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This human sucks at yoga but his dog is a natural. It might make you wonder if humans learned yoga from the animals or not.
31 Aug 2018
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This baby finds its whole hand yummy for which it is trying to suck and bite the whole hand not a thumb or finger. Peculiar or its normal, what do you think?
4 Sep 2018
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This plastic cup is an awesome dancer who probably dances better than some human. We all know some of them who suck at dancing, right?
18 Sep 2018
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Oh, Teen Titans Go. How I dislike thee. But all the major critics think this movie was good, but they don't know Go like I do. Now how does this hold up against the years of constant reruns, poor writing, and calling critics man-children?
9 Sep 2018
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Angry Wife Writes Best Letter Ever To Husband’s Mistress– This Is Gold. Infidelity is not something you just laugh away. It is extremely painful for the victims of cheating partners. This woman found an absolutely brilliant way to handle her situation when she discovered that her husband was being unfaithful. She decided to write a letter to her husband’s mistress… pointing out in detail how his life was about to drastically change. I came across her letter online, and can not verify its authenticity. However, it sounds pretty realistic to me. Either way — her vengeance was quite unique so I wanted to share it along and see what people thought! Dear Carla, Thanks so much for leaving those little bite marks all over my husband’s chest the other night. I really appreciate it, girl! You have set me and my kids free! As a reward for your thoughtful services to our family, I’m offering you my husband, for keeps! Should you choose to claim your prize, please pay attention to the following rules: You must financially support him. He will be responsible for child support for our two children, and alimony for me since I have spent the last 10 years of my life raising these children. So forget about his money, honey, that’s all mine! You will have to clothe him. See, this crazy thing happened! When he got out of the shower the other day, and I saw all of those cute little “love bites,” a giant black hole appeared in our bedroom. It was the craziest thing! All of his clothing got sucked in, so you can outfit him any way you choose. Buy some leather pants, maybe a leash, whatever you want, girlfriend. You will have to say goodbye to him every other weekend. This time will be set aside for supervised visits with his children. You must say goodbye to a proper sex life. You see, I know that you did not sleep with him last night. Ever since his back injury five years ago, his penis has not functioned properly. The only way for him to even attempt arousal is with a little blue pi
4 Sep 2018
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Black Physician Pulled A 26-Hour Shift Helping People And Saving Live, But On His Way Home The Terrible Happened A black man from a working-class family worked hard to become medical doctor. He now works long, twelve hours of a thankless shift, and STILL has to deal with this. Here’s his story: I’m a black man. I’m about 6’2″, average build. Nothing too fancy. I think I look normal, not intimidating in the slightest. I grew up in a middle-class neighborhood. My parents were blue collar workers, but provided for me and my sister. We were taught manners, said our pleasantries. I got detention once in fifth grade because I was late to class because I spilled paint in my Art class and had to clean it up. But that’s it, that’s the worst trouble I have ever been in in my life. I am a surgical resident at a hospital you have probably heard of. I was educated in a Top 10 university and went to medical school at a pseudo-Ivy League institution. I have had a great life. I have made sure of it. So have my parents. Of course, I have noticed racism throughout my life. I have been pulled over and the officer has never given me a clear answer. Sometimes, they will straight up lie and tell me that I was speeding when I know I was not. Once, I was stopped and frisked. The officer apologized and told me that I matched the description of a criminal-on-the-run in the area. The only description was “black man, average build.” I never reported this, but I always remember it. Today, I was leaving after a 26-hour shift at the hospital. I’m in my fourth year of residency and the hours get longer and longer, but I’m almost done. Today was particularly grueling, because I found out that a patient I have worked with since the start of my residency is now deemed ‘terminal’ and will be moved to hospice care. It sucked, it broke my heart. It was like four years’ worth of work had been erased. As I was walking across the parking lot, a young man younger than me, maybe twenty-five, leaned out of
10 Sep 2018
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A funny video of a guy sucking his noodles only to find a surprise... This guy can really make funny faces.
11 Jan 2007
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Thailand comunication sucks big time
21 Jan 2007
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My friend doing the suck it move. Made famous by the Heart break kid Shawn Michaels of degeneration X.
1 Feb 2007
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Daniel sucks worse at DDR than I do at Para Para (Akon 06)
29 Mar 2007
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Dogers Suck, Giants Rule!
25 Apr 2007
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Funny how this always works in the movies, maybe it was the long haired mans sucking power that was to blame or how far he stuck his hose pipe down the petrol hole!
22 May 2007
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