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WARNING!1. If you have heart failure don't watch this video.2. This video may not be suitable for children under 10 years old.
8 Dec 2009
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Back in 1999 Mariah went on Ian Wright's UK chat show looking like tha bomb!! She starts singing along with the audience but when it comes time to sit down she has to make sure it's still suitable for family viewing. Mariah is crazy hot!
7 May 2006
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Cool Beer Commercial Aired During The 2006 Super Bowl. Photo Blog Suitable For Ages 16+ N01 For Eye-Candy Entertainment Homepage - *******trafficadbar****/_2yo8
17 Oct 2008
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Hilarious complilation of clips involving some unfortunate female mishaps! Photo Blog Suitable For Ages 16+ N01 For Eye-Candy Entertainment Homepage - *******trafficadbar****/_2yo8
8 Nov 2009
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This Stop Motion Animation takes you into another world. In this world no physical laws count. The only laws that count are the laws of the Animator. I animated myself through my house and the city of Breda, the Netherlands. It took me 6 months to complete. That is mainly because of the weather. It wasn't always suitable to shoot my scenes. The song I used is called Chinois by DJ Aphrodite and can be found on the record Aftershock. Enjoy! I would like to know what you think about it.
2 Oct 2007
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suitable for 4 people
10 Mar 2010
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communicate2008hotmail**** Skype:flexible-led Flexible LED curtain—our new patent product, besides in possession of the function of tradition LED screen, the most outstanding characteristic is flexible and light, it can be folded, curved and transformed freely, suitable for any shape application, such as column and circle. It can be widely applied to stage design, TV station, vocal concerts, dance hall and advertisement.
21 Sep 2008
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My N.G Screen 18SX not suitable for children below age 18, brought to u by CalVsDevice, Disclaimer not sutable for those whole have health problem, especially heart attack, stroks, ect...
27 Mar 2008
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Watch how the pesky and determined vine searches for a suitable host. Shot in 10 second intervals. If you ask me, they should be called "Morning Nightmare"! Have you ever tried to keep them under control in your garden??? They are ruthless killers that choke your flowers and plants to death!
24 Jul 2008
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This amphibian rescue boat (SAR - search and rescue hovercraft) is suitable for all kinds of rescue operations of civil protection during the floods. It can operate on land water, snow, ice, mud and other terrains, can be used for ice rescue and water rescue. It can cary up to 4 adult person. more information at website *******
27 Jan 2010
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Learn the basic steps and some simple patterns of the dance that has conquered the dancing floors of latin discoes all over the world. Much more suitable for socialising than any other dance so far....
6 Aug 2007
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Massage is a connotation that is usually attached with the treatment and practice of soft tissue manipulation with the use of the hands - physical manipulation that has many treatment potentials, even psychological and spiritual. The word actually comes from the meaning of to touch, feel and handle - or to anoint with oil. The use of pressure, tension, motion or vibration is done either with the hands or with the use of specific machinery to bring about a result that can be rated up there with clinical effectiveness.<br /><br />There are massage therapists in Singapore and you have to be wise in choosing a massage therapist. Question what your needs are and whether you are ready for any sort of pressure upon sensitive body parts. Health and safety, especially occupational therapy actually recommend regular massages to reduce the effects of stress and some health practitioners use it to get rid of unusual muscle tensions or any sort of strangeness or pain in the tendons, ligaments, skin, joints or other connective tissues.Massages in Singapore are performed by a massage therapists or by health care professionals who double as therapists.Did you know that ailments and diseases like deep vein thrombosis, osteoporosis, after effects of fractures and fever can be even treated by certain types of massages.<br /><br />Some massage therapists in Singapore, especially in this ethnic enclave, will use acupressure as a form of massage therapists = ergo finding physical pressure points within various parts of the body to treat a variety of ailments. There are also Ashiatsu and Ayurvedis massage centres in Singapore, that uses a host of oils, essential oils and lotions as well as herbal remedies to balance the mind, body and soul - using peace and tranquillity (combination of music and aromatherapy) to ease the mind into a restful state so that healing can be promoted.<br /><br />Although you can have wide choices of massages therapies in Singapore, you have to understand what kind of massage is suitable for you.If you have a specific ailment and need regular massage as recommended by your doctor, then I advice visiting one that specialise in medical massage therapyIf you are looking for a relaxing time and a place to release all the knots from the body, then you can consider the eclectic range of massage therapists inspired by all places in Asia as your location. <br /><br />The benefits of massage are many and can include anything from pain relief, reduced trait anxiety and depressionOne of the best known ways to reduce pain and get your muscles warmed up (musculoskeletal pain/injuries) is the use of a massage therapists. The benefit of this body treatment is medicine free and uses natural healing. Amost they will some therapeutic oils and organic drinks to relax you further before the actual massage treatment. With such a great track record both traditional and scientific, then you should seek the benefits of a massage therapist as soon as possible.<br /><br />For other types of massage, please visit the website <a href=\\\"*******\\\"></a>
7 Jul 2010
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The internet is full of sarcasm & mocking of driving in India. This is the first of several planned short educational videos that focuses on providing driver training rather than criticism. However this video is suitable for any new / learner driver (not just drivers from India) wanting to understand blindspots better. This knowledge is vital when changing lanes and overtaking.
