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BABU -- Bangla Short Film -- With English Subtitle.
16 Apr 2017
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I made English subtitles for an excellent Chinese animation Below is the brief plot of The Young Imperial Guard In Ming dynasty, legend goes that there is an ancient deity's book covering a wide range of technical issues, including the unique method of manufacturing the weapons of deity, which has the power to destroy everything. He who gets that book rules the entire nation. Reportedly, in ancient times, deity made the royal family keep the book, as a sign of acknowledging their ruler-ship. However, in Yuan dynasty, the Mongolians invaded the central plain and ruled the nation. There was chaos everywhere and the book which was supposed to be enshrined in the Imperial Palace was somehow missing and reappeared in the outlaw societies,luring lots of forces to fight for it. When Han people regained the ruler-ship in Ming dynasty, though the deity's book was found back and enshrined in the Imperial Palace again, those outlaw forces already knew that the book was more than just a legend! It did exist! So they plotted to steal it out. There are there most famous robbers in the outlaw societies: Hell-fire monk, Hua Daochang the thousand-face fox) and Duan Yun in white. One day, on the ghost festival, they sneaked into the Imperial Palace, trying to steal the most precious treasure, competing for the title of " the most famous robber". At last, the hell-fire monk stole the deity' s book. The emperor founded the Imperial Guard to serve as his personal bodyguards and imperial secret polices and spies, among whom, there was a young and inexperienced guard—Yuan Xiaotang,the hero of this animation. The emperor demanded the Imperial Guard catch the three robbers and find back the book. That's how the story begun!
23 Apr 2017
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8 Apr 2017
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Collide UploadedBy : sevenCorner Subtitle Indonesia
28 Mar 2017
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Info Title: Bluebird Artist: ikimonogakari , Release: 09-07-2008 Resolution: 1280x720 Audio MP3 , AAC , FLAC , Duration: 00:03:38 Type: Hardsub Subtitle : Indonesia English English Lyrics - animelyrics Indonesia Lyrics - kazelyrics K-Timing - Mizuki K-Effect - Aschenberg Editor - Aschenberg Raw - XMS Encodes (OP3 Naruto: Shippuuden)
16 Apr 2017
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Info Title: IGNITE Artist: Eir Aoi Release: 20-08-2014 Resolution: 1280x720 Audio: MP3 , AAC , FLAC Duration: 00:04:06 Type: Hardsub Subtitle: Indonesia English Original Credit - Yui-Karaoke Remake & Reupload - PV-SAVE (OP1 Sword Art Online)
16 Apr 2017
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Info Title: Secret base~Kimi ga Kureta mono~ Artist: Scandal Release: 21-04-2010 Resolution: 1280x720 Audio: MP3 , AAC Single Duration: 00:05:16 Type: Hardsub Subtitle: Indonesia English
16 Apr 2017
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The video of the strange creature found in a Spanish forest. Video subtitled in Spanish
5 Jul 2006
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Step-by-step video-tutorial to add subtitles to your downloaded movies! Easy and fast! Best of all - FREE!
21 Dec 2006
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Learn How To Add A Subtitle To Your Movie !! Foreign Movie we used via Presntaion this websites : ******* *******subscene****/
13 Feb 2007
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here some instruction to set up any movies subtitles in various language...... there are so many software to set up subtitles but this one is the easiest one and don't take more than 1 minute to complete setup
25 Feb 2007
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lots of subtitles for all the movies new & old .enjoy it.....
27 Feb 2007
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The same Danish Ad as posted earlier, but I added English subtitles.
29 Mar 2007
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Americans are NOT stupid - WITH SUBTITLES
29 Apr 2007
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A new version of the Helicopter kite clip with Hebrew subtitles
6 May 2007
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French news report about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows being printed in the dark. English subtitles by La Gazette du Sorcier - www.gazette-du-sorcier****
28 May 2007
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