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Featuring Neon Genesis Evangelion,Martian Successor Nadesico and Gun Smith Cats.
31 May 2007
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Sensei Fleet Maull, a long time student of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche and Dharma successor of Roshi Bernie Glassman, is a senior teacher in both the Shambhala Buddhist and Zen Peacemaker communities. He founded both the Prison Dharma Network and the National Prison Hospice Association while serving 14 years in federal prison. Fleet is currently an adjunct faculty member at Naropa University, where he teaches engaged spirituality and directs the Center for Contemplative End of Life Care. He also directs the Colorado Peacemaker Institute. Fleet is the author of Dharma in Hell:The Prison Writings of Fleet Maull.
24 Aug 2007
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[] Sibling rivalry heats up as old legends and new successors battle it out on Tsukuba Circuit!
28 Aug 2007
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Ethernet connected network storage with two available SATA hard drive bays that cheaply adds shared storage directly to a network. It might come with a development community as there was with the Linksys NSLU2. For now Linksys and Cisco haven’t got a video-on-demand set-top-box successor to announce of the KiSS DP-1600. Watch the HD version at *******techvideoblog****/ifa/linksys-nas200/ --Sent via *******heyspread**** : Upload videos to multiple sites quickly
8 Sep 2007
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Ecco il successore del fortunatissimo N95, provato in maniera approfondita da telefonino****
16 Nov 2007
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Successor of STY - Predacessor to BOT. RO knows "Why not?"
17 Nov 2007
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Taking over from one of Europe's best-selling D-segment cars, the New Laguna proves itself a worthy successor.
20 Nov 2007
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When the Overlord for all Superheroes, 'The Lord of Good' unexpectedly retires Superhero Captain Alpha Male expects to be named his successor only to find that he has been passed over for promotion by the sexy Super Vixen, Super Sugar.
8 Dec 2007
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Wudang Bajiquan internal kungfu Baji Quan or the eight extremes Chuan is also known as the open-door eight extremes Chuan, which is one of the traditional Chinese Chuan schools. Baji Quan is known for its force-fullness, simplicity and combative techniques. According to Wushu proverbs: "For ministers, Tai Chi Quan is used to run the country and for generals, Baji Quan is used for defending the country." From this it can be seen that Baji Quan holds a significant position among various Chinese Chuan school. The Meng Village of Cangzhou in Hebei Province is the birthplace of the Eight Extremes and while it is mainly practised in north China, it is also found in some places in the south. The Wu-style eight extremes Chuan is said to have a history of more than 260 years. It was passed on from a traveling senior monk to Wu Zhong of the Meng Village. The book of Secrets of the Eight Extremes Chuan, therefore, proclaims that the Monk was the creator of the eight extremes Chuan and Wu Zhong was the first successor. Because of his excellence at spear play, Wu Zhong was known as Spear God Wu, the number one spear fighter from Nanjing to Beijing. The eight extremes Chuan is simple and plain. It consists of short and yet menacing moves which are forceful, powerful and abrupt and demands hard play in both attack and defence. Elbows are often used in straightforward ways. The explosive powers generated are stimulated through breathing which is articulated by two sounds of "Heng" and "Ha." Powerful blows are delivered from elbows and shoulders in close combat against the opponent.