5 Apr 2007
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ORIGINAL VIDEO An excellent animation which explains the hiv replication very clearly. For free download of this video please visit my web page *******rufusrajadurai.wetpaint****/ And other 3D animation videos visit *******rufusrajadurai.wetpaint****/pa... Regards, Dr.Rufus The Lyrics of this video is here Targeting HIV replication The replication of HIV 1 is a multi-stage process. Each step is crucial to successful replication and is therefore a potential target of antiretroviral drugs. Step one is the infection of a suitable host-cell, such as a CD4-positive T-lymphocyte. Entry of HIV into the cell requires the presence of certain receptors on the cell surface, CD4 -- receptors and co-receptors such as CCR5 or CXCR4. These receptors interact with protein-complexes, which are embedded in the viral envelope. These complexes are composed of two glycoproteins: an extracellular gp 120 and a transmembrane gp 41 When HIV approaches the target cell gp120 binds to the CD4-receptors. This process is termed attachment. It promotes further binding to a co-receptor. Co-receptor binding results in a conformational change in gp120. This allows gp41 to unfold and insert its hydrophobic terminus into the cell membrane. Gp 41 then folds back on itself. This draws the virus towards the cell and facilitates the fusion of their membranes. The viral nucleocapsid enters the host cell and breaks open releasing two viral RNA-strands and 3 essential replication enzymes: Integrase, Protease and Reverse Transcriptase. Reverse Transcriptase begins the reverse transcription of viral RNA. It has two catalytic domains: The Ribonuclease-H active site And the polymerase active site Here single stranded viral RNA is transcribed into an RNA-DNA double helix. Ribonuclease- H breaks down the RNA. The polymerase then completes the remaining DNA-strand to form a DNA -- double helix. Now Integrase goes into action. It cleaves a dinucleotide from each 3-prime end of the DNA creating two sticky ends. Integrase then transfers the DNA into the cell nucleus and facilitates its integration into the host cell genome. The host cell genome now contains the genetic information of HIV. Activation of the cell induces transcription of proviral DNA into messenger RNA. The viral messenger RNA migrates into the cytoplasm where building blocks for a new virus are synthesised. Some of them have to be processed by the viral protease. Protease cleaves longer proteins into smaller core proteins. This step is crucial to create an infectious virus. Two viral RNA-strands and the replication enzymes then come together and core proteins assemble around them forming the capsid. This immature particle leaves the cell acquiring a new envelope of host and viral proteins. The virus matures and becomes ready to infect other cells. HIV replicates billions of times per day destroying the hosts` immune cells and eventually causing disease progression. Drugs which interfere with the key steps of viral replication can stop this fatal process. Entry into the host cell can be blocked by fusion inhibitors for example. Inhibition of reverse transcriptase by nucleoside inhibitors or by non-nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase- inhibitors is part of standard antiretroviral regimens. The action of Integrase can be blocked. Protease inhibitors are also part of standard antiretroviral therapy. Each blocked step in viral replication is a step towards better control of HIV disease. Script, Storyboard, Art Direction by: Frank Schauder, MD Animation: MACKEVISION Publicity: Dr.Rufus Rajadurai.MD.,D.DENS.,
23 Apr 2009
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In this clip I am doing the cosmetics on a deceased individual for a viewing before a cremation. The family requested a low cost service with a simple private viewing. Of course I accomodated their wishes. NOTE: IF you cannot afford an expensive funeral and want a viewing, (and in today's economy, who can?) TELL, (DON'T ASK,) the funeral director to place your loved one a dressing table. Place a pillow under their heads, drape the body with a passing quilt, and make them look comfy. Then hold a simple viewing in some location of the funeral home that is suitable. IT WORKS! It is a CHEAP, EFFECTIVE, and nice way to see your loved one and pay respects in a dignified fashion. You do NOT need to use make-up or embalm a dead body for a viewing in ANY STATE IN MOST CASES. (IF IN DOUBT, CALL YOUR LOCAL HEALTH DEPARTMENT, MEDICAL EXAMINER, CORONER, OR BOARD OF FUNERAL DIRECTOR/EMBALMER LICENSING.) Of course you will NOT see the deceased's face in this video or ANY of my videos for that matter but in case you are wondering, YES I do have a signed and notarized release by the family in ALL CASES. My videos are for educational and information purposes and to some extent, while being done in good taste, entertainment purposes. In ALL of my videos about the book, I talk in and around the subject of death, dying and the funeral business as a whole, but at no time do I ever show the face of the deceased. IF you are looking for nasty blood and guts, you have the wrong guy. Let's be respectful people.
29 Dec 2008
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