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36 Expressions With GET “Get” is a great word in English! It is used in so many different ways. GET + Adjective Get Married We’re getting married next year – the wedding will be in August. Get Divorced Brenda got divorced ten years ago, and she hasn’t seen her ex-husband since! Get Angry My sister gets really angry when I borrow her clothes without telling her. Get Tired It’s late and I’m getting tired. Let’s go home. Get Dark The theater’s getting dark – I think the movie is starting! Get Lost Philip got lost in the NYC subway and had to ask for directions to Times Square. GET + Comparative Get Better Larissa’s getting better at dancing. She practices every day. Get Worse If your headache gets worse, you should see a doctor. Get More Expensive It’s getting more and more expensive to buy an apartment in Rio de Janeiro. Get Safer Buying things online has gotten safer with tools like PayPal. Get More Important It’s getting more important to speak multiple languages in today’s globalized world. Get Deeper Be careful – the water gets deeper quickly on that side of the pool. GET + Preposition (Phrasal Verbs) Get Up My alarm clock goes off at 6:30, but I don’t get up until 7:15. Get Along With I get along really well with my colleagues. They’re a pleasure to work with. Get Into How did the dog get into the house? He’s supposed to stay outside! Get Out Randall got out of the car to check the tires. Get Around It’s very easy to get around Berlin – there’s a great subway system. Get Together My family always gets together for major holidays like Christmas and New Year’s. GET + A Place = Arrive Get To The Office My boss always gets to the office by 7:30 AM. Get Home I had to work overtime, so I didn’t get home until midnight. Get To School Sarah got to school late and missed her first class. Get To The Train Station When they got to the train station, they realized they’d left their tickets at home. Get To The Store Hurry up! I want to get to the store
16 Feb 2018
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15 Spoken English Expressions With The Word NO #1 – “NO BIG DEAL” / “NO BIGGIE” These expressions are used in response to a problem, to say that the problem is not a big one. Imagine you are going to take a trip to Paris, and you ask your secretary to change the flights so that you can return one day earlier – but she is not successful. Secretary: “I’m sorry, I wasn’t able to change the flight.” You: “No big deal. I don’t mind spending an extra day in Paris.” #2 – “NO CONTEST.” Say this expression when talking about a competition or a comparison, in which one person or option was OBVIOUSLY better than the other; there is no possibility of the other person/option winning. “Which restaurant is better – Subway or McDonald’s?” “Subway, no contest! McDonald’s food is disgusting.” #3 – “NO DICE.” This is a very informal expression that means “it’s not possible” or “it wasn’t possible.” “I tried to fix my car myself, but no dice. I’ll have to take it to the mechanic.” #4 – “NO HARD FEELINGS.” This phrase means you are not angry. You can use this expression after someone apologizes for doing something that could have made you angry, or when talking about a situation that could make you angry (but you are not). “I’m really sorry about missing your birthday party – I know I said I’d be there, but then I had to work overtime, and my son got sick, and I got so busy I completely forgot to call you.” “That’s OK – no hard feelings.” #5 – “NO HARM DONE.” This phrase means there was no damage or negative effects from a situation that could have caused damage. “Oh no! I accidentally pressed the wrong key and cancelled the installation of the software! What do I do now???” “No harm done – just click on the program to re-start the installation.” #6 – “…NO IFS, ANDS, OR BUTS.” This expression means that there will be absolutely NO discussion, debate, negotiation, or doubt about something. Parents often use this phrase with children: “You can’t watch TV until you finish
16 Feb 2018
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A kid caught on camera dancing around in the subway.
2 Apr 2006
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On my recent trip to New York I came accross these B-Boys in the New york subway. Watch the whole set. www.urbanretro.blogspot****
26 Sep 2006
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At least you get a show while waiting for the subway in NY.
19 Jul 2006
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What did the guy think to himself? He just jumped in front of the subway. Luckily he didn't get killed.
2 Aug 2006
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Scary face under the subway. It can't be human...
2 Aug 2006
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Steve Irwin in a Subway Commercial. This is all Steve with his fabulous Accent. We will miss you forever Steve.......
22 Oct 2006
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check out this crazy violinist i saw in the subway!
17 Dec 2006
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Is it dangerous for you??? - Impressive Electromagnetic Field in subway train
25 Dec 2006
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i was in Bucharest and i saw something very cool on the subway...take a look
4 Jan 2007
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New York Subway Crazy Musician
24 Jan 2007
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Second part of my trilogy in the subway...January 2007 www.myspace****/misterpuma
2 Feb 2007
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A few drunk guys drinking and singing in the subway
21 Feb 2007
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Amazing Break Dance In New York Subway Guys Doing Their Thing Sumore On my recent trip der
27 Feb 2007
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