13 Jul 2008
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Here's a popular Pak Mei set by Han Zhong Luo. During the reign of the Qing emperor Kangxi (1662–1722), the warriors of the Xilufan revolt were so feared that the 2 ministers Kangxi ordered to end their attacks fled China rather than face either the mercilessness of the Xilu warriors, which often involved beheading, or the displeasure of the emperor, which often involved beheading. It was the 128 monks of the southern Shaolin temple who defeated the army of Xilu over 3 months in 1673 without suffering a single casualty. However, by doing so the monks had made enemies of those in the Qing army and Qing court who were embarrassed by how easily the Shaolin monks had succeeded where they had failed. Soon rumors began to spread about the threat posed by a power so great that it defeated the entire Xilu army with a force of only 128 monks. This campaign of innuendo was wasted on Kangxi, who remained grateful to the monks, but the rumors had their intended effect on his successor, the emperor Yongzheng (1722–1735), who ordered the temple's destruction. In 1723, on the 6th day of the first new moon of the lunar calendar, Qing forces launched a sneak attack on the southern Shaolin temple, which began by bombarding the largely wooden monastery with a relentless deluge of burning arrows. Between the surprise attack, the fire, and the overwhelming number of Qing soldiers, 110 out of the 128 monks were killed that day. The Great Shaolin Purge took 70 days as Qing forces hunted down the 18 survivors. The surviving warrior monks of Shaolin inflicted massive casualties on their Qing pursuers but, in the end, their numbers were too great. Soon only five remained: The Chan (Zen) master Jee Sin (Vietnamese: Chi Thien Su) The nun Ng Mui (Vietnamese: Nou Mei) The Taoist Bak Mei (Vietnamese: Pei Mei) The Taoist Fung Do-Duk (Vietnamese: Phung Dao Duc) The "unshaved" (lay) Shaolin disciple Miu Hin (Vietnamese: Mieu Hien) After 2 years of running and hiding from the Qing army these fugitives of the cloth regrouped at Mount Emei in Sichuan Province. As one of the sacred mountains of China, Mount Emei was home to about 70 monasteries and temples where the five clerics could blend in easily. It was decided that Bak Mei would infiltrate the Qing court as a spy while the others travelled throughout China to establish an alliance of anti-Qing rebels. However, the more Bak Mei learned, the more he realized that his allies' efforts would never be enough to overthrow the Qing, and so he left the rebellion, who took this as a betrayal, forcing Bak Mei on the run from those he was once on the run with. Almost all of the rebels who over the years sought to punish Bak Mei for his withdrawal from the struggle ended up dead at Bak Mei's hands, including Jee Sin and Miu Hin's son Fong Sai-Yuk, whom Bak Mei had known since Fong was a small boy. In other accounts, Fong Sai-Yuk is not Miu Hin's son but his grandson.
26 Dec 2009
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Wayne Brannon, Executive Director Chevrolet Europe, introduces the new Chevrolet Aveo. The Kalos' successor premiered at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show. The most significant features of this completely reworked model are its striking exterior, its high-class interior and a new, even more efficient petrol engine.
28 May 2009
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Host (David Beeler) welcomes to the studio Sir Reginald Bo-Hey Know (Tom Konkle) to talk about his book The Cartographers. Written by Tom and Dave Pith-e Productions The first self-produced series of Invention has gotten hundreds of thousands of views, its own fan following worldwide including a fan Myspace page dedicated to the show and Twitter page with articles on NewTeeVee**** and Tubefilter.Tv about the show THE CHARACTERS: Host Brian Forbes (David Beeler) must each week welcome back eccentric inventor and author, Sir Reginald Bo-Hey No (Tom Konkle) who is always his guest and they riff in a short, funny sketch in the chat show format. It is a funny “Art Bell,” show like AM Coast to Coast a late night science/conspiracy show. The series has even been singled out by a serious UK television show as the comic relief on the show’s own webpage. Season 1: After a several episodes of very strange and funny interviews with Sir Reginald about his worthless inventions, Brian becomes increasingly hostile after being accommodating as he realizes he is physically trapped in this talk show with Reginald, literally walking from one side of the frame only to reappear on the other side of the frame again. They must eventually use their own ingenuity to escape, while continuing to do a chat show. What will happen when they get out into the “real” world again? Will they miss each other? Or has Brian simply been driven mad by the eccentric scientist and it’s all in his head…. Reviews of Dave and Tom: BACKSTAGE WEST
