounting assignment help are assists and contains articles that can eventually help not only the students, but everyone who needs help when it comes to accounting. It includes articles from basic to complex topics, everything about accounting. It also includes Accounting assignment help and homework help for students who are stuck on solving an accounting problem and finds it hard to apply the accounting concepts and principles to the given problem. It also provides sample problems with complete solution to demonstrate the systematic way in solving problems | Call us:1-844-752-3111
8 Jan 2018
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Women empowerment is just a talk untill we treat them equal..students of TERI PUBLIC SCHOOL presented their views in a wonderful poetic way..on International Women's Day. To Know more about TERii Visit - www(dot)terii(dot)in/ and learn about their courses fees and facilities.
10 Jan 2018
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In Milwaukee, Wisconsin work assigned by a Christian school led to major repercussions after the teacher asked students to list "three good reasons for slavery."
12 Jan 2018
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