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Party Records: -Parent company: Party World Music Group -Founded: 2006 -Distributing label: Party World Music Group -Genre: Various -Country of origin: Lebanon -Official website: Party Records is a label owned by Party World Music Group. It mainly focuses on dance music. The label was started in September 2, 2006 and it currently eight DJs. The record label releases albums and recordings since September 20, 2006. It is considered an independent netlabel. =>Artists: DJ Party Slayer (2007-) DJ Dance Floor (2007-) DJ Butterfly (2007-) DJ Queen (2007-) DJ Crazy Beat (2007-) DJ Hot (2008-) DJ Naughtie (2008-) DJ Jaz (2009-) =>Formerly signed to Party Records: Party World Music Activities (2006-2007) ACC (2007-2008) The Hilary Duff Bunch (2008) DJ DG (2007-2008) ------------- VISIT OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL: Thanks! Enjoy! ;}