- Polly Warfield These two are worthy successors to the comedy mantles of the greats, Dudley Moore and Peter Cook. Wittily penned and performed by David Beeler and Tom Konkle, crisply directed by Michael Neill, this night-blooming nosegay of skits and sketches pays proper homage to the kookily cerebral art of (late) Dudley Moore and Peter Cook. Beeler, who could well be cast as an eager young prelate just out of the seminary, is here cast as Moore. Konkle, with the mien of a solid citizen—businessman or loony--could be Cook. They are well paired and well contrasted, and what we have here, as we had there, is la creme de la creme of comedy. LA WEEKLY – Paul Birchall …writer-performers David Beeler and Tom Konkle capture the geniality and goofiness of the late, great masters of the "twitty old bean" style of English comedy. For, in this collection of gleeful and quick-witted skits, Beeler and Konkle pay homage to the buddy comedy of their predecessors…. Comedy Videos Online – Julianne Flystra But willing suspension of disbelief isn’t too hard to do here, because these fictitious Brits run through sketch after sketch without losing any steam where anything is possible and everything is gut-bustingly funny… Beeler and Konkle’s chemistry make “Invention” a treat to watch. They build off each other’s wild gestures, energy and antics as if they’ve known each other all their lives, even though they met in 1999. Dave and Tom The Sketches - Viral Video Show on Veoh**** The wide range of sketches require Beeler and Konkle to play characters who are polar opposites of each man’s previous part, yet the duo pull it off with ease. Summary: The internet series “Invention with Brian Forbes” is short, fast, funny and cheap to produce series with recurring characters and a great potential for endless, funny flights of fancy that work on all the new media platforms. Written, performed and produced by Tom Konkle and David Beeler this is a “turn key” production that’s ready to go. Host (David Beeler) welcomes to the studio Sir Reginald Bo-Hey Know (Tom Konkle) to talk about his book The Cartographers. Written by Tom and Dave Pith-e Productions
3 Jan 2010
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Ed Whitacre is packing up his desk at AT&T. But his successor Randall Stephenson is still on the attack against Net Neutrality. Watch Big Ed's final pep talk to fellow AT&T execs. Then tell the FCC to protect the Internet's level playing field at www.SavetheInternet****
10 Mar 2008
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Fox reporter David Lee Miller has an enthusiastic member of the public run into his shot as he reports on the successor to New York Governor Eliot Spitzer.
14 Mar 2008
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Successor of president Putin is Dmitry Medvedev. In 2008 Medvedev willing to support more Russians than Putin in 2004!
15 Mar 2008
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"Cynthia Witthoft" "Blue Trip Around the Earth" "Drunken Orgy In Hell - 2004" - The first reusable spacecraft, the X-15, was air-launched on a suborbital trajectory on July 19, 1963. The first partially reusable orbital spacecraft, the Space Shuttle, was launched by the USA on the 20th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's flight, on April 12, 1981. During the Shuttle era, six orbiters were built, all of which have flown in the atmosphere and five of which have flown in space. The Enterprise was used only for approach and landing tests, launching from the back of a Boeing 747 and gliding to deadstick landings at Edwards AFB, California. The first Space Shuttle to fly into space was the Columbia, followed by the Challenger, Discovery, Atlantis, and Endeavour. The Endeavour was built to replace the Challenger when it was lost in January 1986. The Columbia broke up during reentry in February 2003. The first automatic partially reusable spacecraft was the Buran (Snowstorm), launched by the USSR on November 15, 1988, although it made only one flight. This spaceplane was designed for a crew and strongly resembled the U.S. Space Shuttle, although its drop-off boosters used liquid propellants and its main engines were located at the base of what would be the external tank in the American Shuttle. Lack of funding, complicated by the dissolution of the USSR, prevented any further flights of Buran. The Space Shuttle has since been modified to allow for autonomous re-entry via the addition of a control cable running from the control cabin to the mid-deck which would allow for the automated deployment of the landing gear in the event a un-crewed re-entry was required following abandonment due to damage at the ISS. Per the Vision for Space Exploration, the Space Shuttle is due to be retired in 2010 due mainly to its old age and high cost of program reaching over a billion dollars per flight. The Shuttle's human transport role is to be replaced by the partially reusable Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV) no later than 2014. The Shuttle's heavy cargo transport role is to be replaced by expendable rockets such as the Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle (EELV) or a Shuttle Derived Launch Vehicle. Scaled Composites SpaceShipOne was a reusable suborbital spaceplane that carried pilots Mike Melvill and Brian Binnie on consecutive flights in 2004 to win the Ansari X Prize. The Spaceship Company will build its successor SpaceShipTwo. A fleet of SpaceShipTwos operated by Virgin Galactic should begin reusable private spaceflight carrying paying passengers in 2009.
10 May 2010
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